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The Catholic Counterculture in America, 1933-1962
By James Terence Fisher.
University of North Carolina Press, 1989
Catholic Cults and Devotions: A Psychological Inquiry
By Michael P. Carroll.
McGill-Queens University Press, 1989
The Catholic Ethic and the Spirit of Community
By John E. Tropman.
Georgetown University Press, 2002
Catholic High Schools: Facing the New Realities
By James L. Heft.
Oxford University Press, 2011
The Catholic Imagination
By Andrew Greeley.
University of California Press, 2000
Catholic Loyalism in Elizabethan England
By Arnold Pritchard.
University of North Carolina Press, 1979
A Catholic Modernity? Charles Taylor's Marianist Award Lecture
By Charles Taylor, James L. Heft.
Oxford University Press, 1999
Catholic Moral Theology in the United States: A History
By Charles E. Curran.
Georgetown University Press, 2008
A Catholic New Deal: Religion and Reform in Depression Pittsburgh
By Kenneth J. Heineman.
Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999
Catholic Political Thought, 1789-1848
By Baéla Menczer.
University of Notre Dame Press, 1962
The Catholic Reformation
By Michael A. Mullett.
Routledge, 1999
The Catholic Reformation
By Pierre Janelle, Joseph Husslein.
Bruce Publishing, 1949
Catholic School Leadership: An Invitation to Lead
By Thomas C. Hunt, Thomas E. Oldenski, Theodore J. Wallace.
Falmer Press, 2000
Catholic Schools and the Common Good
By Anthony S. Bryk, Valerie E. Lee, Peter B. Holland.
Harvard University Press, 1993
Catholic Schools in a Declining Church
By Andrew M. Greeley, William C. McCready, Kathleen McCourt.
Sheed & Ward, 1976
Catholic Sensationalism and Victorian Literature
By Maureen Moran.
University of Liverpool Press, 2007
Catholic Social Teaching: An Historical Perspective
By Roger Aubert.
Marquette University Press, 2003
The Catholic Studies Reader
By James T. Fisher, Margaret M. McGuinness.
Fordham University Press, 2011
Catholic Theology in the University: Source of Wholeness
By Virginia M. Shaddy.
Marquette University Press, 1998
Catholic Viewpoint on Education
By Neil G. S. J. McCluskey.
Hanover House, 1959
The Catholic Vote
By John H. Fenton.
Hauser Press, 1960
Catholicism and Interreligious Dialogue
By James L. Heft.
Oxford University Press, 2012
Catholicism and Political Development in Latin America
By Frederick C. Turner.
University of North Carolina Press, 1971
Catholicism and Science
By Peter M. J. Hess, Paul L. Allen.
Greenwood Press, 2008
Catholicism and the American Mind
By Winfred Ernest Garrison.
Chicago : Willett, Clark & Colby, 1928
Catholicism, Nationalism, and Democracy in Argentina
By John J. Kennedy.
University of Notre Dame Press, 1958
Catholicism: The Story of Catholic Christianity
By Gerald O'Collins, Mario Farrugia.
Oxford University Press, 2003
By George Brantl.
George Braziller, 1962
The Catholics and German Unity, 1866-1871
By George G. Windell.
University of Minnesota Press, 1954
Catholics and Politics: The Dynamic Tension between Faith and Power
By Kristin E. Heyer, Mark J. Rozell, Michael A. Genovese.
Georgetown University Press, 2008
Catholics in America
By James T. Fisher.
Oxford University Press, 2000
Catholics in the Movies
By Colleen McDannell.
Oxford University Press, 2008
Catholics in the Promised Land of the Saints
By James Hennesey.
Marquette University Press, 1981
The Catholics of Ulster: A History
By Marianne Elliott.
Basic Books, 2001
Catlin and His Contemporaries: The Politics of Patronage
By Brian W. Dippie.
University of Nebraska Press, 1990
Cato Handbook for Policymakers
By Cato Institute.
Cato Institute, 2008
Cato Supreme Court Review 2001-2002
By Robert A. Levy, Timothy Lynch, James L. Swanson.
Cato Institute, 2002
Cato Supreme Court Review 2002-2003
By Roger Pilon, Robert A. Levy, James L. Swanson, Timothy Lynch.
Cato Institute, 2003
Cato Supreme Court Review 2003-2004
By Mark K. Moller, Cato Institute.
Cato Institute, 2004
Cato Supreme Court Review 2005-2006
By Roger Pilon, Robert A. Levy, Timothy Lynch, Mark K. Moller.
Cato Institute, 2006
Cato Supreme Court Review: 2007-2008
By Robert A. Levy, Ilya Shapiro, Timothy Lynch.
Cato Institute, 2009
Cato Supreme Court Review: 2006-2007
By Roger Pilon, Robert A. Levy, Timothy Lynch, Mark K. Moller.
Cato Institute, 2007
Cato the Censor
By Alan E. Astin.
Clarendon Press, 1978
By Robert Louis Stevenson.
Sphere, 1972
Catullus and His Influence
By Karl Pomeroy Harrington.
Marshall Jones, 1923
Catullus and the Poetics of Roman Manhood
By David Wray.
Cambridge University Press, 2001
Catullus and the Traditions of Ancient Poetry
By Arthur Leslie Wheeler.
University of California Press, 1934
Catullus in English Poetry
By Catallus, Eleanor Shipley Duckett.
Collegiate Press, 1925
Catullus' Poem on Attis: Text and Contexts
By Ruurd R. Nauta, Annette Harder.
Brill, 2005
By Julia Haig Gaisser.
Wiley-Blackwell, 2009
The Caucasus: An Introduction
By Thomas De Waal.
Oxford University Press, 2010
Caught in Irons: North Atlantic Fishermen in the Last Days of Sail
By Michael Wayne Santos.
Susquehanna University Press, 2002
Caught in Play: How Entertainment Works on You
By Peter G. Strom Berg.
Stanford University Press, 2009
Causality and Chance in Modern Physics
By David Bohm.
Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, 1957
Causality and Modern Science
By Mario Bunge.
Dover Publications, 1979 (3rd edition)
Causality in Economics
By John Hicks.
Basic Books, 1979
Causality in Natural Science
By Victor F. Lenzen.
Charles C Thomas, 1954
Causation and Persistence: A Theory of Causation
By Douglas Ehring.
Oxford University Press, 1997
Causation in the Law
By H. L. A. Hart, Tony Honoré.
Clarendon Press, 1959 (2nd edition)
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