Imaging American Women: Idea and Ideals in Cultural History


The Beautiful Charmer, the Outdoors Pal, the Winged Angel, the Amazon Queen: these diverse images of women were ubiquitous presences in turn-of-the-century American life to be seen on billboards and theater posters, in society portraits, amateur tableaux, and cemetery art. All these images were evolving toward the forceful image of the New Woman which brought pleasure to those who desired the advancement of women's rights and anxiety to others who feared the displacement of the True Woman. Using more than 500 illustrations, Martha Banta examines the ways women were being looked at in the United States during the volatile age spanning the Centennial years of the 1870s and the close of World War I. See also NX652 in R&R v.2, no.1 (Idols of perversity. Annotation(c) 2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (