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FREE! The Culprit Fay: And Other Poems By Joseph Rodman Drake. G. Dearborn, 1835
A primary source is a work that is being studied, or that provides first-hand or direct evidence on a topic. Common types of primary sources include works of literature, historical documents, original philosophical writings, and religious texts.
The Cult Experience By Andrew J. Pavlos. Greenwood Press, 1982
The Cultic Prophet in Ancient Israel By Aubrey R. Johnson. University of Wales Press, 1962 (2nd edition)
Cultivating an Ecological Conscience: Essays from a Farmer Philosopher By Frederick L. Kirschenmann, Constance L. Falk. University Press of Kentucky, 2010
Cults and New Religions: A Brief History By Douglas E. Cowan, David G. Bromley. Wiley-Blacdkwell, 2015 (2nd edition)
Cults in Our Midst By Margaret Thaler Singer, Robert Jay Lifton. Jossey-Bass, 2003
Cults, Religion, and Violence By David G. Bromley, J. Gordon Melton. Cambridge University Press, 2002
Cults: Faith, Healing, and Coercion By Marc Galanter. Oxford University Press, 1990
Cultural Approaches to Parenting By Marc H. Bornstein. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1991
Cultural Change in Postwar Taiwan By Stevan Harrell, Huang Chün-Chieh. Westview Press, 1994
Cultural Changes in Attitudes toward Death, Dying, and Bereavement By Bert Hayslip, Cynthia A. Peveto. Springer Publishing Company, 2005
Cultural Citizenship: Cosmopolitan Questions By Nick Stevenson. Open University Press, 2003
Cultural Cognition and Psychopathology By John F. Schumaker, Tony Ward. Praeger, 2001
Cultural Communication and Intercultural Contact By Donal Carbaugh. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1990
Cultural Considerations in Asian and Pacific Islander American Mental Health By Harvette Grey, Brittany N. Hall-Clark. Oxford University Press, 2015
Cultural Considerations in Latino American Mental Health By Harvette Grey, Brittany N. Hall-Clark. Oxford University Press, 2015
The Cultural Context of Health, Illness, and Medicine By Elisa J. Sobo, Martha O. Loustaunau. Praeger, 2010 (2nd edition)
The Cultural Defense By Alison Dundes Renteln. Oxford University Press, 2004
Cultural Diversity in the United States By Larry L. Naylor. Bergin & Garvey, 1997
The Cultural Diversity of European Unity: Findings, Explanations and Reflections from the European Values Study By Wil Arts, Jacques Hagenaars, Loek Halman, Wim Van De Donk, Ton Van Schaik. Brill, 2003
The Cultural Dynamics of Democratization in Spain By Samuel H. Barnes, Antonio López Pina, Doh C. Shin, José Álvaro Moisés, Peter McDonough. Cornell University Press, 1998
Cultural Encounters on China's Ethnic Frontiers By Stevan Harrell. University of Washington Press, 1995
Cultural Encounters: European Travel Writing in the 1930s By Charles Burdett, Derek Duncan. Berghahn Books, 2002
Cultural Encyclopedia of Vegetarianism By Margaret Puskar-Pasewicz. Greenwood, 2010
Cultural Genocide By Lawrence Davidson. Rutgers University Press, 2012
Cultural Gerontology By Lars Andersson. Auburn House, 2002
Cultural Heritage in Transit: Intangible Rights as Human Rights By Deborah Kapchan. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014
The Cultural Heritage of India - Vol. 3 By Haridas Bhattacharyya. Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, 1953 (2nd edition)
Cultural History of Cuba during the U.S. Occupation, 1898-1902 By Marial Iglesias Utset, Russ Davidson. University of North Carolina Press, 2011
The Cultural History of Plants By Ghillean Prance, Mark Nesbitt. Routledge, 2005
Cultural Identity and Political Ethics By Paul Gilbert. Edinburgh University Press, 2010
Cultural Identity in the Roman Empire By Ray Laurence, Joanne Berry. Routledge, 1998
Cultural Industries and the Production of Culture By Dominic Power, Allen J. Scott. Routledge, 2004
Cultural Issues in Play Therapy By Eliana Gil, Athena A. Drewes. Guilford Press, 2005
The Cultural Lives of Capital Punishment: Comparative Perspectives By Austin Sarat, Christian Boulanger. Stanford University Press, 2005
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