Electronic Media Criticism: Applied Perspectives


Given the prominence of the electronic media in the 21st century, it is crucial that both media professionals and consumers know how to decipher and evaluate media content, the assumptions on which that content is based, and the constraints to which it is subject. Electronic Media Criticism offers a variety of critical approaches to audio and video discourse. Rather than restricting itself to one perspective, the book applies key aesthetic, sociological, philosophical, psychological, structural, and economic principles to arrive at a comprehensive evaluation of both programming and advertising content. Maintaining the approach of the original volume, this second edition includes: * updated chapters to reflect the current media world, including sample reviews and illustrations, * material pertaining to "new media"--because the book is process-oriented rather than medium-oriented, Internet referents are interspersed in discussion of the various critical perspectives, * two additional scripts for critical analysis--an episode of The Simpsons and an installment of the dark Canadian comedy The Newsroom, and * new exercises for further practice in applying critical procedures. Orlik interweaves the insights of industry and academic authorities, recognizing that both orientations are essential in the development of a valid and viable critical outlook. Written for media students and practitioners, all readers of this volume will gain feasible and flexible tools for focused and rational analysis of electronic media products, as well as improved understanding of the role and essential ingredients of criticism itself.

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Mahwah, NJ
Publication year:
  • 2000


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