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In Defence of Rhetoric
By Brian Vickers.
Clarendon Press, 1998
In Defence of Shelley & Other Essays
By Sir Herbert Edward Read.
William Heinemann Ltd, 1936
In Defense of a Political Court
By Terri Jennings Peretti.
Princeton University Press, 1999
In Defense of Affirmative Action
By Barbara R. Bergmann.
Basic Books, 1996
In Defense of Global Capitalism
By Johan Norberg.
Cato Institute, 2003
In Defense of Globalization
By Jagdish Bhagwati.
Oxford University Press, 2004
In Defense of Ignorance
By Karl Shapiro.
Random House, 1960
In Defense of Japan: From the Market to the Military in Space Policy
By Saadia M. Pekkanen, Paul Kallender-Umezu.
Stanford University Press, 2010
In Defense of Political Trials
By Charles F. Abel, Frank H. Marsh, Bernard K. Johnpoll.
Greenwood Press, 1994
In Defense of Reason
By Yvor Winters.
Ohio University Press, 1987
In Defense of Secular Humanism
By Paul Kurtz.
Prometheus Books, 1983
In Defense of Sentimentality
By Robert C. Solomon.
Oxford University Press, 2004
In Defense of Shame: The Faces of an Emotion
By Julien A. Deonna, Raffaele Rodogno, Fabrice Teroni.
Oxford University Press, 2012
In Defense of the Bush Doctrine
By Robert G. Kaufman.
University Press of Kentucky, 2007
In Defense of the Senate: A Study in Treaty Making
By Royden J. Dangerfield.
University of Oklahoma Press, 1933
FREE! In Defense of Women
By H. L. Mencken.
Alfred A. Knopf, 1922
In Defense of Yesterday
By Morton Keller.
Coward-McCann, 1958
FREE! In Dickens's London
By F. Hopkinson Smith.
Charles Scribers and Sons, 1916
In Excess: Studies of Saturated Phenomena
By Jean-Luc Marion, Robyn Horner, Vincent Berraud.
Fordham University Press, 2002
In Fact
By John Ciardi.
Rutgers University Press, 1962
FREE! In Flanders Fields: And Other Poems
By John McCrae, Andrew Macpbail.
G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1919
In Her Own Right: The Life of Elizabeth Cady Stanton
By Elisabeth Griffith.
Oxford University Press, 1984
In Her Own Words: Oral Histories of Women Physicians
By Regina Markell Morantz, Cynthia Stodola Pomerleau, Carol Hansen Fenichel.
Greenwood Press, 1982
In History's Grip: Philip Roth's Newark Trilogy
By Michael Kimmage.
Stanford University Press, 2012
In Honor of Fadime: Murder and Shame
By Unni Wikan, Anna Paterson.
University of Chicago Press, 2008 (Revised edition)
In Hostile Skies: An American B-24 Pilot in World War II
By James M. Davis, David L. Snead.
University of North Texas Press, 2006
In Love and Anger: A View of the 'Sixties
By Andrew Sinclair.
Sinclair-Stevenson, 1994
In Memory of Jacques Derrida
By Nicholas Royle.
Edinburgh University Press, 2009
In Mine Own Heart
By Alan Marshall.
A&U House of Books, 2012
In Miserable Slavery: Thomas Thistlewood in Jamaica, 1750-86
By Douglas Hall.
University of the West Indies Press, 1999
In Mountain Shadows: A History of Idaho
By Carlos A. Schwantes.
University of Nebraska Press, 1996
In My Mother's House: Civil War in Sri Lanka
By Sharika Thiranagama.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011
In My Power: Letter Writing and Communications in Early America
By Konstantin Dierks.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2009
In My Sights: The Memoir of a P-40 Ace
By James B. Morehead.
Presidio Press, 1997
In Noah's Ark
By Rumer Godden.
Viking Press, 1949
In Other Los Angeleses: Multicentric Performance Art
By Meiling Cheng.
University of California Press, 2002
FREE! In Our Convent Days
By Agnes Repplier.
Houghton Mifflin Company, 1905
In Our Name: The Ethics of Democracy
By Eric Beerbohm.
Princeton University Press, 2012
In Peace and Freedom: My Journey in Selma
By Bernard Lafayette Jr., Kathryn Lee Johnson.
University Press of Kentucky, 2013
In Pennsylvania-German Land, 1928-29
By Jesse Leonard Rosenberger.
The University of Chicago Press, 1929
In Place of Fear
By Aneurin Bevan.
Simon and Schuster, 1952
In Place of Folly
By Norman Cousins.
Harper, 1961
In Praise of Blame
By George Sher.
Oxford University Press, 2005
In Praise of Commercial Culture
By Tyler Cowen.
Harvard University Press, 2000
In Praise of Common Things: Lizette Woodworth Reese Revisited
By Lizette Woodworth Reese, Robert J. Jones.
Greenwood Press, 1992
In Praise of Flattery
By Willis Goth Regier.
University of Nebraska Press, 2007
FREE! In Praise of Folly
By Erasmus, Hans Holbein.
Reeves & Turner, 1876
In Praise of Harmony: The Teachings of Abbé Georg Joseph Vogler
By Floyd K. Grave, Margaret G. Grave.
University of Nebraska Press, 1988
In Praise of Sociology
By Gordon Marshall.
Unwin Hyman, 1990
In Proximity: Emmanuel Levinas and the Eighteenth Century
By Melvyn New, Robert Bernasconi, Richard A. Cohen.
Texas Tech University Press, 2001
In Pursuit of Contemporary East Asian Culture
By Xiaobing Tang, Stephen Snyder.
Westview Press, 1996
In Pursuit of Poetry
By Robert Hillyer.
McGraw-Hill, 1960
In Pursuit of Psychic Change: The Betty Joseph Workshop
By Dana Birksted-Breen, Edith Hargreaves, Arturo Varchevker.
Brunner-Routledge, 2004
In Pursuit of the English
By Doris Lessing.
Simon & Schuster, 1961
In Pursuit of the English
By Doris Lessing.
Popular Library, 1960
In Pursuit of the Quality of Life
By Avner Offer.
Oxford University Press, 1996
In Quest of Empire: The Problem of Colonies
By Walter Consuelo Langsam.
The Foreign Policy Association, 1939
In Quest of Freedom: American Political Thought and Practice
By Alpheus Thomas Mason McCormick, Richard H. Leach.
Prentice Hall, 1959
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