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Contemporary Poetry
By Nerys Williams.
Edinburgh University Press, 2011
Contemporary Poland: Space and Society
By Gregorz Węcławowicz.
Westview Press, 1996
Contemporary Political Movements and the Thought of Jacques Rancière: Equality in Action
By Todd May.
Edinburgh University Press, 2010
Contemporary Political Science: A Survey of Methods, Research, and Teaching
By Unesco.
Unesco Publication, 1950
Contemporary Politics in the Far East
By Stanley K. Hornbeck.
D. Appleton & Co., 1921
Contemporary Portraits of Japanese Women
By Yukiko Tanaka.
Praeger, 1995
Contemporary Problems of Pakistan
By J. Henry Korson.
Westview Press, 1993
Contemporary Psychodrama: New Approaches to Theory and Technique
By Jose Fonseca.
Brunner-Routledge, 2004
Contemporary Psychometrics: A Festschrift for Roderick P. McDonald
By Albert Maydeu-Olivares.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005
Contemporary Public Health: Principles, Practice, and Policy
By James W. Holsinger Jr..
University Press of Kentucky, 2013
Contemporary Public Opinion: Issues and the News
By Maxwell McCombs, Edna Einsiedel, David Weaver.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1991
Contemporary Questions Surrounding the Constitutional Amending Process
By John R. Vile.
Praeger Publishers, 1993
Contemporary Readings in American Government
By Byron W. Daynes, Raymond Tatalovich.
D. C. Heath, 1980
Contemporary Readings in Logical Theory
By Irving M. Copi, James A. Gould.
Macmillan, 1967
The Contemporary Reception of Classical Rhetoric: Appropriations of Ancient Discourse
By Kathleen E. Welch.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1990
Contemporary Research in Personality
By Irwin G. Sarason.
D. Van Nostrand, 1962
Contemporary Responses to the Holocaust
By Konrad Kwiet, Jürgen Matthäus.
Praeger, 2004
Contemporary Rorschach Interpretation
By J. Reid Meloy, Marvin W. Acklin, Carl B. Gacono, James F. Murray, Charles A. Peterson.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1997
Contemporary Schools of Psychology
By Robert S. Woodworth.
Ronald Press, 1948 (Revised edition)
Contemporary Scottish Poetry
By Matt McGuire, Colin Nicholson.
Edinburgh University Press, 2009
Contemporary Scottish Studies: First Series
By C. M. Grieve.
Parsons, 1926
Contemporary Sculpture: An Evolution in Volume and Space
By Carola Giedion-Welcker.
George Wittenborn, 1960 (Revised edition)
Contemporary Security Analysis and Copenhagen Peace Research
By Stefano Guzzini, Dietrich Jung.
Routledge, 2004
Contemporary Social and Political Theory: An Introduction
By Fidelma Ashe, Alan Finlayson, Moya Lloyd, Iain Mackenzie, James Martin, Shane O’Neill.
Open University Press, 1998
Contemporary Social Problems: An Introduction to the Sociology of Deviant Behavior and Social Disorganization
By Robert K. Merton, Robert A. Nisbet.
Harcourt, Brace & World, 1961
Contemporary Social Psychological Theories
By Peter J. Burke.
Stanford University Press, 2006
The Contemporary Spanish Novel: An Annotated, Critical Bibliography, 1936-1994
By Samuel Amell.
Greenwood Press, 1996
Contemporary Spanish Poetry: The Word and the World
By Cecile West-Settle, Sylvia Sherno.
Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2005
Contemporary Special Education Research: Syntheses of the Knowledge Base on Critical Instructional Issues
By Russell Gersten, Ellen P. Schiller, Sharon Vaughn.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2000
Contemporary Stage Roles for Women: A Descriptive Catalogue
By Sandra Heys.
Greenwood Press, 1985
Contemporary Studies of Swift's Poetry
By John Irwin Fischer, Donald C. Mell Jr., David M. Vieth.
University of Delaware Press, 1981
Contemporary Taiwanese Cultural Nationalism
By A-Chin-Hsiau.
Routledge, 2000
Contemporary Thinking about Paul: An Anthology
By Thomas S. Kepler.
Abingdon-Cokesbury Press, 1950
Contemporary Thought of Germany - Vol. 1
By W. Tudor Jones.
