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In Search of a New Order in East Asia
By Chong-Sik Lee.
Institute of East Asian Studies, 1991
In Search of Bernabé
By Graciela Limón.
Arte Publico Press, 1993
In Search of Canadian Liberalism
By Frank H. Underhill.
Macmillan Co. of Canada, 1960
In Search of Coronary-Prone Behavior: Beyond Type A
By Aron W. Siegman, Theodore M. Dembroski.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1989
In Search of Criminology
By Leon Radzinowicz.
Harvard University Press, 1962
In Search of Democracy in Socialism: History and Party Consciousness
By Svetozar Stojanoviac, Gerson S. Sher.
Prometheus Books, 1981
In Search of France
By Stanley Hoffmann, Charles P. Kindleberger, Laurence Wylie, Jesse R. Pitts, Jean-Baptiste Duroselle, François Goguel.
Harvard University Press, 1963
In Search of God: The Meaning and Message of the Everlasting Names
By Tryggve N.D. Mettinger, Frederick H. Cryer.
Fortress Press, 2005
In Search of Human Nature
By Mary E. Clark.
Routledge, 2002
In Search of Identity: The Japanese Overseas Scholar in America and Japan
By John W. Bennett, Herbert Passin, Robert K. McKnight.
University of Minnesota Press, 1958
In Search of Madness: Schizophrenia and Neuroscience
By R. Walter Heinrichs.
Oxford University Press, 2001
In Search of Maya Sea Traders
By Heather McKillop.
Texas A&M University Press, 2005
In Search of New Organizational Paradigms
By Alexander J. Matejko.
Praeger Publishers, 1986
In Search of Policy: The United States and Latin America
By Howard J. Wiarda.
American Enterprise Institute, 1984
In Search of Progressive America
By Michael Kazin, Frans Becker, Menno Hurenkamp.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008
In Search of Southeast Asia: A Modern History
By David P. Chandler, William R. Roff, John R. W. Smail, David Joel Steinberg, Robert H. Taylor, Alexander Woodside, David K. Wyatt.
Allen & Unwin, 1971 (Revised edition)
In Search of Swampland: A Wetland Sourcebook and Field Guide
By Ralph W. Tiner.
Rutgers University Press, 2005 (2nd edition)
In Search of Swift
By Denis Johnston .
Hodges Figgis, 1959
In Search of the Great Dead
By Richard Cecil.
Southern Illinois University Press, 1999
In Search of the Promised Land: A Black Family and the Old South
By John Hope Franklin, Loren Schweninger.
Oxford University Press, 2006
In Search of the Supernatural: The Written Record
By J. I. Crump Jr., Kenneth J. DeWoskin.
Stanford University, 1996
In Search of Understanding: The Case for Constructivist Classrooms
By Jacqueline Grennon Brooks, Martin G. Brooks.
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 1999
In Sickness and in Health: Disease as Metaphor in Art and Popular Wisdom
By Laurinda S. Dixon, Gabriel P. Weisberg.
University of Delaware Press, 2004
In Solitude, for Company: W.H. Auden after 1940, Unpublished Prose and Recent Criticism
By W. H. Auden, Katherine Bucknell, Nicholas Jenkins.
Clarendon Press, 1995
In Stalin's Shadow: The Career of "Sergo" Ordzhonikidze
By Oleg V. Khlevniuk , Donald J. Raleigh , Kathy S. Transchel , David J. Nordlander .
M. E. Sharpe, 1995
In Support of Clio: Essays in Memory of Herbert A. Kellar
By William B. Hesseltine, Donald R. McNeil.
State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1958
In the American Grain
By William Carlos Williams.
New Directions Books, 1956
In the Beginning Was Love: Psychoanalysis and Faith
By Julia Kristeva, Arthur Goldhammer.
Columbia University Press, 1987
In the Beginning Was the Deed: Realism and Moralism in Political Argument
By Bernard Williams, Geoffrey Hawthorn.
Princeton University Press, 2005
FREE! In the Bishop's Carriage
By Miriam Michelson.
Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1904
FREE! In the Courts of Memory, 1858-1875: From Contemporary Letters
By Lillie Moulton Hegermann-Lindencrone.
Harper & Brothers, 1912
"In the Days of Serfdom" and Other Stories
By Leo Tolstoy, Louise Maude, Aylmer Maude.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2002
In the Day's Work
By Daniel Berkeky Updike.
Harvard University Press, 1924
FREE! In the Dozy Hours, and Other Papers
By Agnes Repplier.
Houghton Mifflin Company, 1896 (5th edition)
In the End, the Beginning: The Life of Hope
By Jürgen Moltmann, Margaret Kohl.
Fortress Press, 2004
In the Eyes of God: A Study on the Culture of Suffering
By Fernando Escalante Gonzalbo, Jessica C. Locke.
University of Texas Press, 2006
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