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The Catholic Studies Reader
By James T. Fisher, Margaret M. McGuinness.
Fordham University Press, 2011
Catholic Theology in the University: Source of Wholeness
By Virginia M. Shaddy.
Marquette University Press, 1998
Catholic Viewpoint on Church and State
By Jerome G. Kerwin.
Hanover House, 1960
Catholic Viewpoint on Education
By Neil G. S. J. McCluskey.
Hanover House, 1959
The Catholic Vote
By John H. Fenton.
Hauser Press, 1960
Catholic Women Writers: A Bio-Bibliographical Sourcebook
By Mary R. Reichardt.
Greenwood Press, 2001
Catholicism and Crisis in Modern France: French Catholic Groups at the Threshold of the Fifth Republic
By William Bosworth.
Princeton University Press, 1962
Catholicism and Interreligious Dialogue
By James L. Heft.
Oxford University Press, 2012
Catholicism and Political Development in Latin America
By Frederick C. Turner.
University of North Carolina Press, 1971
Catholicism and the American Mind
By Winfred Ernest Garrison.
Chicago : Willett, Clark & Colby, 1928
Catholicism and the Roots of Nazism: Religious Identity and National Socialism
By Derek Hastings.
Oxford University Press, 2010
Catholicism in the Second Spanish Republic: Religion and Politics in Salamanca, 1930-1936
By Mary Vincent.
Clarendon Press, 1996
Catholicism, Controversy, and the English Literary Imagination, 1558-1660
By Alison Shell.
Cambridge University Press, 1999
Catholicism, Nationalism, and Democracy in Argentina
By John J. Kennedy.
University of Notre Dame Press, 1958
Catholicism, Politics, and Society in Twentieth-Century France
By Kay Chadwick.
Liverpool University Press, 2000
Catholicism: The Story of Catholic Christianity
By Gerald O'Collins, Mario Farrugia.
Oxford University Press, 2003
Catholicism: A Study of Dogma in Relation to the Corporate Destiny of Mankind
By Henri de Lubac.
Sheed and Ward, 1958
By George Brantl.
George Braziller, 1962
The Catholics and German Unity, 1866-1871
By George G. Windell.
University of Minnesota Press, 1954
Catholics and Politics: The Dynamic Tension between Faith and Power
By Kristin E. Heyer, Mark J. Rozell, Michael A. Genovese.
Georgetown University Press, 2008
Catholics in America: A History
By Patrick W. Carey.
Praeger, 2004
Catholics in America
By James T. Fisher.
Oxford University Press, 2000
Catholics in Crisis: An American Parish Fights for Its Soul
By Jim Naughton.
Addison-Wesley, 1996
Catholics in the Movies
By Colleen McDannell.
Oxford University Press, 2008
Catholics in the Promised Land of the Saints
By James Hennesey.
Marquette University Press, 1981
The Catholics of Ulster: A History
By Marianne Elliott.
Basic Books, 2001
Catlin and His Contemporaries: The Politics of Patronage
By Brian W. Dippie.
University of Nebraska Press, 1990
Cato Handbook for Congress: Policy Recommendations for the 108th Congress
By Edward H. Crane, David Boaz.
Cato Institute, 2003
Cato Handbook for Congress: Policy Recommendations for the 106th Congress
By Edward H. Crane, David Boaz.
Cato Institute, 1999
Cato Handbook for Policymakers
By Cato Institute.
Cato Institute, 2008
The Cato Street Conspiracy
By John Stanhope.
J. Cape, 1962
Cato Supreme Court Review 2001-2002
By Robert A. Levy, James L. Swanson, Timothy Lynch.
Cato Institute, 2002
Cato Supreme Court Review 2002-2003
By Roger Pilon, Robert A. Levy, James L. Swanson, Timothy Lynch.
Cato Institute, 2003
Cato Supreme Court Review 2003-2004
By Mark K. Moller, Cato Institute.
