The Americas of Asian American Literature: Gendered Fictions of Nation and Transnation


""The Americas of Asian American Literature" is a critique of ideology and an interrogation of political power arrangements as they shift in different historical contexts. Rachel Lee looks at the ideological implications of various ways of reading literature that foreground some issues and suppress others. With its richly nuanced readings of how various kinds of racialized gendering shape both writing and reading across space and time, Rachel Lee's breakthrough book enriches both Asian American cultural critique and feminist inquiry, suggesting to us how much can be gained if we more clearly understand the inseparability of representations of race, gender, class, and sexuality."--Elaine H. Kim, University of California, author of "Asian American Literature"

"Rachel Lee has opened an important new chapter in the study of Asian American literature. Her trans-Pacific and trans-hemispheric conception of the 'Americas' of Asian American culture, combined with her scrupulous theorizing of gender, provides a fresh, original approach to the field. In doing so, she also maps out the criticism of the future and boldly enlarges the meaning of American literature."--Eric Sundquist, Northwestern University