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Displacement, Asylum, Migration: The Oxford Amnesty Lectures 2004
By Kate E. Tunstall.
Oxford University Press, 2006
Displacement: Derrida and After
By Mark Krupnick.
Indiana University Press, 1983
Displacing Christian Origins: Philosophy, Secularity, and the New Testament
By Ward Blanton.
University of Chicago Press, 2007
Displacing Human Rights: War and Intervention in Northern Uganda
By Adam Branch.
Oxford University Press, 2011
Disposal Options for Ships
By Ronald W. Hess, Denis Rushworth, Michael V. Hynes, John E. Peters.
Rand, 2001
Dispossessing the Wilderness: Indian Removal and the Making of the National Parks
By Mark David Spence.
Oxford University Press, 2000
Dispossession by Degrees: Indian Land and Identity in Natick, Massachusetts, 1650-1790
By Jean M. O’Brien.
University of Nebraska Press, 2003
The Dispossession of the American Indian, 1887-1934
By Janet A. McDonnell.
Indiana University Press, 1991
Dispossession: Discrimination against African American Farmers in the Age of Civil Rights
By Pete Daniel.
University of North Carolina Press, 2013
Disproportionate Confinement of African-American Juvenile Delinquents
By John K. Mooradian.
LFB Scholarly, 2003
Dispute and Conflict Resolution in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, 1725-1825
By William E. Nelson.
University of North Carolina Press, 1981
Disputed Territories: Land, Culture and Identity in Settler Societies
By David Trigger, Gareth Griffiths.
Hong Kong University Press, 2003
Disputed Territories: The Transnational Dynamics of Ethnic Conflict Settlement
By Stefan Wolff.
Berghahn Books, 2003
Disputers of the Tao: Philosophical Argument in Ancient China
By A. C. Graham.
Open Court, 1989
Disquieting Gifts: Humanitarianism in New Delhi
By Erica Bornstein.
Stanford University Press, 2012
A Disquisition on Government and Selections from the Discourse
By John C. Calhoun, C. Gordon Post.
Bobbs-Merrill, 1978
Disraeli, Gladstone, and the Eastern Question
By R. W. Seton-Watson.
Frank Cass, 1962
Disreputable Pleasures: Less Virtuous Victorians at Play
By Mike Huggins, J. A. Mangan.
Frank Cass, 2004
The Disreputable Profession: The Actor in Society
By Mendel Kohansky.
Greenwood Press, 1984
Disrupting Science: Social Movements, American Scientists, and the Politics of the Military, 1945-1975
By Kelly Moore.
Princeton University Press, 2008
Disruptive Grace: Studies in the Theology of Karl Barth
By George Hunsinger.
W.B. Eerdmans, 2000
The Dissatisfied Worker
By V. E. Fisher, Joseph V. Hanna.
The Macmillan Company, 1931
Dissent, Injustice, and the Meanings of America
By Steven H. Shiffrin.
Princeton University Press, 1999
Dissenters and Mavericks: Writings about India in English, 1765-2000
By Margery Sabin.
Oxford University Press, 2002
The Dissenters - Vol. 1
By Michael R. Watts.
Clarendon, 1985
The Dissenters - Vol. 2
By Michael R. Watts.
Clarendon Press, 1995
Dissenting Histories: Religious Division and the Politics of Memory in Eighteenth-Century England
By John Seed.
Edinburgh University Press, 2008
Dissenting Women in Dickens' Novels: The Subversion of Domestic Ideology
By Brenda Ayres.
Greenwood Press, 1998
A Dissertation on Liberty and Necessity, Pleasure and Pain
By Benjamin Franklin.
Facsimile Text Society, 1930
Dissertation Writing in Practice: Turning Ideas into Text
By Linda Cooley, Jo Lewkowicz.
Hong Kong University Press, 2003
Dissident Women: Gender and Cultural Politics in Chiapas
By Shannon Speed, R. Aída Hernández Castillo, Lynn M. Stephen.
University of Texas Press, 2006
The Dissolution of the Habsburg Monarchy
By Oscar Jászi.
University of Chicago Press, 1929
Dissolution: The Crisis of Communism and the End of East Germany
By Charles S. Maier.
Princeton University Press, 1997
Dissolving Wedlock
By Colin S. Gibson.
