The Art of Graphology

The Art of Graphology

The Art of Graphology

The Art of Graphology


". . . For English only readers [the book] is a mine of information since it covers a great deal of classical graphology that has never been translated into English. . . . A graphologist stranded on an island with only one of his books would be fortunate if it happens to be Marie Bernard's 'Art of Graphology.'"¿THE GRAPHOLOGIST


Marie Bernard is a handwriting detective, the Sherlock Holmes of graphology. She can perceive almost instantly from a glance at a person's script, not just the character and intellect of the writer but his inner motives. Often she penetrates to the core of his psyche.

Some years ago, when I first encountered Marie, I still supposed, as do many people, that graphology was a sort of tour de force, a pseudo-science in its cradle. But it required only a few hours with this astonishing woman to enlighten me, for in Marie graphology has attained a maturity that makes it almost as exact as any mathematical science.

Last year I was sitting next to Marie Bernard when, on television, she condemned the notorious "Hitler Diaries" as forgeries. She described with devastating accuracy the mentality, age and opinions of the still-uncaptured forger.

Marie's skills in graphology continue to amaze me. I am always awed that she can probe deep into the labyrinth of a mind, even to the very soul, just by a quick reconnaissance of a few curlicues and twirls of a pen.

My friend Huntington Hartford, the noted author on graphology and a great pioneer in the field, once told me that he regarded Marie Bernard as "an intuitive genius."

A letter now lying before me, written by one of America's leading graphologist, describes his first meeting with Marie: "I casually handed her, from the top of my desk, a twoline sentence which was an unsigned note . . to me. She grabbed a red pencil and made all sorts of little marks on the writing at appropriate graphological points. These she assimilated in one of the quickest, most detailed and most accurate graphological analyses I have ever seen.

I told her I thought it was very good and that I was most impressed by her speed. With this encouraigement she shuffled through the papers on my desk, grabbing each and every handwriting piece of material she could find. She proceeded to free-associate to each of these in a spectacular graphological performance . . ."

Marie is breathtakingly accurate, concise, very sensitive and not at all superficial. I think that we who plod along with theories and facts have some kind of obligation to recognize natural and uncanny talents on those few occasions when they appear. . . .

I have suggested to Marie that she is a psychic. This she emphatically denies. She insists that her incredible insights are based purely upon scientific observations.

Here in this volume Marie has set forth her method and technique with precision and clarity. Certainly if you can acquire even a glimmer of Marie Bernard's skills from this book, you will qualify as a competent graphologist.

New York, 25th September 1984 Charles Hamilton . . .

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