A Calendar of Soviet Treaties, 1917-1957

A Calendar of Soviet Treaties, 1917-1957

A Calendar of Soviet Treaties, 1917-1957

A Calendar of Soviet Treaties, 1917-1957


In September 1956 the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace of Stanford University commissioned us to undertake a documentary study of forty years of Soviet treaties. Recognizing that identification of the treaties was an essential part of our task, we set as our first goal the preparation of a Calendar of Soviet Treaties, in which would be listed every identified international agreement entered into by Soviet Russia during the period 1917-57, together with data bearing on its status and references to sources for its text or existence.

The present volume represents the attainment of this goal. Complete in itself, the Calendar of Soviet Treaties is intended to serve not only as the foundation for later volumes in our Study of Soviet Treaties but also as a basic reference work for all scholars in the field.

We have made the Calendar as complete, detailed, and accurate as the time and resources available to us permitted. We recognize, however, that we have not been able to consult all relevant sources of information and that new ones in a variety of languages are appearing continually. We recognize, furthermore, the presence of an irreducible minimum of error in a work of this character, bringing together as it does a huge mass of disparate factual data. We accordingly invite users of the Calendar to send us any additions, changes, or corrections which they may note in the course of their work with the volume. Materials of this kind should be addressed to A Study of Soviet Treaties, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Stanford, California.

We take the present opportunity to thank Dr. C. Easton Rothwell, Director of the Hoover Institution from 1952 to 1959, for his unfailing support for our work. We are deeply grateful to the staff of the Hoover Institution for their help, and for the part they played in making our work a stimulating and enlightening experience. For research assistance we extend our thanks to Professor Masao Onoe, of Kobe University; Mr. Richard Hovanissian; Dr. Frank Houn; Mr. Victor Lee; Mr. Ray Smith; and Mr. Leo Vuosalo.

We acknowledge with particular thanks our indebtedness to officials of the Embassies and Foreign Ministries of a number of States who responded to our requests for assistance by providing us with official information about their countries' treaties with Soviet Russia. We also wish to thank the participants in two conferences held to discuss the Soviet Treaty Study in the Spring of 1958, at Stanford and at the University of California in Los Angeles, for their comments and advice on our plans.

Grateful as we are to those who have helped us, and much as we hope to have learned from them, we must take full responsibility for the Calendar as it now appears.


J. F. T.

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