Premenstrual Dysphorias: Myths and Realities


This is the first book to examine the specific myths, controversies, and research findings in the area of late luteal phase dysphoric disorder (LLPDD; now called premenstrual dysphoric disorder[PMDD]). Written by members of the LLPDD Work Group for DSM-IV, Premenstrual Dysphorias: Myths and Realities presents the latest issues surrounding the concept of premenstrual dysphoria. It includes a thorough description of empirical issues related to the recent literature on LLPDD, examines the methodological problems of LLPDD research, and covers sociocultural issues, including early medical approaches to menstruation and myths about menstruation.

Premenstrual Dysphorias: Myths and Realities is designed to promote a better understanding of menstruation and the myths related to the menstrual cycle. It also covers the specific diagnosis and treatment of disorders that affect women and recommendations for future research.


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