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The Apache Diaries: A Father-Son Journey
By Grenville Goodwin, Neil Goodwin.
University of Nebraska Press, 2000
The Apache Indians: In Search of the Missing Tribe
By Helge Ingstad, Janine K. Stenehjem.
University of Nebraska Press, 2004
The Apache Indians
By Frank C. Lockwood.
University of Nebraska Press, 1987
An Apache Life-Way: The Economic, Social, and Religious Institutions of the Chiricahua Indians
By Morris Edward Opler.
University of Nebraska Press, 1996
Apache Voices: Their Stories of Survival as Told to Eve Ball
By Sherry Robinson, Eve Ball.
University of New Mexico Press, 2000
Apartheid and Beyond: South African Writers and the Politics of Place
By Rita Barnard.
Oxford University Press, 2007
Apartheid Is a Heresy
By John W De Gruchy, Charles Villa-Vicencio.
William B. Eerdmans Publishing, 1983
Apartheid No More: Case Studies of Southern African Universities in the Process of Transformation
By Reitumetse Obakeng Mabokela, Kimberly Lenease King, Robert F. Arnove.
Bergin and Garvey, 2001
The Apartheid State in Crisis: Political Transformation in South Africa, 1975-1990
By Robert M. Price.
Oxford University Press, 1991
Apartheid Unravels
By R. Hunt Davis Jr..
University of Florida Press, 1991
Apartheid, Imperialism, and African Freedom
By William J. Pomeroy.
International Publishers, 1986
The Ape and the Child; a Study of Environmental Influence upon Early Behavior
By W. N. Kellogg, Luella Agger Kellogg.
Whittlesey House, 1933
The Ape and the Sushi Master: Cultural Reflections by a Primatologist
By Frans De Waal.
Basic Books, 2001
APEC as an Institution: Multilateral Governance in the Asia-Pacific
By Richard E. Feinberg.
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2003
Apes & Men
By Harold Peake, Herbert John Fleure.
Yale University Press, 1927
Apes, Ivory and Jade: Essays on the Minor Arts
By Kirk Meadowcroft, William K. Gregory.
R.R. Smith, 1936
Apes, Language, and the Human Mind
By Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, Stuart G. Shanker, Talbot J. Taylor.
Oxford University Press, 1998
Aphasia in Atypical Populations
By Patrick Coppens, Yvan Lebrun, Anna Basso.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1998
Aphasia Inside Out: Reflections on Communication Disability
By Susie Parr, Judy Duchan, Carole Pound.
Open University Press, 2003
The Aphasia Therapy File
By Sally Byng, Kate Swinburn, Carole Pound.
Psychology Press, 1999
Aphra Behn: The Incomparable Astrea
By V. Sackville-West.
Viking Press, 1928
Aphra Behn's English Feminism: Wit and Satire
By Dolors Altaba-Artal.
Susquehanna University Press, 1999
APL and Bilingual Learners
By Meena Wood.
Routledge, 1995
APL: Equal Opportunities for All?
By Cecilia McKelvey, Helen Peters.
Routledge, 1993
¡Aplauso! Hispanic Children's Theater
By Joe Rosenberg.
Pinata Books, 1995
Apocalypse & Armada in Kyd's Spanish Tragedy
By Frank Ardolino.
Sixteenth Century Journal Publishers, 1995
Apocalypse and Millenium in English Romantic Poetry
By Morton D. Paley.
Clarendon Press, 1999
Apocalypse and Paradigm: Science and Everyday Thinking
By Errol E. Harris.
Praeger, 2000
The Apocalypse in African-American Fiction
By Maxine Lavon Montgomery.
University Press of Florida, 1996
The Apocalypse in Germany
By Klaus Vondung, Stephen D. Ricks.
University of Missouri Press, 2000
Apocalypse in Rome: Cola Di Rienzo and the Politics of the New Age
By Ronald G. Musto.
University of California Press, 2003
The Apocalypse Is Everywhere: A Popular History of America's Favorite Nightmare
By Annie Rehill.
Praeger, 2010
Apocalypse Management: Eisenhower and the Discourse of National Insecurity
By Ira Chernus.
Stanford University Press, 2008
Apocalypse Now and Then: A Feminist Guide to the End of the World
By Catherine Keller.
Fortress Press, 2004
Apocalypse Observed: Religious Movements and Violence in North America, Europe, and Japan
By John R. Hall, Philip D. Schuyler, Sylvaine Trinh.
