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China Urban Statistics

China Urban Statistics

China Urban Statistics


China Urban Statistics 1988 is an important reference book for understanding and studying economic and social conditions in Chinese cities. This is an annual publication presenting data on economic development in 382 Chinese cities. The data in the 1988 edition are figures for 1987. There were 381 cities in China at the end of 1987. However, since the cities of Huangshan and Tunxi in Anhui Province maintained separate statistical reports in 1987 after the administration of these two cities was merged, there are a total of 382 cities included in this book.

Data presented in this volume include a survey of population, surface area, agricultural and industrial production, transportation and telecommunications, urban development, trade and commerce, education and culture, public health, labor and public finance.

Statistical Bureau of the People's Republic of China

China Urban Statistics 1988 is a revised English language edition of the Chinese language edition Zhongguo Chengshi Tongji Nianjian 1988, published by the State Statistical Bureau of the People's Republic of China (SSB). The SSB complied the statistical contained in the volume. The English Language Editorial Board which is composed of representatives of the China Statistical Information and Consultancy Service Center, an affiliate of the SSB, and the China Statistics Archives, a research center of the University of Illinois at Chicago, was responsible for the translation, annotation and explanatory notes in this volume.

This publication is a volume in a series of statistical annuals which is published by the Praeger Publishers. This statistical series includes China Statistical Abstract, China Social Statistics, China Rural Yearbook, China Trade and Price Statistics. The China Statistics Archives also publishes China Statistics Monthly, which is also available on a quarterly diskette.

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