M. Tulli Ciceronis Pro M. Caelio Oratio

M. Tulli Ciceronis Pro M. Caelio Oratio

M. Tulli Ciceronis Pro M. Caelio Oratio

M. Tulli Ciceronis Pro M. Caelio Oratio


In 56 B.C., M. Caelius Rufus was prosecuted for vis by L. Sempronius Atratinus in a trial with important social and political implications. This third edition of Cicero's speech in defense of Caelius reproduces A.C. Clark's authoritative text along with a new 17th-century conjecture on Caelius' birthplace, and updated notes and appendices on a variety of political, social, and literary concerns, including the connection between Caelius and Catallus.


In this third edition of my commentary on the pro Caelio, I have corrected some errors of statement and translation, and Appendix III has been rewritten. The additional notes contain both new matter and comments on passages where my previous treatment was unsatisfactory. The text remains Clark's, but I am grateful to the Delegates of the Clarendon Press for allowing me to make one very important change: I have admitted to the text in § 5 the emendation which most modern scholars, I believe, would now accept as providing valid evidence for the birthplace of Caelius Rufus. This has necessitated certain adjustments in the relevant notes, and also the revision of Appendix II.

I must thank Mr. J. P. V. D. Balsdon, of Exeter College, for pointing out some historical slips. Mr. William M. Calder III, of Concord, Massachusetts, sent me some helpful comments and parallels. My debt to Professor W. S. Watt, of the University of Aberdeen, is again deep: my added material owes much to the way in which he laid an unerring finger on points that I had previously left either untouched or hopefully vague.

R. G. A.

Liverpool March 1959 . . .

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