Routledge, 2000
FREE! The Apocalypse of Baruch
By R. H. Charles.
A. and C. Black, 1896
Apocalypse Recalled: The Book of Revelation after Christendom
By Harry O. Maier.
Fortress Press, 2002
Apocalyptic AI: Visions of Heaven in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality
By Robert M. Geraci.
Oxford University Press, 2010
Apocalyptic Bodies: The Biblical End of the World in Text and Image
By Tina Pippin.
Routledge, 1999
The Apocalyptic Imagination: An Introduction to Jewish Apocalyptic Literature
By John J. Collins.
William B. Eerdmans, 1998
Apocalyptic Spirituality: Treatises and Letters of Lactantius, Adso of Montier-En-Der, Joachim of Fiore, the Franciscan Spirituals, Savonarola
By Bernard McGinn.
Paulist Press, 1979
The Apocalyptic Vision: A Thematic Exploration of Postwar German Literature
By Alan Frank Keele.
J. Porrua Turanzas, 1983
The Apocalyptic Year 1000: Religious Expectation and Social Change, 950-1050
By Richard Landes, Andrew Gow, David C. Van Meter.
Oxford University Press, 2003
Apocalypticism in the Dead Sea Scrolls
By John J. Collins.
Routledge, 1997
The Apocryphal Apocalypse: The Reception of the Second Book of Esdras (4 Ezra) from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment
By Alastair Hamilton.
Clarendon Press, 1999
The Apocryphal Gospels: Texts and Translations
By Bart D. Ehrman, Zlatko PlešE.
Oxford University Press, 2011
The Apocryphal Jesus: Legends of the Early Church
By J. K. Elliott.
Oxford University Press, 1996
The Apocryphal New Testament: A Collection of Apocryphal Christian Literature in an English Translation
By J. K. Elliott.
Clarendon Press, 1993
The Apocryphal Old Testament
By H. F. D. Sparks.
Clarendon Press, 1984
Apollo and the Nine: A History of the Ode
By Carol Maddison.
Johns Hopkins, 1960
Apollo Moon Missions: The Unsung Heroes
By Billy Watkins.
Praeger, 2006
Apollodoros, the Son of Pasion
By Jeremy Trevett.
Oxford University, 1992
Apollonius of Rhodes and the Spaces of Hellenism
By William G. Thalmann.
Oxford University Press, 2011
Apologetical Works and Minucius Felix Octavius
By Rudolph Arbesmann, Emily Joseph Daly, Edwin A. Quain, Tertullian.
Catholic University of America Press, 1950
Apologetics in the Roman Empire: Pagans, Jews, and Christians
By Mark J. Edwards, Martin Goodman, Simon Price, Christopher Rowland.
Oxford University Press, 1999
FREE! Apologia Pro Vita Sua: Being a History of His Religious Opinions
By John Henry Cardinal Newman.
Longmans, Green, 1902
By Margaret A. Schatkin, Paul W. Harkins.
Catholic University of America Press, 1985
An Apology for Actors (1612); A Refutation of the Apology for Actors (1615)
By Thomas Heywood, I. G., Richard H. Perkinson.
Scholars' Facsimiles & Reprints, 1941
Apology for Raymond Sebond
By Michel de Montaigne, Roger Ariew, Marjorie Grene.
Hackett, 2003
An Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews
By Henry Fielding.
Minority Press, 1930
An Apology of the Church of England
By John Jewel, J. E. Booty.
Cornell University Press, 1963
The Apologye of Syr Thomas More, Knyght
By Arthur Irving Taft, Humphrey Milford.
Early English Text Soc., 1930
Apostle of the Crucified Lord: A Theological Introduction to Paul and His Letters
By Michael J. Gorman.
Eerdmans, 2004
Apostles of Discord: A Study of Organized Bigotry and Disruption on the Fringes of Protestantism
By Ralph Lord Roy.
Beacon Press, 1953
Apostles of Modernity: American Writers in the Age of Development
By Guy Reynolds.
University of Nebraska Press, 2008
Apostles of Modernity: Saint-Simonians and the Civilizing Mission in Algeria
By Osama W. Abi-Mershed.
Stanford University Press, 2010
The Apostolic Age in Patristic Thought
By A. Hilhorst.
