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American Families in Crisis: A Reference Handbook
By Jeffrey S. Turner.
ABC-Clio, 2009 (2nd edition)
American Families
By Paul C. Glick.
Wiley, 1957
An American Family: A Televised Life
By Jeffrey Ruoff.
University of Minnesota Press, 2002
American Farm Policy, 1948-1973
By Willard W. Cochrane, Mary E. Ryan.
University of Minnesota Press, 1976
American Federalism: A New Partnership for the Republic
By Robert B. Hawkins Jr..
Institute for Contemporary Studies, 1983 (2nd edition)
The American Federation of Labor: History, Policies, and Prospects
By Lewis L. Lorwin, Jean Atherton Flexner.
Brookings Institution, 1933
FREE! American Federation of Labor: History, Encyclopedia, Reference Book
By American Federation of Labor.
American Federation of Labor, 1919
American Feminists
By Robert E. Riegel.
University of Kansas Press, 1968
American Fiction: The Intellectual Background
By D. E.S. Maxwell.
Columbia University Press, 1963
American Film and Society since 1945
By Leonard Quart, Albert Auster.
Praeger, 2011 (4th edition)
American Film Cycles: The Silent Era
By Larry Langman.
Greenwood Press, 1998
American Folk Plays
By Frederick H. Koch, Archibald Henderson.
D. Appleton-Century Company, 1939
American Folklore and the Mass Media
By Linda Dégh.
Indiana University Press, 1994
American Folksongs of Protest
By John Greenway.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 1953
American Folksongs of Protest
By John Greenway.
Octagon Books, 1970
American Foreign Policy and the Cold War
By Herbert Aptheker.
New Century Publishers, 1962
American Foreign Policy and Yugoslavia, 1939-1941
By Ivo Tasovac.
Texas A&M University Press, 1999
American Foreign Policy: Three Essays
By Henry A. Kissinger.
W. W. Norton, 1969
The American Foreign Policy
By Ernest R. May.
George Braziller, 1963
American Foreign Service
By J. Rives Childs, Joseph C. Grew.
H. Holt, 1948
The American Founding: Essays on the Formation of the Constitution
By J. Jackson Barlow, Leonard W. Levy, Ken Masugi.
Greenwood Press, 1988
American Freethought, 1860-1914
By Sidney Warren.
Columbia University Press, 1943
The American Frontier
By Ray Allen Billington.
Service Center for Teachers of History, 1958
The American Fur Trade of the Far West - Vol. 2
By Hiram Martin Chittenden.
University of Nebraska Press, 1986
The American Fur Trade of the Far West - Vol. 1
By Hiram Martin Chittenden.
University of Nebraska Press, 1986
The American Game: Baseball and Ethnicity
By Lawrence Baldassaro, Richard A. Johnson.
Southern Illinois University Press, 2002
American Gargoyles: Flannery O'Connor and the Medieval Grotesque
By Anthony Di Renzo.
Southern Illinois University Press, 1995
American Geography: Inventory & Prospect
By Preston E. James, Clarence F. Jones.
Syracuse University Press, 1954
The American Governor from Figurehead to Leader
By Leslie Lipson.
The University of Chicago Press, 1939
American Graphic Art
By F. Weitenkampf.
The Macmillan Company, 1924 (Revised edition)
American Greats
By Robert A. Wilson, Stanley Marcus.
PublicAffairs, 1999
American Gulag: Inside U.S. Immigration Prisons
By Mark Dow.
University of California Press, 2004
American Health Care: Realities, Rights, and Reforms
By Charles J. Dougherty.
Oxford University Press, 1988
The American Henry James
By Quentin Anderson.
Rutgers University Press, 1957
The American Heresy
By Christopher Hollis.
Minton, Balch, 1930
American Heretic: Theodore Parker and Transcendentalism
By Dean Grodzins.
University of North Carolina Press, 2002
American Heroes, Myth and Reality
By Marshall W. Fishwick.
Public Affairs Press, 1954
An American Heroine in the French Resistance: The Diary and Memoir of Virginia d'Albert-Lake
By Judy Barrett Litoff, Virginia d'Albert-Lake.
Fordham University Press, 2006
American Historians and European Immigrants, 1875-1925
By Edward N. Saveth.
Columbia University Press, 1948
American Historians and the Atlantic Alliance
By Lawrence S. Kaplan.
Kent State University, 1991
American Historical Anthropology: Essays in Honor of Leslie Spier
By Carroll L. Riley, Walter W. Taylor, Leslie Spier.
Southern Illinois University Press, 1967
FREE! American History Told by Contemporaries - Vol. 3
By Albert Bushnell Hart.
The Macmillan Company, 1897
American Ideals
By Norman Foerster, William Whately Pierson.
Books for Libraries Press, 1970
American Immigration Policy, a Reappraisal
By William S. Bernard, Carolyn Zeleny, Henry Miller.
Harper & Brothers, 1950
The American Impasse: U.S. Domestic and Foreign Policy after the Cold War
By Michael Minkenberg, Herbert Dittgen.
University of Pittsburgh Press, 1996
American in Italy
By Herbert Kubly.
Simon and Schuster, 1955
American Independent Cinema: An Introduction
By Yannis Tzioumakis.
Edinburgh University Press, 2006
American Indian and Alaska Native Children and Mental Health: Development, Context, Prevention, and Treatment
By Michelle C. Sarche, Paul Spicer, Patricia Farrell, Hiram E. Fitzgerald.
Praeger, 2011
The American Indian and the End of the Confederacy, 1863-1866
By Annie Heloise Abel.
University of Nebraska Press, 1993
The American Indian as Slaveholder and Secessionist
By Annie Heloise Abel.
University of Nebraska Press, 1992
American Indian Autobiography
By H. David Brumble III.
University of Nebraska Press, 2008
American Indian Children at School, 1850-1930
By Michael C. Coleman.
University Press of Mississippi, 1993
American Indian Environments: Ecological Issues in Native American History
By Christopher Vecsey, Robert W. Venables.
Syracuse University Press, 1980
The American Indian Frontier
By William Christie MacLeod.
Alfred A. Knopf, 1928
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