Turkish Ceramics

Turkish Ceramics

Turkish Ceramics

Turkish Ceramics


It is well known that studies on various Turkish arts have appeared only within the last fifty years. A great many of these studies were produced by foreign scholars. In Turkey the interest that Atarürk showed in Turkish art was really very great and this encouraged studies in this field and as result a great many works were published on these subjects.

This source of energy played a great part and was the primal driving force which resulted in the founding of the Topkapi Saray Museum, and our work on Turktish Textiles and Velvets.

In the field of Turkish ceramics I have been working for the last twenty years, and I have contacted many foreign scholars and benefitted from their works. But most of these publications were based on very limited material and authors have not used any documents from the archives. Moreover, to many the original sources were unknown.

I have studied with care the tiles of various Turkish monuments and also made extensive use of documents from the archives and in this way have tried to show to a certain degree this great art of the Turks, which takes an honorable place in the of the world. The coloured illustrations of this work have been prepared by Prof. Dr. Süheyl Ünver, Mihriban Sözeri and the able students they have trained, and these have been made with great care in order to reproduce the originals as accurately as possible.

I wish here to express my sincere thanks to the Turkish Press, Broadcasting and Tourist Department, who made the publication of this work possible.

I wish to dedicate this small work to the memory of Atatürk on the fifteenth anniversay of his death.

Tahsin Öz . . .

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