The United Nations in a Turbulent World

The United Nations in a Turbulent World

The United Nations in a Turbulent World

The United Nations in a Turbulent World


1. Posing the Problem: Engulfed or Enlarged? 7

2. Turbulence in World Politics 11

The Micro Parameter: A Skill Revolution

The Macro-Micro Parameter: A Relocation of Authority

The Macro Parameter: A Bifurcation of Global Structures

3. The Sources of Global Turbulence 22

Proliferation of Actors

Impact of Dynamic Technologies

Globalization of National Economies

Advent of Interdependence Issues

Weakening of States and the Restructuring of Loyalties


The Spread of Hunger, Poverty, and the Third World

4. The UN as a Product of Change 37

The UN as a Beneficiary of Bifurcation

The Erosion of the Sovereignty Principle

The UN as a Locus of Authority

The Potential of Performance Criteria

The Consequences of More Analytically Skillful Citizens

The Impact of Subgroupism

5. The UN as an Agent of Change 59

Recommendation 1: Toward Attitudinal Change

Recommendation 2: Toward Enhanced Authority

Recommendation 3: Strengthening Bifurcated Structures

Recommendation 4: Toward the Creation of a Global Service

Recommendation 5: Toward More Effective Leadership

Recommendation 6: Enlarging the Bully Pulpit

6. Caution, Confidence, and Funding 77

Notes 80

About this Occasional Paper 86

The International Peace Academy 87

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