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Hermes and Athena: Biblical Exegesis and Philosophical Theology
By Eleonore Stump, Thomas P. Flint.
University of Notre Dame Press, 1993
Hermes the Thief: The Evolution of a Myth
By Norman O. Brown.
University of Wisconsin Press, 1947
Hermetic Definition
By H. D..
New Directions, 1972
By H. D..
New Directions, 1981
Hernando de Soto and the Indians of Florida
By Jerald T. Milanich, Charles Hudson.
University Press of Florida, 1993
The Hernando de Soto Expedition: History, Historiography, and "Discovery" in the Southeast
By Patricia Galloway.
University of Nebraska Press, 1997
Hero and Leander, Tragedy in Five Acts
By Franz Grillparzer, Arthur Burkhard.
The Register Press, 1962
The Hero and the Sea: Patterns of Chaos in Ancient Myth
By Donald H. Mills.
Bolchazy-Carducci, 2002
The Hero in Eclipse in Victorian Fiction
By Mario Praz, Angus Davidson.
Geoffrey Cumberlege, 1956
The Hero in French Decadent Literature
By George Ross Ridge.
University of Georgia Press, 1961
The Hero in French Romantic Literature
By George Ross Ridge.
University of Georgia Press, 1959
The Hero in History: A Study in Limitation and Possibility
By Sidney Hook.
John Day, 1943
Hero of Beecher Island: The Life and Military Career of George A. Forsyth
By David Dixon.
University of Nebraska Press, 1994
A Hero of Our Time
By Mikhail Yurevich Lermontov, Philip Longworth.
New American Library, 1962
FREE! Hero Tales from American History
By Henry Lodge Cabot , Theodore Roosevelt.
Century Co., 1918
A Hero to His Fighting Men: Nelson A. Miles, 1839-1925
By Peter R. DeMontravel.
Kent State University Press, 1998
Hero, Captain, and Stranger: Male Friendship, Social Critique, and Literary Form in the Sea Novels of Herman Melville
By Robert K. Martin.
University of North Carolina Press, 1986
Herod: King of the Jews and Friend of the Romans
By Peter Richardson.
Fortress Press, 1999
By T. R. Glover.
University of California Press, 1924
FREE! Herodotus - Vol. 1
By William Beloe, Herodotus.
Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 1830
Heroes & Hero Cults in Latin America
By Samuel Brunk, Ben Fallaw.
University of Texas Press, 2006
FREE! The Heroes and Crises of Early Hebrew History from the Creation to the Death of Moses
By Charles Foster Kent.
Charles Scribner's Sons, 1908
Heroes and Villains: Creating National History in Contemporary Ukraine
By David R. Marples.
Central European University Press, 2007
Heroes and Villains
By Mike Alsford.
Baylor University Press, 2006
Heroes of Empire: The British Imperial Protagonist in America, 1596-1764
By Richard Frohock.
University of Delaware Press, 2004
Heroes or Traitors: The German Replacement Army, the July Plot, and Adolf Hitler
By Walter S. Dunn Jr..
Praeger, 2003
Heroes, Saints & Ordinary Morality
By Andrew Michael Flescher.
Georgetown University Press, 2003
Heroes, Villains, and Fools: The Changing American Character
By Orrin E. Klapp.
Prentice-Hall, 1962
FREE! The Heroes: Greek Fairy Tales
By Charles Kingsley.
Ginn & Company, 1899
FREE! The Heroes
By Charles Kingsley .
J.M. Dent & Company, 1899
The Heroic Age of Science: The Conception, Ideals, and Methods of Science among the Ancient Greeks
By William Arthur Heidel.
Williams & Wilkins Company, 1933
Heroic Diplomacy: Sadat, Kissinger, Carter, Begin and the Quest for Arab-Israeli Peace
By Kenneth W. Stein.
Routledge, 1999
Heroic Efforts: The Emotional Culture of Search and Rescue Volunteers
By Jennifer Lois.
New York University Press, 2003
Heroic Fiction: The Epic Tradition and American Novels of the Twentieth Century
By Leonard Lutwack.
Southern Illinois University Press, 1971
Heroic Sagas and Ballads
By Stephen A. Mitchell.
