Handbook of United States Election Laws and Practices: Political Rights

Handbook of United States Election Laws and Practices: Political Rights

Handbook of United States Election Laws and Practices: Political Rights

Handbook of United States Election Laws and Practices: Political Rights


"This clearly written handbook brings together a great deal of information about fundamental political rights in this country and will be of interest well beyond the legal community." Reference Books Bulletin


This handbook presents a legal framework for the study of political rights in the United States. It gives a brief historical background and then analyzes the current status of the right to vote, the right to be a candidate, the right to gain ballot access, the right to fair and effective representation, rights under the Federal Voting Rights Act, the right of people to participate directly in the governing process through the initiative, referendum, and recall, the right of political expression, the right of political association, the right to know, and the political rights of public officials and employees.

This book describes many federal and state court decisions in detail, examines federal and state laws, and provides many tables that offer state-by-state surveys of constitutional and statutory provisions. There is a table of cases referring to the many court cases that are described in the handbook. Further readings are suggested at the end of each chapter and at the end of the book. a full index makes all the valuable reference material accessible to readers and researchers.

This handbook of current laws regulating political rights has been prepared for the use of students and teachers of government, politicians and their campaign managers and attorneys, students of law, and citizens who want to participate effectively in a democratic society.

This book provides a starting point for those readers interested in increasing their knowledge and appreciation of political rights and elections. From the citations given, readers can easily locate the full text of the laws and cases. the references cited such as the Index to Legal Periodicals will enable readers to delve deeper into the complexities and richness of our political rights. Readers will also want to use the citations to double-check the current status of these laws and cases. the information provided in the footnotes and tables often reflects a literal reading of the laws. Since actual practices and procedures among the states may differ, readers are advised to consult the citations, as well as other statutes and judicial decisions in the state for more detail. Areas of the law that are expected to change and develop considerably in the 1990s include ballot access, reapportionment, voting rights, the initiative and referendum, political . . .

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