A Conspectus of the Province of Ontario

A Conspectus of the Province of Ontario

A Conspectus of the Province of Ontario

A Conspectus of the Province of Ontario


The Ontario Bureau of Statistics and Research was established in December of 1943 by Hon. Leslie M. Frost, K.C., LL.D., Treasurer of Ontario. One of the purposes for which the Bureau was established was to create an organization capable of undertaking a scientific and practical analysis of the many and varied technical, financial and economic problems confronting a Provincial Government. In the course of its studies the Bureau collected and classified a great deal of material relating to conditions in the Province and Mr. Frost decided that it would be a service to the public to publish some of this information in explicit and condensed form.

The volume records the first survey of the economic affairs of the Province of Ontario by any Provincial Government. It contains a compilation of official data and is in two sections. The first section, in narrative form, is devoted to a descriptive analysis of a subject or institution, at the same time pointing to the main operational trends. If, however, extended and detailed information is desired by the reader, reference is made in section one to tables in section two, the latter being devoted exclusively to statistical tabulations over a period of years (circa 1932-45). The desire to achieve simplicity and quick reference prompted this form of presentation.

It is proposed to publish, as a corollary, a book which will reflect the specific position of the Provincial Government, its functions and sources of revenue. The publication will trace, as an example, the education, health and welfare costs over the years together with other relevant items relating to public finance about which the public should be informed. The material is too extensive and involved, as well as inappropriate, to include in a conspectus of the Province, and is worthy of a special publication.

The Bureau will welcome criticisms pointing to omissiors and errors, and will be pleased to receive comments from those interested in this book.

The detail of the work in this volume has been prepared by Mrs. H. Gwen Rowan, Statistician, and Mr. W. K. Gibb, Statistician, Ontario Bureau of Statistics and Research. Dr. Chester S. Walters, Deputy Provincial Treasurer and Financial Controller of the Province of Ontario and Mr. George E. Gathercole, Assistant Provincial Statistician, have furnished constructive suggestions.

HAROLD J. CHATER, Provincial Statistician.

Queen's Park, Toronto, July, 1947.

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