Cato Institute, 2004
Cato Supreme Court Review 2005-2006
By Roger Pilon, Robert A. Levy, Timothy Lynch, Mark K. Moller.
Cato Institute, 2006
Cato Supreme Court Review 2008-2009
By Roger Pilon.
Cato Institute, 2009
Cato Supreme Court Review: 2007-2008
By Robert A. Levy, Ilya Shapiro, Timothy Lynch.
Cato Institute, 2009
Cato Supreme Court Review: 2006-2007
By Roger Pilon, Robert A. Levy, Timothy Lynch, Mark K. Moller.
Cato Institute, 2007
Cato the Censor
By Alan E. Astin.
Clarendon Press, 1978
By Robert Louis Stevenson.
Sphere, 1972
Cats' Paws and Catapults: Mechanical Worlds of Nature and People
By Steven Vogel, Kathryn K. Davis.
Norton, 1998
The Catskills: An Illustrated Historical Guide with Gazetteer
By Arthur G. Adams.
Fordham University Press, 1990
The Cattle of the Sun: Cows and Culture in the World of the Ancient Greeks
By Jeremy McInerney.
Princeton University Press, 2010
The Cattle on a Thousand Hills: Southern California, 1850-1870
By Robert Glass Cleland.
Huntington Library, 1941
Catullus and His Influence
By Karl Pomeroy Harrington.
Marshall Jones, 1923
Catullus and the Poetics of Roman Manhood
By David Wray.
Cambridge University Press, 2001
Catullus and the Traditions of Ancient Poetry
By Arthur Leslie Wheeler.
University of California Press, 1934
Catullus in English Poetry
By Eleanor Shipley Duckett, Catallus.
Collegiate Press, 1925
Catullus' Poem on Attis: Text and Contexts
By Ruurd R. Nauta, Annette Harder.
Brill, 2005
By Julia Haig Gaisser.
Wiley-Blackwell, 2009
The Caucasus and Central Asian Republics at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century: A Guide to the Economies in Transition
By Ian Jeffries.
Routledge, 2003
The Caucasus: An Introduction
By Thomas De Waal.
Oxford University Press, 2010
Caudillos in Spanish America, 1800-1850
By John Lynch.
Clarendon Press, 1992
Caught in Irons: North Atlantic Fishermen in the Last Days of Sail
By Michael Wayne Santos.
Susquehanna University Press, 2002
Caught in Play: How Entertainment Works on You
By Peter G. Strom Berg.
Stanford University Press, 2009
Caught in the Middle East: U.S. Policy toward the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1945-1961
By Peter L. Hahn.
University of North Carolina Press, 2004
Caught in the Middle: Contradictions in the Lives of Sociologists from Working-Class Backgrounds
By Michael D. Grimes, Joan M. Morris.
Greenwood, 1997
Caught in the Mix: An Oral Portrait of Homelessness
By Philip Michael Bulman.
Auburn House, 1993
Causal Models: How People Think about the World and Its Alternatives
By Steven Sloman.
Oxford University Press, 2005
Causality and Chance in Modern Physics
By David Bohm.
Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, 1957
Causality and Modern Science
By Mario Bunge.
Dover Publications, 1979 (3rd edition)
Causality in Economics
By John Hicks.
Basic Books, 1979
Causality in Natural Science
By Victor F. Lenzen.
Charles C Thomas, 1954
Causality, Interpretation, and the Mind
By William Child.
Clarendon Press, 1996
Causation and Persistence: A Theory of Causation
By Douglas Ehring.
Oxford University Press, 1997
Causation and Universals
By Evan Fales.
Routledge, 1990
Causation in Early Modern Philosophy: Cartesianism, Occasionalism, and Preestablished Harmony
By Steven Nadler.
Pennsylvania State University Press, 1993
Causation in the Law
By H. L. A. Hart, Tony Honoré.
Clarendon Press, 1959 (2nd edition)
Causation, Physics, and the Constitution of Reality: Russell's Republic Revisited
By Huw Price, Richard Corry.
