New York: A Guide to the Empire State

New York: A Guide to the Empire State

New York: A Guide to the Empire State

New York: A Guide to the Empire State


This book could hardly have been compiled without the co-operation of the community which is its subject. The contribution of the New York State Historical Association and of the Bureau of State Publicity is indicated on the title page. Dr.David M. Schneider, Director, and Albert Deutsch, Research Associate, of the Bureau of Research and Statistics, State Department of Social Welfare, contributed the chapter on Public Welfare. Dean Samuel N. Spring of the New York State College of Forestry at Syracuse University contributed an article on forestry; Mr.A.E.Champlin, Director of the New York State School of Agriculture at Cobleskill, contributed an article on agriculture. Other unnumbered State and local officials, and private citizens with public spirit, lent their aid.

Office space and equipment have been provided for Project workers by the Grosvenor Library, Buffalo; Sibley, Lindsay & Curr, Rochester; the Cayuga Museum of History and Art, Auburn; and by a number of cities, villages, and counties.

The drawings illustrating the chapter on Architecture are by Mr.T.C. Bannister. For the head and tail pieces the Writers' Project is indebted to the skill of Mr.Harry Tedlie of the New York State Art Project.

My personal gratitude goes out to the several hundred men and women who had a hand in the preparation of this book. Many of them have found a place in private employment; several have established themselves as free-lance writers. They will all take pride in the achievement which this Guide represents. The human story behind the book they will keep in their memories.

With the exception of a few of the smaller towns and villages, the population figures used in the Guide were taken from the preliminary report of the 1940 Census.

Bertrand M. Wainger Supervisor

August 1, 1940 . . .

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