Cornell University Press, 1991
Heroic with Grace: Legendary Women of Japan
By Chieko Irie Mulhern.
M.E. Sharpe, 1991
Heroin Century
By Tom Carnwath, Ian Smith.
Routledge, 2002
The Heroine in Western Literature: The Archetype and Her Reemergence in Modern Prose
By Meredith A. Powers.
McFarland, 1991
FREE! Heroines of Fiction - Vol. 1
By W. D. Howells.
Harper and Brothers, 1901
FREE! Heroines of Fiction - Vol. 2
By W. D. Howells, H. C. Christy, A. I. Keller.
Harper and Brothers, 1901
Heroines of Sport: The Politics of Difference and Identity
By Jennifer Hargreaves.
Routledge, 2001
Heroism and the Black Intellectual: Ralph Ellison, Politics, and Afro-American Intellectual Life
By Jerry Gafio Watts.
University of North Carolina Press, 1994
Herr Arne's Hoard
By Selma Lagerlöf, Albert Edelfeldt.
Glydendal, 1923
Herr Lubitsch Goes to Hollywood: German and American Film after World War I
By Kristin Thompson.
Amsterdam University Press, 2005
Herschel V. Johnson of Georgia, State Rights Unionist
By Percy Scott Flippin.
Dietz Printing Co., 1931
Herstory: A Woman's View of American History
By June Sochen.
Alfred Publishing, 1974
Herta Müller: Politics and Aesthetics
By Bettina Brandt, Valentina Glajar.
University of Nebraska Press, 2013
Hervé Guibert: Voices of the Self
By Jean-Pierre Boulé, J. Fletcher.
Liverpool University Press, 1999
Heschel, Hasidism and Halakha
By Samuel H. Dresner.
Fordham University Press, 2002
Hesiod's Ascra
By Anthony T. Edwards.
University of California Press, 2004
Hesiod's Cosmos
By Jenny Strauss Clay.
Cambridge University Press, 2003
The Hesitant Hand: Taming Self-Interest in the History of Economic Ideas
By Steven G. Medema.
Princeton University Press, 2009
The Hesitant Pilgrim: American Catholicism after the Council
By Andrew M. Greeley.
Sheed & Ward, 1966
Hesitation: Impulsivity and Reflection
By Leonard W. Doob.
Greenwood Press, 1990
By Ridgely Torrence.
The Macmillan Company, 1925
The Hessian
By Howard Fast.
North Castle Books, 1996
Hester Lynch Piozzi (Mrs. Thrale)
By James L. Clifford.
The Clarendon Press, 1941
(Hetero)sexual Politics
By Mary Maynard, June Purvis.
Taylor & Francis, 1995
Heterogeneities: Race, Gender, Class, Nation, and State
By Robert Ackermann John.
University Of Massachusetts, 1996
Heterographies: Sexual Difference in French Autobiography
By Alex Hughes.
Berg, 1999
The Heuristics Debate
By Mark Kelman.
Oxford University Press, 2011
Hey Whipple Squeeze This! A Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads
By Luke Sullivan.
Wiley, 2012 (4th edition)
Hey, Waitress! The USA from the Other Side of the Tray
By Alison Owings.
University of California Press, 2002
The Heyday of Sir Walter Scott
By Donald Davie.
Routledge & Paul, 1961
Hezbollah: A Short History
By Augustus Richard Norton.
Princeton University Press, 2009
Hezekiah Niles as an Economist
By Richard Gabriel Stone.
Johns Hopkins Press, 1933
The Hickory Limb
By Henry Noble MacCracken.
Scribner, 1950
The Hidalgo Revolt: Prelude to Mexican Independence
By Hugh M. Hamill Jr..
University of Florida Press, 1966
Hidatsa Social and Ceremonial Organization
By Alfred W. Bowers.
University of Nebraska Press, 1992
The Hidden America: Social Problems in Rural America for the Twenty-First Century
By Robert M. Moore III.
Susquehanna University Press, 2001
Hidden Animals: A Field Guide to Batsquatch, Chupacabra, and Other Elusive Creatures
By Michael Newton.
