21st-Century Miracle Medicine: Robosurgery, Wonder Cures, and the Quest for Immortality


"Provides an exciting vision of the future, our future". -- Jana Bennett, Head of Science, BBC Television

"The most important and clearest analysis on the future of medicine available". -- Kenneth Kaplan, M.I.T.

Alexandra Wyke -- a correspondent for The Economist and one of the world's most experienced medical journalists -- traveled the globe in search of an answer to the future of medicine. She interviewed the most celebrated and innovative doctors, researchers, and medical scientists, and visited their laboratories. What she discovered is revealed in this astonishing work:
-- Special "cocktails" will counteract heart disease and eradicate genetic ailments
-- "Energy" beams will search out and destroy malignant cells
-- Robots will perform surgery with speed and precision
-- Gizmos on our wrists will monitor our blood for trouble before it happens
-- Top-level expertise will be delivered worldwide
-- Surgery will be performed from afar
-- Cancer and heart disease will become blights of the past.

This comprehensive, "must-read" book not only illuminates the seemingly miraculous cures and advances that may soon prevail, but delineates how this wealth of stunning innovation will serve to shake up and streamline the entire health care industry. It convincingly drives home the notion that, within the next century, the face of medicine will be changed forever.

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 1997


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