The Consumer and the Economic Order

The Consumer and the Economic Order

The Consumer and the Economic Order

The Consumer and the Economic Order


There has been a growing interest in the consumer and his problems in recent years, and he appears at last to have achieved a recognition long past due. We feel, however, that there has been a tendency by the discoverers of these problems to overemphasize certain of them. Frequently such emphasis is not undesirable since it brings public attention to bear upon specific things which often are subject to remedial action. The successful operation of a democracy such as ours demands, however, a well‐ informed body of citizens. The broad implications of particular actions by specific groups should be clearly understood as well as the ultimate results of various types of governmental action. The student should have this wide viewpoint as well as a recognition of some of the more restricted issues. In many texts, the broad character of consumer problems has not been sufficiently shown, and it is felt, in consequence, that a text providing such a view would be desirable. This is a modest attempt in that direction.

The book began as a revision of "Economics of Consumption," written by ProfessorWaite and published by the McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., in 1928. It draws heavily from the old volume for its general plan and even in certain places for subject matter.It early became apparent, however, that the contributions of Professor Cassady were so substantial and the new subject matter so voluminous that publication under an entirely new title was called for.The present work is an equal collaboration, each author having contributed the same amount of material. Our debts to others are large. They have been acknowledged where possible, but undoubtedly some have escaped notice. The shortcomings of the book are, of course, our own responsibility.




February, 1939.

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