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Black Culture and Black Consciousness: Afro-American Folk Thought from Slavery to Freedom
By Lawrence W. Levine.
Oxford University Press, 1978
Black Culture and the Harlem Renaissance
By Cary D. Wintz.
Rice University Press, 1988
Black Culture and the New Deal: The Quest for Civil Rights in the Roosevelt Era
By Lauren Rebecca Sklaroff.
University of North Carolina Press, 2009
The Black Death in Egypt and England: A Comparative Study
By Stuart J. Borsch.
University of Texas Press, 2005
Black Demographic Data, 1790-1860: A Sourcebook
By Clayton E. Cramer.
Greenwood Press, 1997
Black Demons: The Media's Depiction of the African American Male Criminal Stereotype
By Dennis Rome.
Praeger, 2004
Black Detroit and the Rise of the Uaw
By August Meier, Elliott Rudwick.
Oxford University Press, 1981
The Black Diaries: An Account of Roger Casement's Life and Times, with a Collection of His Diaries and Public Writings
By Peter Singleton-Gates, Maurice Girodias.
Grove Press, 1959
Black Diplomacy: African Americans and the State Department, 1945-1969
By Michael L. Krenn.
M. E. Sharpe, 1999
Black Directors in Hollywood
By Melvin Donalson.
University of Texas Press, 2003
Black Dixie: Afro-Texan History and Culture in Houston
By Howard Beeth, Cary D. Wintz.
Texas A&M University Press, 1992
FREE! The Black Doctor: And Other Tales of Terror and Mystery
By A. Conan Doyle.
Garden City Publishing Co., 1919
Black Dog of Fate: A Memoir
By Peter Balakian.
Basic Books, 1997
The Black Douglases: War and Lordship in Late Medieval Scotland, 1300-1455
By Michael Brown.
Birlinn, 2005
Black Drama of the Federal Theatre Era: Beyond the Formal Horizons
By E. Quita Craig.
University of Massachusetts Press, 1980
Black Educational Choice: Assessing the Private and Public Alternatives to Traditional K-12 Public Schools
By Diana T. Slaughter-Defoe, Howard C. Stevenson, Edith G. Arrington, Deborah J. Johnson.
Praeger, 2012
Black Elk and Flaming Rainbow: Personal Memories of the Lakota Holy Man and John Neihardt
By Hilda Neihardt.
University of Nebraska Press, 1995
Black Elk DeSersa: Conversations with the Black Elk Family
By Esther Black Elk Desersa, Olivia Black Elk Fourier, Aaron Desersa Jr., Clifton Desersa, Hilda Neihardt, Lori Utecht.
University of Nebraska Press, 2000
Black Elk Speaks: The Complete Edition
By John G. Neihardt, Black Elk.
University of Nebraska Press, 2014
Black English: A Seminar
By Deborah Sears Harrison, Tom Trabasso.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1976
Black Enterprise Titans of the B.E. 100s: Black CEOs Who Redefined and Conquered American Business
By Derek T. Dingle.
Wiley, 1999
The Black Experience in the Civil War South
By Stephen V. Ash.
Praeger, 2010
A Black Explorer at the North Pole
By Matthew A. Henson.
University of Nebraska Press, 1989
Black Faces in White Places: 10 Game-Changing Strategies to Achieve Success and Find Greatness
By Randal Pinkett, Jeffrey Robinson, Philana Patterson.
American Management Association, 2011
Black Faces, White Spaces: Reimagining the Relationship of African Americans to the Great Outdoors
By Carolyn Finney.
University of North Carolina Press, 2014
Black Families in Therapy: Understanding the African American Experience
By Nancy Boyd-Franklin.
Guilford Press, 2003 (2nd edition)
Black Family (Dys)Function in Novels by Jessie Fauset, Nella Larsen, & Fannie Hurst
By Licia Morrow Calloway.
Peter Lang, 2003
The Black Family in the United States: A Revised, Updated, Selectively Annotated Bibliography
By Lenwood G. Davis.
Greenwood Press, 1986
The Black Family: Strengths, Self-Help, and Positive Change
By Sadye L. Logan.
Westview Press, 1996
Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment
By Patricia Hill Collins.
Routledge, 2000 (2nd edition)
Black Flag over Dixie: Racial Atrocities and Reprisals in the Civil War
By Gregory J. W. Urwin.
