A New History of Classical Rhetoric


George Kennedy's three volumes on classical rhetoric have long been
regarded as authoritative treatments of the subject. This new volume,
an extensive revision and abridgment of The Art of Persuasion in
, The Art of Rhetoric in the Roman World, and
Greek Rhetoric under Christian Emperors, provides a
comprehensive history of classical rhetoric, one that is sure to
become a standard for its time.

Kennedy begins by identifying
the rhetorical features of early Greek literature that anticipated the
formulation of "metarhetoric," or a theory of rhetoric, in the fifth
and fourth centuries b.c.e. and then traces the development of that
theory through the Greco-Roman period. He gives an account of the
teaching of literary and oral composition in schools, and of Greek and
Latin oratory as the primary rhetorical genre. He also discusses the
overlapping disciplines of ancient philosophy and religion and their
interaction with rhetoric. The result is a broad and engaging history
of classical rhetoric that will prove especially useful for students
and for others who want an overview of classical rhetoric in condensed


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