Greenwood, 2009
The Hidden Art of Hollywood: In Defense of the Studio Era Film
By John Fawell.
Praeger, 2008
Hidden Aspects of Women's Work
By Christine Bose, Roslyn Feldberg, Natalie Sokoloff.
Praeger Publishers, 1987
Hidden Carers
By Joyce Cavaye.
Dunedin Academic Press, 2006
The Hidden Cost of Being African American: How Wealth Perpetuates Inequality
By Thomas M. Shapiro.
Oxford University Press, 2004
The Hidden Crisis in American Politics
By Samuel Lubell.
W. W. Norton, 1970
The Hidden Curriculum in Higher Education
By Eric Margolis.
Routledge, 2001
The Hidden Force
By Louis Couperus, Alexander De Mattos Teixeira.
University of Massachusetts Press, 1985
Hidden Futures: Death and Immortality in Ancient Egypt, Anatolia, the Classical, Biblical and Arabic-Islamic World
By J. M. Bremer, Theo P.J. Van Den Hout, Rudolph Peters.
Amsterdam University Press, 1994
The Hidden Genius of Emotion: Lifespan Transformations of Personality
By Carol Magai, Jeannette Haviland-Jones.
Cambridge University Press, 2002
The Hidden God: The Hiding of the Face of God in the Old Testament
By Samuel E. Balentine.
Oxford University, 1983
Hidden Heritage: The Legacy of the Crypto-Jews
By Janet Liebman Jacobs.
University of California Press, 2002
Hidden Heroes: America's Military Caregivers
By Rajeev Ramchand, Terri Tanielian, Michael P. Fisher, Christine Anne Vaughan, Thomas E. Trail, Caroline Epley, Phoenix Voorhies, Michael William Robbins, Eric Robinson, Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar.
Rand, 2014
Hidden Heroism: Black Soldiers in America's Wars
By Robert B. Edgerton.
Westview Press, 2001
The Hidden History of Capoeira: A Collision of Cultures in the Brazilian Battle Dance
By Maya Talmon-Chvaicer.
University of Texas Press, 2008
The Hidden History of the Tibetan Book of the Dead
By Bryan J. Cuevas.
Oxford University Press, 2003
The Hidden History of Women's Ordination: Female Clergy in the Medieval West
By Gary Macy.
Oxford University Press, 2008
The Hidden Hitler
By Lothar Machtan, John Brownjohn, Susanne Ehlert.
Basic Books, 2001
Hidden Horrors: Japanese War Crimes in World War II
By Yuki Tanaka.
Westview Press, 1996 (3rd edition)
Hidden in Plain Sight: The Tragedy of Children's Rights from Ben Franklin to Lionel Tate
By Barbara Bennett Woodhouse.
Princeton University Press, 2008
Hidden Intercourse: Eros and Sexuality in the History of Western Esotericism
By Wouter J. Hanegraaff, Jeffrey J. Kripal.
Fordham University Press, 2011
The Hidden Meaning of Mass Communications: Cinema, Books, and Television in the Age of Computers
By Fereydoun Hoveyda.
Praeger, 2000
The Hidden Meaning of Mass Communications: Cinema, Books, and Television in the Age of Computers
By Fereydoun Hoveyda.
Praeger Publishers, 2000
Hidden Mutualities: Faustian Themes from Gnostic Origins to the Postcolonial
By Michael Mitchell.
Rodopi, 2006
The Hidden Philosophy of Hannah Arendt
By Margaret Betz Hull.
Routledge Curzon, 2002
Hidden Polemics in Biblical Narrative:
By Yairah Amit, Jonathan Chipman.
Brill, 2000
Hidden Power: The Seniority System and Other Customs of Congress
By Maurice B. Tobin, Joan Shaffer.
Greenwood Press, 1986
Hidden Power: The Palace Eunuchs of Imperial China
By Mary M. Anderson.
Prometheus Books, 1990
The Hidden Professoriate: Credentialism, Professionalism, and the Tenure Crisis
By Arthur S. Wilke.
Greenwood Press, 1979
The Hidden Screen: Low-power Television in America
By Michael C. Keith, Robert L. Hilliard.
M. E. Sharpe, 1999


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