Brill, 2004
FREE! The Apostolic Age in the Light of Modern Criticism
By James Hardy Ropes.
C.Scribner's Sons, 1906
The Apostolic Fathers - Vol. 1
By Francis X. Glimm, Joseph M.-F. Marique, Gerald G. Walsh.
Catholic University of America Press, 1947
The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross
By Leon Morris.
Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1965 (3rd edition)
Appalachia in an International Context: Cross-National Comparisons of Developing Regions
By Phillip J. Obermiller, William W. Philliber.
Praeger, 1994
Appalachia in the Making: The Mountain South in the Nineteenth Century
By Mary Beth Pudup, Dwight B. Billings, Altina L. Waller.
University of North Carolina Press, 1995
Appalachia: A History
By John Alexander Williams.
University of North Carolina Press, 2002
Appalachian Elegy: Poetry and Place
By bell hooks.
University Press of Kentucky, 2012
Appalachian Health and Well-Being
By Robert L. Ludke, Phillip J. Obermiller.
University Press of Kentucky, 2012
The Appalachian Indian Frontier: The Edmond Atkin Report and Plan of 1755
By Wilbur R. Jacobs, Edmond Atkin.
University of Nebraska Press, 1967
Appalachian Migrants in Urban America: Cultural Conflict or Ethnic Group Formation?
By William W. Philliber.
Praeger Publishers, 1981
Appalachian Odyssey: Historical Perspectives on the Great Migration
By Phillip J. Obermiller, Thomas E. Wagner, E. Bruce Tucker.
Praeger, 2000
Appalachian Travels: The Diary of Olive Dame Campbell
By Elizabeth McCutchen Williams.
University Press of Kentucky, 2012
Apparitions of Asia: Modernist Form and Asian American Poetics
By Josephine Nock-Hee Park.
Oxford University Press, 2008
Apparitions--of Derrida's Other
By Kas Saghafi.
Fordham University Press, 2010
An Appeal in Favor of That Class of Americans Called Africans
By Lydia Maria Child, Carolyn L. Karcher.
University of Massachusetts Press, 1996
FREE! The Appeal to Arms, 1861-1863
By James Kendall Hosmer.
Harper & Brothers, 1907
Appeal to Expert Opinion: Arguments from Authority
By Douglas Walton.
Pennsylvania State University Press, 1997
Appeal to Popular Opinion
By Douglas Walton.
Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999
Appearance and Reality: The Two Truths in Four Buddhist Systems
By Guy Newland.
Snow Lion Publications, 1999
Appearance and Reality: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Physics
By Peter Kosso.
Oxford University Press, 1998
The Appearance of Equality: Racial Gerrymandering, Redistricting, and the Supreme Court
By Christopher M. Burke.
Greenwood Press, 1999
Appearance Versus Reality: New Essays on Bradley's Metaphysics
By Guy Stock.
Clarendon Press, 1998
Appearing to Diminish: Female Development and the British Bildungsroman, 1750-1850
By Lorna Ellis.
Bucknell University Press, 1999
Appeasement in Europe: A Reassessment of U.S. Policies
By David F. Schmitz, Richard D. Challener.
Greenwood Press, 1990
Appetites and Identities: An Introduction to the Social Anthropology of Western Europe
By Sara Delamont.
Routledge, 1995
FREE! Appian's Roman History: With an English Translation - Vol. 4
By Horace White.
W. Heinemann, 1912
The Apple Cart: A Political Extravaganza.
By Bernard Shaw.
Constable and Company Ltd., 1930
The Apple of the Eye
By Glenway Wescott.
Dial Press, 1924
Apple Pie & Enchiladas: Latino Newcomers in the Rural Midwest
By Ann V. Millard, Jorge Chapa, Catalina Burillo, Ken R. Crane, Isidore Flores, Jeremy Hogan, Maríaelena D. Jefferds, Eileen Diaz McConnell, Refugio I. Rochín, Rogelio Saenz.
University of Texas Press, 2004
The Apple: Or, Aristotle's Death
By Mary F. Rousseau.
Marquette University Press, 1968
The Application of EC Law by National Courts: The Free Movement of Goods
By Malcolm A. Jarvis.
Oxford University, 1998
Application of Geology to Engineering Practice
Geological Society of America, 1950
Applications in Criminal Analysis: A Sourcebook
By Marilyn B. Peterson.
Praeger, 1994