The Autobiography of Will Rogers

The Autobiography of Will Rogers

The Autobiography of Will Rogers

The Autobiography of Will Rogers


Father would like this book.

He was stubborn about some things, especially that every man had the right to speak his own piece.

In 1933 in his weekly column he begged "Please don't write my lifel" He said in part:

Every guy that has a pencil and some old fools cap paper is going to put my life right in between the kivers of a dime novel (maybe nickle). I guess it is the same in each state. The disappointed writers of Kansas are perhaps after notorious characters up there. The unpublished writers of Texas are perhaps telling the early life struggles of some old Texas highbinder. That these gentlemen dident know you, or maby had just met you once or twice in their lives never seemed to hinder their idea that they was the one to do your life.

What kinder hurt me about all this life writing epidemic is that no one that knows me has ever suggested writing one (that kinder hurt my pride).

Most of my life has been lived alone. I never run with a pack. In my later years Mrs. Rogers could perhaps give you a few details, but no one of my various authors has ever seen or asked her.

Besides I havent even started living. I am going to cut loose . . .

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