Routledge, 1994
The Distaff Side: Representing the Female in Homer's Odyssey
By Beth Cohen.
Oxford University Press, 1995
Distance and Documents at the Spanish Empire's Periphery
By Sylvia Sellers-García.
Stanford University Press, 2014
Distance Education for Teacher Training
By Hilary Perraton.
Routledge, 1993
Distance Education in Nursing
By Jeanne M. Novotny, Robert H. Davis.
Springer, 2006 (2nd edition)
Distance Training: Taking Stock at a Time of Change
By Desmond Keegan.
RoutledgeFalmer, 2000
Distancing: Avoidant Personality Disorder
By Martin Kantor.
Praeger, 2003
Distancing: A Guide to Avoidance and Avoidant Personality Disorder
By Martin Kantor.
Praeger, 1993
Distant Dominion: Britain and the Northwest Coast of North America, 1579-1809
By Barry M. Gough.
University of British Columbia Press, 1980
Distant Horizon: Documents from the Nineteenth-Century American West
By Gary Noy.
University of Nebraska Press, 1999
Distant Lands and Diverse Cultures: The French Experience in Asia, 1600-1700
By Glenn J. Ames, Ronald S. Love.
Praeger, 2003
Distant Magnets: Expectations and Realities in the Immigrant Experience, 1840-1930
By Dirk Hoerder, Horst Rössler.
Holmes & Meier, 1993
Distant Neighbors in the Caribbean: The Dominican Republic and Jamaica in Comparative Perspective
By Richard S. Hillman, Thomas J. D'Agostino, Howard J. Wiarda.
Praeger Publishers, 1992
Distant Suffering: Morality, Media, and Politics
By Luc Boltanski, Graham Burchell.
Cambridge University Press, 1999
Distant Thunder: Patterns of Conflict in the Developing World
By Donald M. Snow.
M. E. Sharpe, 1997 (2nd edition)
Distant Tyranny: Markets, Power, and Backwardness in Spain, 1650-1800
By Regina Grafe.
Princeton University Press, 2012
Distant Voices Still Heard: Contemporary Readings of French Renaissance Literature
By John O'brien, Malcolm Quainton.
Liverpool University Press, 2000
A Distinctive Approach to Psychological Research: The Influence of Stanley Schachter
By Neil E. Grunberg, Richard E. Nisbett, Judith Rodin, Jerome E. Singer.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1987
Distinctiveness and Memory
By R. Reed Hunt, James B. Worthen.
Oxford University Press, 2006
Distinguished African American Political and Governmental Leaders
By James Haskins.
Oryx Press, 1999
Distinguished African American Scientists of the 20th Century
By James H. Kessler, J. S. Kidd, Renée A. Kidd, Katherine A. Morin.
Oryx Press, 1996
Distinguished Asian Americans: A Biographical Dictionary
By Hyung-Chan Kim, Dorothy Cordova, Stephen S. Fugita, Franklin Ng, Jane Singh.
Greenwood Press, 1999
FREE! A Distinguished Provincial at Paris
By Honoré de Balzac.
P.F. Collier, 1900
Distinguished Women Economists
By James Cicarelli, Julianne Cicarelli.
Greenwood Press, 2004
The Distorted Economy
By H. C. Blomqvist.
Palgrave, 2002
The Distorted Image: Changing Conceptions of the American Character since Turner
By Thomas L. Hartshorne.
Press of Case Western Reserve University, 1968
The Distortion Theory of Macroeconomic Forecasting: A Guide for Economists and Investors
By Steven Marquard.
Quorum Books, 1994
Distributed Processing Systems
By Robert J. Thierauf.
Prentice-Hall, 1978
The Distributed Workplace: Sustainable Work Environments
By Andrew Harrison, Paul Wheeler, Carolyn Whitehead.
Routledge, 2003
The Distribution of Authority in Formal Organizations
By Gene W. Dalton, Louis B. Barnes, Abraham Zaleznik.
Harvard University, 1968
The Distribution of Automobiles: An Economic Analysis of the Franchise System
By Bedros Peter Pashigian.
Prentice-Hall, 1961
The Distribution of Power to Regulate Interstate Carriers between the Nation and the States
By George G. Reynolds.
