Japan's Commercial Empire

Japan's Commercial Empire

Japan's Commercial Empire

Japan's Commercial Empire


This work explores Russia's policy dilemmas in three realms: international security; socio-political; and socio-economic. In each of these categories, Russia faces daunting problems, none of which is likely to be resolved quickly or easily.


The shadow play is very popular in Asia. Rough figures are cut out of leather or molded into papier maché and a light is focused on them so that a huge shadow appears on the screen. the further away from the screen the figure is, the larger it becomes. On occasion, it can be absolutely monstrous. To make things perfectly obvious, there is a broad characterization of the personalities and behavior. This way the audience immedately knows who is who. It can readily distinguish the good guys from the bad guys and respond accordingly.

Unfortunately, all these efforts make the characters more visible. . . and less real. By doing away with details and ignoring nuances, it is possible to obtain simple and sharp outlines. But this creates not clarity so much as confusion and bias. and the crude personification, along with invariable and predictable story lines, result in a cast of caricatures rather than recognizable persons and scenes.

One of the most striking shadow plays nowadays is the explosive resurgence of the Japanese economy and, as a particular attraction, the invasion launched by its aggressive investors. the shows that are presented will vary tremendously depending on whether they are directed by Japanese or foreigners. But there is always the same gross exaggeration and simplistic plot and action.

In its own road show, Japan depicts itself as good and helpful. Its investors come to tap natural resources, sell essential products and upgrade domestic industry. the . . .

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