Selected Poems

Selected Poems

Selected Poems

Selected Poems



Italian Campagna 1309, the open road/p>

Bah! I have sung women in three cities,/p>

But it is all the same;/p>

And I will sing of the sun./p>

Lips, words, and you snare them,/p>

Dreams, words, and they are as jewels,/p>

Strange spells of old deity,/p>

Ravens, nights, allurement:/p>

And they are not;/p>

Having become the souls of song./p>

Eyes, dreams, lips, and the night goes./p>

Being upon the road once more,/p>

They are not./p>

Forgetful in their towers of our tuneing/p>

Once for wind-runeing/p>

They dream us-toward and/p>

Sighing, say, "Would Cino,/p>

Passionate Cino, of the wrinkling eyes,/p>

Gay Cino, of quick laughter,/p>

Cino, of the dare, the jibe./p>

Frail Cino, strongest of his tribe/p>

That tramp old ways beneath the sun-light,/p>

Would Cino of the Luth were here!"/p>

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