Impressions of Wenceslaus Hollar


The etchings of Wenceslaus Hollar -- his architectural and topographical views, maps, and depictions of people, fashions, and events -- have done more to shave our ideas of 17th-century English life than the work of any other artist. His views of European cities, his dazzling studies of women's costume, and his vivid depictions of crowds of people are notable for their virtuosity and their clarity of detail. His etchings of the works of other artists and his plates of buildings such as St. Paul's Cathedral are invaluable records of artifacts and edifices that in many cases no longer exist.

Born in Prague in 1607, Hollar spent most of his working life in England. This volume presents 150 of his etchings, representative of his entire career. The etchings are accompanied by a biography explaining Hollar's evolution as an artist and a fascinating account of Hollar's etching techniques.

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