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Death Dealer: The Memoirs of the SS Kommandant at Auschwitz
By Rudolph Höss, Steven Paskuly, Andrew Pollinger.
Prometheus Books, 1992
Death in Life: Survivors of Hiroshima
By Robert Jay Lifton.
Random House, 1967
Death in Muraelaga: Funerary Ritual in a Spanish Basque Village
By William A. Douglass.
University of Washington Press, 1969
Death in September: The Antietam Campaign
By Perry D. Jamieson.
McWhiney Foundation Press, 1995
Death in the New World: Cross-Cultural Encounters, 1492-1800
By Erik R. Seeman.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2010
Death in the Victorian Family
By Pat Jalland.
Oxford University Press, 1996
Death of a Discipline
By Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak.
Columbia University Press, 2003
The Death of a Disease: A History of the Eradication of Poliomyelitis
By Bernard Seytre, Mary Shaffer.
Rutgers University Press, 2005
Death of a Parent: Transition to a New Adult Identity
By Debra Umberson.
Cambridge University Press, 2003
The Death of American Antisemitism
By Spencer Blakeslee.
Praeger Publishers, 2000
The Death of Crazy Horse: A Tragic Episode in Lakota History
By Richard G. Hardorff.
University of Nebraska Press, 2001
The Death of Meaning
By George V. Zito.
Praeger Publishers, 1993
Death of Somoza
By Claribel Alegría, Darwin Flakoll.
Curbstone Press, 1996
FREE! The Death of the Lion
By Henry James.
M. Secker, 1915
The Death Penalty: An American History
By Stuart Banner.
Harvard University Press, 2003
The Death Penalty: A Debate
By Ernest Van Den Haag, John P. Conrad.
Plenum Press, 1983
The Death Penalty: A World-Wide Perspective
By Roger Hood.
Clarendon Press, 1996 (2nd Rev. edition)
Death So Noble: Memory, Meaning, and the First World War
By Jonathan F. Vance.
University of British Columbia Press, 1997
Death Squad: The Anthropology of State Terror
By Jeffrey A. Sluka.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2000
Death, Gender, and Ethnicity
By David Field, Jenny Hockey, Neil Small.
Routledge, 1997
Death, Memory, and Material Culture
By Elizabeth Hallam, Jenny Hockey.
Berg, 2001
Death, Sacrifice, and Tragedy
By Martin Foss.
University of Nebraska Press, 1966
Death: Philosophical Soundings
By Herbert Fingarette.
Open Court, 1996
Death-Drive: Freudian Hauntings in Literature and Art
By Robert Rowland Smith.
Edinburgh University Press, 2010
Deathright: Culture, Medicine, Politics, and the Right to Die
By James M. Hoefler, Brian E. Kamoie.
Westview Press, 1994
Deaths and Entrances
By Dylan Thomas.
J. M. Dent & Sons, 1946
The Deaths of Seneca
By James Ker.
Oxford University Press, 2009
Deathtraps: The Postmodern Comedy Thriller
By Marvin Carlson.
Indiana University Press, 1993
The Debatabase Book: A Must-Have Guide for Successful Debate
By The Editors Of Idea.
International Debate Education Association, 2007 (3rd edition)
The Debatabase Book: A Must-Have Guide for Successful Debate
By The Editors of Idea.
International Debate Education Association, 2011 (5th edition)
The Debatabase Book: A Must-Have Guide for Successful Debate
By The Editors of Idea.
International Debate Education Association, 2013 (6th edition)
Debate and Critical Analysis: The Harmony of Conflict
By Robert James Branham.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1991
Debate and Dialogue in Correctional Settings: Maps, Models, and Materials
By Johannes Wheeldon, Ricardo B. Chavez, Joe Cooke.
International Debate Education Association, 2013
A Debate on Jewish Emanicipation and Christian Theology in Old Berlin
By David Friedländer, Friedrich Schleiermacher, Wilhelm Abraham Teller, Richard Crouter, Julie Klassen.
Hackett, 2004
The Debate on the French Revolution, 1789-1800
By Alfred Cobban.
Adam and Charles Black, 1960 (2nd edition)
The Debate over Corporate Social Responsibility
By Steve May, George Cheney, Juliet Roper.
Oxford University Press, 2007
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