The Queer Question: Essays on Desire and Democracy


In The Queer Question: Essays on Desire and Democracy, Scott Tucker issues a fierce clarion call to radicals and queers to be true to the democratic potential of the United States.

In this collection of essays, Tucker targets homophobia and anti-sex sentiment within the traditional Left, racism and red-baiting among queers, narrow definitions of "family values", and democracy only for the chosen few. Tucker engages with a wide range of queer questions debated within the last decades, from the political insights of the New Left to the brain research of Simon LeVay. Tucker writes passionately about being a long-term AIDS activist and co-founder of Prevention Point Philadelphia, a syringe exchange and harm reduction program for drug users and sex workers. He uses his own experiences as International Mr. Leather to shed light on S/M culture and polymorphous desire. Whether the topic is sex or science, Bill Clinton or Ralph Nader, Tucker argues convincingly and humanely for a society in which radical kinship, solidarity, and desire are part and parcel of a healthy civil society.

Eloquent and principled, intelligent and enlightening, Tuckers' words will resonate for queer activists, proponents of social justice and equality, and radical thinkers everywhere.


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