Basic and Applied Memory Research: Practical Applications - Vol. 2

Basic and Applied Memory Research: Practical Applications - Vol. 2

Basic and Applied Memory Research: Practical Applications - Vol. 2

Basic and Applied Memory Research: Practical Applications - Vol. 2


Basic researchers unlock the secrets of nature; applied researchers unlock the means by which those secrets of nature can change people's lives. Neither basic nor applied research has an independent impact. These volumes examine the convergence of basic and applied research in the field of memory. Volume 1: Theory and Context, focuses on the methods for understanding and applying basic memory theory, while Volume 2: Practical Applications, expands the understanding of practical memory research by providing in-depth research examples and findings.

If the science of memory is to make a significant contribution to society, coordinating our basic and applied efforts and determining how they complement each other become of paramount importance. These volumes will help in this regard--both as textbooks demonstrating how to investigate memory and apply basic memory theory, and as reference sources leading to a better understanding of certain problems in basic and applied memory research.

Readers of these volumes will gain a thorough grasp of the way major themes relate to basic and applied research collaboration, how programmatic basic and applied research can be conducted on particular memory problems, and the manner in which basic and applied work in major problem areas has been incorporated into the field of memory. Both volumes present important information that will be indispensable to researchers and students alike.


Three International Conferences on Practical Aspects of Memory have been held over the past 15 years, with each conference attracting larger numbers of participants than the one before it. Research on practical applications of human memory is carried out in numerous settings around the world, and many of the researchers came together at the Practical Aspects of Memory Conferences to share their ever-increasing knowledge. In Basic and Applied Memory Research: Practical Applications, Volume 2, 33 of the researchers who were invited to speak at the Third Practical Aspects of Memory Conference present their own work and, in many cases, they include summaries of related new research described during the conference. These chapters cover numerous topics in which knowledge about human memory developed in the laboratory is applied in other settings, and knowledge gained in applied settings is used to modify and enhance basic memory theory. In other words, these chapters represent several examples of the convergence of basic and applied memory research, the theme of the Third Practical Aspects of Memory Conference.

In Part One, two chapters (Koriat & Goldsmith; Pressley) discuss issues of importance to researchers who engage in both basic and applied research. These authors discuss the commonalities between basic and applied research and the differences, and how researchers are able to navigate successfully in both worlds. This section, along with the introductory chapters of Volume 1, set the stage for the chapters that follow.

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