A.A. Knopf, 1931
Contemporary Thought of Italy
By Angelo Crespi.
A. A. Knopf, 1926
Contemporary Thought on Edmund Spenser
By Richard C. Frushell, Bernard J. Vondersmith.
Southern Illinois University Press, 1975
Contemporary Tone-Structures
By Allen Forte.
Bureau of Publications Teachers College, 1955
The Contemporary Torah: A Gender-Sensitive Adaptation of the Jps Translation
By David E. S. Stein, Adele Berlin, Ellen Frankel, Carol L. Meyers.
Jewish Publication Society, 2006
Contemporary Trends in World Terrorism
By Anat Kurz.
Praeger Publishers, 1987
Contemporary Turkish Foreign Policy
By Yasemin Çelik.
Praeger, 1999
Contemporary Turkish Politics: Challenges to Democratic Consolidation
By Ergun Özbudun.
Lynne Rienner, 2000
Contemporary Unionism in the United States
By Clyde E. Dankert.
Prentice-Hall, 1948
Contemporary Women's Writing in German: Changing the Subject
By Brigid Haines, Margaret Littler.
Oxford University Press, 2004
Contempt and Pity: Social Policy and the Image of the Damaged Black Psyche, 1880-1996
By Daryl Michael Scott.
University of North Carolina Press, 1997
Contempt of Court in Labor Injunction Cases
By Cleon Oliphant Swayzee.
Columbia University Press, 1935
Contending for the Faith: The Church's Engagement with Culture
By Ralph C. Wood.
Baylor University Press, 2003
Contending Issues in African Development: Advances, Challenges, and the Future
By Obioma M. Iheduru.
Greenwood Press, 2001
Contending Liberalisms in World Politics: Ideology and Power
By James L. Richardson.
L. Rienner, 2001
Contending with Modernity: Catholic Higher Education in the Twentieth Century
By Philip Gleason.
Oxford University Press, 1995
Contending with Stalinism: Soviet Power and Popular Resistance in the 1930s
By Lynne Viola.
Cornell University Press, 2002
Content & Complexity: Information Design in Technical Communication
By Michael J. Albers, Beth Mazur.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2003
Content Analysis for the Social Sciences and Humanities
By Ole R. Holsti.
Addison-Wesley, 1969
Content Analysis of Verbal Behavior: New Findings and Clinical Applications
By Louis A. Gottschalk.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1995
Content Analysis: A Handbook with Applications for the Study of International Crisis
By Robert C. North, Ole R. Holsti, M. George Zaninovich, Dina A. Zinnes.
Northwestern University Press, 1963
Content and Consciousness
By D. C. Dennett.
Routledge, 1993
Content and Context of Zulu Folk-Narratives
By Brian M. Du Toit.
University Presses of Florida, 1976
The Content and Style of an Oral Literature: Clackamas Chinook Myths and Tales - Vol. 8
By Melville Jacobs.
University of Chicago Press, 1959
Content Area Reading and Learning: Instructional Strategies
By Diane Lapp, James Flood, Nancy Farnan.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004 (2nd edition)
The Content, Structure, and Operation of Thought Systems
By Robert S. Wyer Jr., Thomas K. Srull.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers, 1991
Content-Based College ESL Instruction
By Loretta F. Kasper.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2000
The Contentious Alliance: Trade Unions and the Labour Party
By Lewis Minkin.
Edinburgh University Press, 1991
Contentious Curricula: Afrocentrism and Creationism in American Public Schools
By Amy J. Binder.
Princeton University Press, 2002
Contentious Liberties: American Abolitionists in Post-Emancipation Jamaica, 1834-1866
By Gale L. Kenny.
University of Georgia Press, 2010
Contentious Politics, Local Governance and the Self: A Tanzanian Case Study
By Tim Kelsall.
Nordic African Institute, 2004
Contentious Spirits: Religion in Korean American History, 1903-1945
By David K. Yoo.
Stanford University Press, 2010
The Contents of Visual Experience
By Susanna Siegel.
Oxford University Press, 2010
A Contest of Faiths: Missionary Women and Pluralism in the American Southwest
By Susan M. Yohn.
Cornell University Press, 1995
The Contest over the Ratification of the Federal Constitution in the State of Massachusetts
By Samuel Bannister Harding.
Da Capo, 1970
Contested Bodies
By Ruth Holliday, John Hassard.
