African Entrepreneurship: Theory and Reality

African Entrepreneurship: Theory and Reality

African Entrepreneurship: Theory and Reality

African Entrepreneurship: Theory and Reality


Practical and penetrating, this collection explore the varieties of entrepreneurship in Africa -- rural and urban, legal and illegal, formal and informal -- and considers the vital role of entrpreneurs in the economic development of the continent from Ghana, Negeria, and Cameroon to Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa.


This book grew out of a conference of scholars from around the world who came to the University of Florida in Gainesville to present their cutting edge research on African entrepreneurship. Presenters from the United States, Africa, Europe, and Japan assembled to define, decipher, and delineate the dynamics of entrepreneurship--a topic that has come to be regarded as central to economic development in Africa. The occasion was the convening of the Ninth Annual Carter Lecture Series symposium. The chapters here, revised and coordinated, are a selection of the materials presented.

The Carter Lecture Series provides a national forum for the discussion of issues important to Africa. The series is co-sponsored annually by the University of Florida's Center for African Studies and was organized in 1988 to honor internationally renowned author Dr. Gwendolen Carter. It has produced five edited books that have become significant additions to the literature in African Studies. The editors of this volume welcome the opportunity to present selected papers from the symposium contributors, some of whom are already prominent in their fields and others who are beginning to make their contributions known.

The authors in this book approach the subject in a variety of ways. However, the prevailing theme is that entrepreneurship in Africa is a reality. The discussions, therefore, bridge the theoretical with the actual, propelling the actual toward the ideal. This book is intended for scholars and students of both African Studies and development studies. The various authors present the hands-on experiences of entrepreneurs in Africa and evaluate how entrepreneurship is expressed in the daily lives of its players and in the societies where they operate.

The book is comprehensive in including various dimensions of this many-faceted process, from finance and trade to cultural analysis of the economics of popular music. Each chapter also presents data and detailed analysis from authors whose expertise includes the disciplines of anthro-

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