Sexual Strands: Understanding and Treating Sexual Anomalies in Men

Sexual Strands: Understanding and Treating Sexual Anomalies in Men

Sexual Strands: Understanding and Treating Sexual Anomalies in Men

Sexual Strands: Understanding and Treating Sexual Anomalies in Men


Homosexuality, transsexualism, bisexuality, pedophilia, sexual aggression and rape, fetishism, physical abnormalities, and sexual dysfunction are among the sexual anomalies discussed in this timely and comprehensive review. The origins and treatment of unusual sexual behaviors are analyzed from the perspective of orgasmic preference and are illustrated with clinical case examples drawn from the author's many years of work in research and treatment of sexual anomalies.


Sexual release is a basic drive we share with the lower animals. It is important for survival of the human race. Sex is central to the mainstream of scientific thinking about theories of human development and evolution. Few other behaviors studied by psychiatrists and psychologists qualify for such a claim. Moreover, sexual behavior is amenable to scientific study in a way few other behaviors are. Orgasm in the male is a clearly recognizable event to the individual experiencing it and to the scientist studying it. In contrast, research investigators who must communicate about mental health problems like schizophrenia are not sure they are even talking about the same thing. The behavior involved is very complex and not always readily elicited even from cooperative patients.

Orgasm is a phenomenon around which to organize and explain behavior. We can classify anomalies and derive definitions which are clear and which provide an easy measure of success for therapy studies. The criterion of orgasm can bring order into a seeming chaos and offers one of the surest pathways to the understanding of human sexual behavior.

It is therefore surprising that the study of sexual behavior is so heavily represented by theories and so short on facts. This book is an attempt to present the theories and facts so serious readers can appreciate the present state of knowledge. In so doing, it is hoped they will find avenues for research and will be able judiciously to select treatment goals.

The topic of sexual anomalies is interesting in itself but offers us some understanding of sexual behavior in general as well. Just as a congenital heart defect may tell a physician more about how the heart works, so sexual anomalies may tell us about sexual functioning in the average male. Some . . .

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