Giorgio de Chirico

Chirico, Giorgio de

Giorgio de Chirico (jōr´jō dā kē´rēkō), 1888–1978, Italian painter, b. Vólos, Greece. Chirico developed his enigmatic vision in Munich and Italy and from 1911 to 1915 he worked and exhibited in Paris. His powerful, disturbing paintings employ steep perspective, mannequin figures, empty space, and forms used out of context to create an atmosphere of mystery and loneliness. His work exercised a considerable influence on early surrealist painters but was never successfully imitated. In Ferrara, Chirico developed what he termed metaphysical painting, in which he consciously exploited the symbolism of his art. Chirico is represented in leading galleries throughout the world.

See his memoirs (tr. 1972); studies by J. T. Soby (1955, repr. 1967) and I. Far (tr. 1971).

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