Oxford University Press, 2007
Causation, Prediction, and Legal Analysis
By Stuart S. Nagel.
Quorum Books, 1986
Cause and Chance: Causation in an Indeterministic World
By Phil Dowe, Paul Noordhof.
Routledge, 2004
Cause and Control of the Business Cycle
By E. C. Harwood.
American Institute for Economic Research, 1957 (5th edition)
Cause and Explanation in Ancient Greek Thought
By R. J. Hankinson.
Clarendon Press, 1998
Cause Lawyering: Political Commitments and Professional Responsibilities
By Austin Sarat, Stuart Scheingold.
Oxford US, 1998
Cause Lawyers and Social Movements
By Austin Sarat, Stuart A. Scheingold.
Stanford Law and Politics, 2006
Cause Related Marketing: Who Cares Wins
By Sue Adkins.
Butterworth-Heinemann, 1999
Cause, Condition, Concession, Contrast: Cognitive and Discourse Perspectives
By Bernd Kortmann, Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen.
Mouton de Gruyter, 2000
Cause, Principle, and Unity
By Geordano Bruno, Richard J. Blackwell, Robert De Lucca.
Cambridge University Press, 1998
Causes and Consequences of Feelings
By Leonard Berkowitz.
Cambridge University Press, 2000
Causes and Consequences of World War II
By Robert A. Divine.
Quadrangle Books, 1969
Causes and Deterrents of Transportation Accidents: An Analysis by Mode
By Peter D. Loeb, Wayne K. Talley, Thomas J. Zlatoper.
Quorum Books, 1994
The Causes of Behavior: Readings in Child Development and Educational Psychology
By Judy F. Rosenblith, Wesley Allinsmith.
Allyn Bacon, 1962
Causes of Conduct Disorder and Juvenile Delinquency
By Benjamin B. Lahey, Terrie E. Moffitt, Avshalom Caspi.
Guilford Press, 2003
Causes of Death in the Workplace
By J. Paul Leigh.
Quorum Books, 1995
The Causes of Economic Fluctuations: Possibilities of Anticipation and Control
By Willford I. King.
The Ronald Press Company, 1938
The Causes of High and Low Reading Achievement
By Ronald P. Carver.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2000
The Causes of Industrial Unrest
By John A. Fitch.
Harper & Brothers, 1924
Causes of International War
By G. Lowes Dickinson.
The Swarthmore Press Ltd., 1928
The Causes of the 1929 Stock Market Crash: A Speculative Orgy or a New Era?
By Harold Bierman Jr..
Greenwood Press, 1998
The Causes of the American Revolution
By John C. Wahlke.
D. C. Heath, 1962 (Revised edition)
FREE! Causes of the Civil War, 1859-1861
By French Ensor Chadwick.
Harper & Brothers, 1906
The Causes of the English Civil War
By Conrad Russell.
Clarendon Press, 1990
The Causes of the World War: An Historical Summary
By Camille Bloch, Jane Soames.
George Allen & Unwin, 1935
The Causes of War: Economic, Industrial, Racial, Religious, Scientific, and Political
By World Conference for International Peace Through Religion.
MacMillan, 1932
The Causes of World War Three
By C. Wright Mills.
Simon and Schuster, 1958
Causes Won, Lost, and Forgotten: How Hollywood and Popular Art Shape What We Know about the Civil War
By Gary W. Gallagher.
University of North Carolina Press, 2008
Causing Actions
By Paul M. Pietroski.
Oxford University Press, 2002
Cautious Crusade: Franklin D. Roosevelt, American Public Opinion, and the War against Nazi Germany
By Steven Casey.
Oxford University Press, 2004
A Cautious Patriotism: The American Churches & the Second World War
By Gerald L. Sittser.
University of North Carolina Press, 1997
Cautious Rebel: A Biography of Susan Clay Sawitzky
By Leo J. Bacino.
Kent State University Press, 1997