Southern Illinois University Press, 2004
Black Greek 101: The Culture, Customs, and Challenges of Black Fraternities and Sororities
By Walter M. Kimbrough.
Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2003
Black Greek-Letter Organizations in the Twenty-First Century: Our Fight Has Just Begun
By Gregory S. Parks.
University Press of Kentucky, 2008
Black Gun, Silver Star: The Life and Legend of Frontier Marshal Bass Reeves
By Art T. Burton.
University of Nebraska Press, 2006
Black Hawk and the Warrior's Path
By Roger L. Nichols.
H. Davidson, 1992
The Black Heart's Truth: The Early Career of W.D. Howells
By John W. Crowley.
University of North Carolina Press, 1985
Black Higher Education in the United States: A Selected Bibliography on Negro Higher Education and Historically Black Colleges and Universities
By Fredrick Chambers.
Greenwood Press, 1978
Black History and Black Identity: A Call for a New Historiography
By W. D. Wright.
Praeger, 2002
The Black Hole of Empire: History of a Global Practice of Power
By Partha Chatterjee.
Princeton University Press, 2012
Black Holes
By J. Hillis Miller.
Stanford University Press, 1999
Black Hunger: Food and the Politics of U.S. Identity
By Doris Witt.
Oxford University Press, 1999
Black Identity and Black Protest in the Antebellum North
By Patrick Rael.
University of North Carolina Press, 2002
Black Identity: Rhetoric, Ideology, and Nineteenth-Century Black Nationalism
By Dexter B. Gordon.
Southern Illinois University Press, 2003
Black Imagination and the Middle Passage
By Maria Diedrich, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Carl Pedersen.
Oxford University Press, 1999
Black in Latin America
By Henry Louis Gates Jr..
New York University Press, 2011
Black Intellectuals, Black Cognition, and a Black Aesthetic
By W. D. Wright.
Praeger Publishers, 1997
The Black Jews of Africa: History, Religion, Identity
By Edith Bruder.
Oxford University Press, 2008
The Black Laws in the Old Northwest: A Documentary History
By Stephen Middleton.
Greenwood Press, 1993
Black Leadership for Social Change
By Jacob U. Gordon.
Greenwood Press, 2000
Black Leadership
By Manning Marable.
Columbia University Press, 1998
Black Legacy: America's Hidden Heritage
By William D. Piersen .
University of Massachusetts Press, 1993
Black Liberation in Conservative America
By Manning Marable.
South End Press, 1997
Black Life on the Mississippi: Slaves, Free Blacks, and the Western Steamboat World
By Thomas C. Buchanan.
University of North Carolina Press, 2004
Black Linguistics: Language, Society, and Politics in Africa and the Americas
By Sinfree Makoni, Geneva Smitherman, Arnetha F. Ball, Arthur K. Spears.
Routledge, 2003
Black List, Section H
By Francis Stuart.
Southern Illinois University Press, 1971
Black Lives: Essays in African American Biography
By James L. Conyers.
M. E. Sharpe, 1999
Black Magic: Religion and the African American Conjuring Tradition
By Yvonne P. Chireau.
University of California Press, 2003
Black Male Deviance
By Anthony J. Lemelle Jr..
Praeger, 1997
The Black Market: A Study of White Collar Crime
By Marshall B. Clinard.
Patterson Smith, 1969
Black Marriage and Family Therapy
By Constance E. Obudho.
Greenwood Press, 1983
Black Masculinity and the U.S. South: From Uncle Tom to Gangsta
By Riché Richardson.
University of Georgia Press, 2007
Black Mass: The Irish Mob, the FBI, and a Devil's Deal
By Dick Lehr, Gerard O'Neill.
Public Affairs, 2000
Black Masters: A Free Family of Color in the Old South
By Michael P. Johnson, James L. Roark.
W. W. Norton, 1984
Black Mayors, White Majorities: The Balancing Act of Racial Politics
By Ravi K. Perry.
University of Nebraska Press, 2013
Black Mecca: The African Muslims of Harlem
By Zain Abdullah.
Oxford University Press, 2010
Black Miami in the Twentieth Century
By Marvin Dunn.
University Press of Florida, 1997
Black Mosaic: Essays in Afro-American History and Historiography
By Benjamin Quarles.