Columbia University Press, 1928
FREE! The Distribution of Vegetation in the United States: As Related to Climatic Conditions
By Burton E. Livingston, Forrest Shreve.
Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1921
Distributional Justice: Theory and Measurement
By Hilde Bojer.
Routledge, 2003
FREE! Distributive Justice: The Right and Wrong of Our Present Distribution of Wealth
By John A. Ryan.
Macmillan, 1916
The District Magistrate in Late Imperial China
By John R. Watt.
Columbia University Press, 1972
A Disturbance in Mirrors: The Poetry of Sylvia Plath
By Pamela J. Annas.
Greenwood Press, 1988
Disturbing Calculations: The Economics of Identity in Postcolonial Southern Literature, 1912-2002
By Melanie R. Benson.
University of Georgia Press, 2008
Disturbing Element
By Xavier Herbert.
A&U House of Books, 2012
Disturbing Indians: The Archaeology of Southern Fiction
By Annette Trefzer.
University of Alabama Press, 2007
Disturbing the Universe
By Freeman Dyson.
Basic Books, 1979
Disunion! The Coming of the American Civil War, 1789-1859
By Elizabeth R. Varon.
University of North Carolina Press, 2008
Disunited States
By John D. Donahue.
BasicBooks, 1997
Ditches across the Desert: Irrigation in the Lower Pecos Valley
By Stephen Bogener.
Texas Tech University Press, 2003
Dithers and Jitters
By Cornelia Otis Skinner.
Dodd, Mead and Company, 1938
Diva: Defiance and Passion in Early Italian Cinema
By Angela Dalle Vacche.
University of Texas Press, 2008
Divas and Scholars: Performing Italian Opera
By Philip Gossett.
University of Chicago Press, 2006
The Diva's Mouth: Body, Voice, Prima Donna Politics
By Susan J. Leonardi, Rebecca A. Pope.
Rutgers University Press, 1996
Dive Deeper: Journeys with Moby-Dick
By George Cotkin.
Oxford University Press, 2012
Divergent Capitalisms: The Social Structuring and Change of Business Systems
By Richard Whitley.
Oxford University, 1999
Divergent Paths: How Culture and Institutions Have Shaped North American Growth
By Marc Egnal.
Oxford University Press, 1996
Divergent Realities: The Emotional Lives of Mothers, Fathers, and Adolescents
By Reed Larson, Maryse H. Richards.
Basic Books, 1994
Divergent Traditions, Converging Faiths: Troeltsch, Comparative Theology, and the Conversation with Hinduism
By Joseph Molleur.
Peter Lang, 2000
Diverse by Design: Literacy Education within Multicultural Institutions
By Christopher Schroeder.
Utah State University Press, 2011
Diverse Histories of American Sociology
By Anthony J. Blasi.
Brill, 2005
Diverse Paths to Modernity in Southeastern Europe: Essays in National Development
By Gerasimos Augustinos.
Greenwood Press, 1991
Diverse Perspectives on Marxist Philosophy: East and West
By Sara F. Luther, John J. Neumaier, Howard L. Parsons.
Greenwood Press, 1995
Diverse Responses to Common Challenges
By Fritz W. Scharpf, Vivien A. Schmidt.
Oxford University Press, 2000
The Diverse Worlds of Unemployed Adults: Consequences for Leisure, Lifestyle, and Well-Being
By Mark E. Havitz, Peter A. Morden, Diane M. Samdahl.
Questia, 2004
Diversifications: Poems
By A. R. Ammons.
Norton, 1975
Diversifying Historically Black Colleges and Universities: A New Higher Education Paradigm
By Serbrenia J. Sims.
Greenwood Press, 1994
Diversionary War: Domestic Unrest and International Conflict
By Amy Oakes.
Stanford Security Studies, 2012
Diversity and Affirmative Action in Public Service
By Walter D. Broadnax.
Westview Press, 2000
Diversity and Citizenship Education: Global Perspectives
By James A. Banks.
Jossey-Bass, 2004
Diversity and Complexity
By Scott E. Page.
Princeton University Press, 2011
Diversity and Difference in Early Childhood Education: Issues for Theory and Practice
By Kerry H. Robinson, Criss Jones Díaz.
Open University Press, 2006
Diversity and Self-Determination in International Law
By Karen Knop.
Cambridge University Press, 2002


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