Wisdom from the Robber Barons: Enduring Business Lessons from Rockefeller, Morgan, and the First Industrialists


At the turn of the last century, the men who dared to think big changed the business landscape forever -- and grew fabulously wealthy in the process. Today, as the forces of technological and social change are giving rise to a new breed of business pioneer, the insights of the first industrialists have never been more relevant or compelling. In this unique book, noted business historians George David Smith and Frederick Dalzell showcase the best writings and statements of America's legendary "robber barons" -- Rockefeller, Morgan, Vanderbilt, Ford, Carnegie, Armour, Du Pont, and others -- on such timeless topics as risk taking and innovation, growth strategies, workplace design, and leadership. Featuring lively commentary from Smith and Dalzell as well as period illustrations, Wisdom from the Robber Barons will capture the imagination of any business reader who aspires to make a mark on the world.