University of Massachusetts Press, 1988
Black Mother: The Years of the African Slave Trade
By Basil Davidson.
Little, Brown, 1961
Black Mountain: Land, Class, and Power in the Eastern Orange Free State, 1880s to 1980s
By Colin Murray.
Edinburgh University Press, 1992
Black Muslim Religion in the Nation of Islam, 1960-1975
By Edward E. Curtis IV.
University of North Carolina Press, 2006
Black Neighbors: Race and the Limits of Reform in the American Settlement House Movement, 1890-1945
By Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn.
University of North Carolina Press, 1993
Black Newspapers and America's War for Democracy, 1914-1920
By William G. Jordan.
University of North Carolina Press, 2001
Black Novelist as White Racist: The Myth of Black Inferiority in the Novels of Oscar Micheaux
By Joseph A. Young, John W. Blassingame, Henry Louis Gates Jr..
Greenwood Press, 1989
Black Officer in a Buffalo Soldier Regiment: The Military Career of Charles Young
By Brian G. Shellum.
University of Nebraska Press, 2010
Black on Earth: African American Ecoliterary Traditions
By Kimberly N. Ruffin.
University of Georgia Press, 2010
Black Orpheus: Music in African American Fiction from the Harlem Renaissance to Toni Morrison
By Saadi A. Simawe.
Garland, 2000
FREE! The Black Panther: A Book of Poems
By John Hall Wheelock.
Scribner, 1922
Black Peril, White Virtue: Sexual Crime in Southern Rhodesia, 1902-1935
By Jock McCulloch.
Indiana University Press, 2000
Black Planet: Facing Race during an NBA Season
By David Shields.
University of Nebraska Press, 2006
Black Political Activism and the Cuban Republic
By Melina Pappademos, Louis A. Pérez.
University of North Carolina Press, 2011
Black Political Organizations in the Post-Civil Rights Era
By Ollie A. Johnson Iii, Karlin L. Stanford.
Rutgers University Press, 2002
Black Politics and Black Political Behavior
By Hanes Walton Jr..
Praeger, 1994
Black Politics in New Deal Atlanta
By Karen Ferguson.
University of North Carolina Press, 2002
Black Politics: Inside the Complexity of Aboriginal Political Culture
By Sarah Maddison.
Allen & Unwin, 2009
Black Power and Student Rebellion
By James McEvoy, Abraham Miller.
Wadsworth Publishing, 1969
Black Power Ideologies: An Essay in African-American Political Thought
By John T. McCartney.
Temple University Press, 1992
Black Power/White Power in Public Education
By Ralph Edwards, Charles V. Willie.
Praeger Publishers, 1998
The Black Preacher in America
By Charles V. Hamilton.
Morrow, 1972
The Black Presence in the Era of the American Revolution
By Sidney Kaplan, Emma Nogrady Kaplan.
University of Massachusetts Press, 1989 (Revised edition)
Black Presidential Politics in America: A Strategic Approach
By Ronald W. Walters.
State University of New York Press, 1988
The Black Press in Mississippi, 1865-1985
By Julius E. Thompson.
University Press of Florida, 1993
Black Print with a White Carnation: Mildred Brown and the Omaha Star Newspaper, 1938-1989
By Amy Helene Forss.
University of Nebraska Press, 2013
Black Puritan, Black Republican: The Life and Thought of Lemuel Haynes, 1753-1833
By John Saillant.
Oxford University Press, 2003
Black Rage
By William H. Grier, Price M. Cobbs.
Basic Books, 1968
Black Robes and Buckskin: A Selection from the Jesuit Relations
By Catharine Randall.
Fordham University Press, 2011
The Black Room at Longwood: Napoleon's Exile on Saint-Helena
By Jean-Paul Kauffmann, Patricia Clancy.
Four Walls Eight Windows, 1999
Black Sailors: Afro-American Merchant Seamen and Whalemen Prior to the Civil War
By Martha S. Putney.
Greenwood Press, 1987
Black Salt: Seafarers of African Descent on British Ships
By Ray Costello.
Liverpool University Press, 2012
The Black Sea: A History
By Charles King.
Oxford University Press, 2004
Black Sexual Politics: African Americans, Gender, and the New Racism
By Patricia Hill Collins.
Routledge, 2004


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