Routledge, 2001
Contested Christianity: The Political and Social Context of Victorian Theology
By Timothy Larsen.
Baylor University Press, 2004
Contested Classrooms: Education, Globalization, and Democracy in Alberta
By Trevor W. Harrison, Jerrold L. Kachur, Parkland Institute.
University of Alberta Press, 1999
Contested Conversions to Islam: Narratives of Religious Change in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire
By Tijana Krstić.
Stanford University Press, 2011
Contested Culture: The Image, the Voice, and the Law
By Jane M. Gaines.
University of North Carolina Press, 1991
Contested Hierarchies: A Collaborative Ethnography of Caste among the Newars of the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
By David N. Gellner, Declan N. Quigley.
Oxford University, 1995
Contested Lands: Israel-Palestine, Kashmir, Bosnia, Cyprus, and Sri Lanka
By Sumantra Bose.
Harvard University Press, 2007
Contested Landscapes: Movement, Exile and Place
By Barbara Bender, Margot Winer.
Berg, 2001
Contested Memories: Poles and Jews during the Holocaust and Its Aftermath
By Joshua D. Zimmerman.
Rutgers University Press, 2003
The Contested Parterre: Public Theater and French Political Culture, 1680-1791
By Jeffrey S. Ravel.
Cornell University Press, 1999
Contested Pasts: The Politics of Memory
By Katharine Hodgkin, Susannah Radstone.
Routledge, 2003
Contested Policy: The Rise and Fall of Federal Bilingual Education in the United States, 1960-2001
By Guadalupe San Miguel Jr..
University of North Texas Press, 2004
The Contested Quill: Literature by Women in Germany, 1770-1800
By Ruth P. Dawson.
University of Delaware Press, 2001
Contested Terrain: The Transformation of the Workplace in the Twentieth Century
By Richard Edwards.
Basic Books, 1979
Contested Terrain: Power, Politics, and Participation in Suburbia
By Marc L. Silver, Martin Melkonian.
Greenwood Press, 1995
Contested Terrains and Constructed Categories: Contemporary Africa in Focus
By George Clement Bond, Nigel C. Gibson.
Westview Press, 2002
Contested Waters: A Social History of Swimming Pools in America
By Jeff Wiltse.
University of North Carolina Press, 2007
Contested Welfare States: Welfare Attitudes in Europe and Beyond
By Stefan Svallfors.
Stanford University Press, 2012
Contesting Apartheid: U. S. Activism, 1960-1987
By Donald R. Culverson.
Westview Press, 1999
Contesting Childhood
By Michael G. Wyness.
Falmer Press, 1999
Contesting Communities: The Transformation of Workplace Charity
By Emily Barman.
Stanford University Press, 2006
Contesting Conversion: Genealogy, Circumcision, and Identity in Ancient Judaism and Christianity
By Matthew Thiessen.
Oxford University Press, 2011
Contesting Global Governance: Multilateral Economic Institutions and Global Social Movements
By Robert O'Brien, Anne Marie Goetz, Jan Aart Scholte, Marc Williams.
Cambridge University Press, 2000
Contesting Globalization: Space and Place in the World Economy
By Saskia Sassen, André C. Drainville.
Routledge, 2003
Contesting History: The Bush Counterinsurgency Legacy in Iraq
By Matthew J. Flynn.
Praeger Security International, 2010
Contesting Markets: Analyses of Ideology, Discourse and Practice
By Roy Dilly.
Edinburgh University Press, 1992
Contesting Native Title: From Controversy to Consensus in the Struggle over Indigenous Land Rights
By David Ritter.
Allen & Unwin, 2009
Contesting Politics: Women in Ireland, North and South
By Yvonne Galligan, Eilís Ward, Rick Wilford.
Westview Press, 1999
Contesting Spirit: Nietzsche, Affirmation, Religion
By Tyler T. Roberts.
Princeton University Press, 1998
Contesting the Gothic: Fiction, Genre, and Cultural Conflict, 1764-1832
By James Watt.
Cambridge University Press, 1999
Contesting the Nation: Religion, Community, and the Politics of Democracy in India
By David Ludden.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 1996
Contesting the New South Order: The 1914-1915 Strike at Atlanta's Fulton Mills
By Clifford M. Kuhn.
University of North Carolina Press, 2001