Yearbook of European Law - Vol. 16

Yearbook of European Law - Vol. 16

Yearbook of European Law - Vol. 16

Yearbook of European Law - Vol. 16


Editorial Committee v

Abbreviations xi

The European Community's Treaty-Making Competence By Koen Lenaerts and Eddy De Smijter 1

European Community Energy and Environment Policy By Rolf Wägenbaur and Richard Wainwright 59

State Liability in Damages for Breach of Community Law in the National Courts By Ami Barav 87

Compulsory Notification of Draft Technical Regulations: the Contribution of Directive 83/189 to the Management of the Internal Market By

Stephen Weatherill 129

The Direct Effect of Community Law: Conceptual Issues By Pavlos Eleftheriadis 205

Alignment of Competition Laws in the European Community By Imelda Maher 223

Law Reform in the European Community and its Limits By Tom Burns 243

Pretermination Job Rights of British Workers Affected By Collective Redundancies By Anne Marie Lofaso 277

Third-Country Nationals, European Union Citizenship, and Free Movement of Persons: a Time for Bridges rather than Divisions By Martin

Hedemann-Robinson 321

National Security and European Law By Steve Peers 363

Integration in the Americas-An Overview By Paulo Borba Casella 405


Legal Developments in the European Parliament By St. Kieran C. Bradley 423

Competition Law By Ian S. Forrester and Christopher Norall 455

Intellectual Property By Aidan Robertson 559

Environmental Law By Damian Chalmers 571

The Brussels Convention By Adrian Briggs 601

Common Foreign and Security Policy 1995-6 By Steve Peers 611

Council of Europe -- Legal Co-operation in 1996 By Hans-Jürgen Bartsch 645


Winter Jan A., Curtin Deirdre M., Kellerman Alfred E., de Bruno Witte (Editors): Reforming the Treaty on European Union -- The Legal Debate 661

Shaw jo : Low of the European Union 664

Dinnage James D., Murphy John E: The Constitutional Law of the European Union 665

Albors-Llorens, Albertina: "Private Parties in European Community Law: Challenging Community Measures" 668

Hoskyns Catherine: Integrating Gender. Women, Law and Politics in the European Union 670

Hervey Tamara K., O'Keeffe David (Editors): Sex Equality in the European Union 673

Blanco Luis Ortiz: EC Competition Procedure 679

Martín José M. Ferndndez: The EC Public Procurement Rules: A Critical Analysis 681

Emiliou, Nicholas, O'Keeffe David (Editors): The European Union and World Trade Law after the GATT Uruguay Round. Konstadinidis, Stratos V. (Editor): "The Legal Regulation of the European Community's External Relations after the Competition of the Internal Market" 683

Bronitt, Simon, Burns, Fiona Kinley David: Principles of European Community Law. Commentary and Materials 688

Evans Andrew: The Integration of the European Community and Third States in Europe: A Legal Analysis 691

Books Received 694

Tables of Cases 695

European Community Decisions and Communication 727

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