Dictionary of Critical Social Sciences


Contemporary theory building in the social sciences has witnessed an explosion of new ideas and new points of view with which to interpret social phenomena and social life. Disciplines such as sociology, law philosophy, economics, social psychology, and political science have developed many of these critical perspectives. The Dictionary of Critical Social Science is the first text to bring these new perspectives together in one volume, in a systematic, practical format. The Dictionary of Critical Social Science is a teaching dictionary, with the goal of de-mystifying current social science theory in a comprehensive, accessible format. It carefully and methodically focuses on important terminology in progressive, radical, critical Marxist, feminist, left-liberal, postmodern, and semiotic contexts. Written specifically for undergraduate students and the scholars who teach them, the dictionary considers relevant, topical examples designed to make abstract ideas more approachable. Examples from health care, agriculture, the family, education, work, sports, housing, and crime are incorporated into the text as a way of grounding theoretical principles. Students immersed in social science literature will find this an invaluable resource for interpreting and critiquing new theories in the field.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Boulder, CO
Publication year:
  • 1999


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