Martin Dies' Story

Martin Dies' Story

Martin Dies' Story

Martin Dies' Story


"Seven years of silent inquiry are needful for a man to learn the truth but fourteen in order to learn how to make it known to his fellow man -- Plato

In the seven years during which I headed the Special Committee on Un-American Activities of the House of Representatives, the so-called Dies Committee, I heard a great deal of truth that is still not generally known to the American public. Whatever the reason may be for this ignorance, the time has come when the story that I know so well needs to be told.

Few are left who know the entire story, and fewer still who know it first hand. Some lips have been sealed by death, others by fear, and some by possible economic sanctions, or for other reasons sufficient to themselves. This is a silence I have decided to break.

I am now 62 years old. In the natural course of events, not long hence I shall stand before my Maker. I would be remiss if I did not relate facts I know to be vital to the survial of the country I love.

Time has healed any wounds and erased any scars or personal bitterness I may have had. Neither anger nor resentment is in my heart. I am at peace with my God and myself.

Seventeen years have obliterated memories of the broken health and character assassination I endured. Even the sufferings of my wife and family are forgiven. Subsequent events have been too terrible, and the continuing threat to our Nation is too imminent and too foreboding to permit personal considerations a place. I can only grieve that so frightful a process has sapped the moral and physical strength of our great Nation.

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