Weep Some More, My Lady

Weep Some More, My Lady

Weep Some More, My Lady

Weep Some More, My Lady


This volume has been made necessary through the agitation caused by its predecessor, "Read 'Em and Weep:
The Songs You Forgot to Remember."
So many people wrote to the author of that collection, asking why he did not include some favourite of theirs, and so many helpful suggestions of unsuspected material came from all parts of the country, that a sequel was inevitable.

If any apologia is needed, let it be the same as in the first volume. Again there is no intention of presenting a scholarly work. Even though some authentic information of interest may be included here and there, the object of this book is primarily that of entertainment.

In deference to the wishes of many readers, however, some songs have been included which do not necessarily compel the laughter of sophisticated moderns. They are here as typical examples of the sentiment of a past generation and because they are not easily accessible in other collections. Altogether the editor feels a bit less inclined to ridicule than when he first dipped into the huge and muddy stream of American song literature.

It is difficult to explain the fascination of old-time songs for the true fanatic. His attitude may seem to be that of tolerant amusement, yet in his heart he loves them, no matter how absurd they may be. The editor is just beginning to realize that a vast and congenial fraternity of old song enthusiasts exists in America to-day.

The possessor of "Read 'Em and Weep" and its logical follower, "Weep Some More, My Lady," has access, in these two volumes, to a fairly complete and impressively honest commentary on American manners and customs of the past, and while he may indulge in superior laughter, he is not likely to find much consolation in the modern successors to these old-fashioned "songs you forgot to remember."


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