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Identifying the Image of God: Radical Christians and Nonviolent Power in the Antebellum United States
By Dan McKanan.
Oxford University Press, 2002
Identifying the Mind: Selected Papers of U.T. Place
By George Graham, Elizabeth R. Valentine.
Oxford University Press, 2004
Identities, Borders, Orders: Rethinking International Relations Theory
By Mathias Albert, David Jacobson, Yosef Lapid.
University of Minnesota Press, 2001
Identities: Time, Difference, and Boundaries
By Heidrun Friese.
Berghahn Books, 2001
Identity & Reality
By Emile Meyerson, Kate Loewenberg.
G. Allen & Unwin Ltd. ; The Macmillan company, 1930
Identity and Beyond: Rethinking Africanity
By Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Amina Mama, Henning Melber, Francis B. Nyamnjoh.
Nordic Africa Institute, 2001
Identity and Culture
By Chris Weedon.
Open University Press, 2004
Identity and Experience in the New Testament
By Klaus Berger, Charles Muenchow.
Fortress Press, 2003
Identity and Freedom: Mapping Nationalism and Social Criticism in Twentieth-Century Lithuania
By Leonidas Donskis.
Routledge, 2002
Identity and Health
By David Kelleher, Gerard Leavey.
Routledge, 2004
Identity and Identification in India: Defining the Disadvantaged
By Laura Dudley Jenkins.
RoutledgeCurzon, 2002
Identity and Ideology: Sociocultural Theories of Schooling
By Stanley William Rothstein.
Greenwood Press, 1991
Identity and Power in the Ancient Andes: Tiwanaku Cities through Time
By John Wayne Janusek.
Routledge, 2004
Identity and Power: Puerto Rican Politics and the Challenge of Ethnicity
By José E. Cruz.
Temple University Press, 1998
Identity and the Politics of Scholarship in the Study of Religion
By José Ignacio Cabezón, Sheila Greeve Davaney.
Routledge, 2004
Identity Crisis: How Identification Is Overused and Misunderstood
By Jim Harper.
Cato Institute, 2006
Identity Economics: How Our Identities Shape Our Work, Wages, and Well-Being
By George A. Akerlof, Rachel E. Kranton.
Princeton University Press, 2010
Identity Formation, Agency, and Culture: A Social Psychological Synthesis
By James E. Côté, Charles G. Levine.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2002
Identity in Adolescence: The Balance between Self and Other
By Jane Kroger.
Routledge, 2004 (3rd edition)
Identity in Democracy
By Amy Gutmann.
Princeton University Press, 2003
Identity in Formation: The Russian-Speaking Populations in the near Abroad
By David D. Laitin.
Cornell University Press, 1998
Identity Matters: John, the Jews, and Jewishness
By Raimo Hakola.
Brill, 2005
Identity of England
By Robert Colls.
Oxford University Press, 2004
The Identity of the Scottish Nation: An Historic Quest
By William Ferguson.
Edinburgh University Press, 1998
Identity Papers: Literacy and Power in Higher Education
By Bronwyn T. Williams.
Utah State University Press, 2006
Identity Parades: Northern Irish Culture and Dissident Subjects
By Richard Kirkland.
Liverpool University Press, 2002
Identity Poetics: Race, Class, and the Lesbian-Feminist Roots of Queer Theory
By Linda Garber.
Columbia University Press, 2001
Identity Politics of the Captivity Narrative after 1848
By Andrea Tinnemeyer.
University of Nebraska Press, 2006
Identity Politics: Lesbian Feminism and the Limits of Community
By Shane Phelan.
Temple University Press, 1989
Identity Theft in Today's World
By Megan McNally.
Praeger, 2012
Identity Theft: A Reference Handbook
By Sandra K. Hoffman, Tracy G. McGinley.
ABC-Clio, 2010
Identity Theory
By Peter J. Burke, Jan E. Stets.
Oxford University Press, 2009
Identity Transformation and Identity Politics under Structural Adjustment in Nigeria
By Attahiru Jega.
Nordic Institute of African Studies, 2000
The Identity Trap: Saving Our Teens from Themselves
By Joseph Nowinski.
AMACOM, 2007
Identity without Selfhood: Simone de Beauvoir and Bisexuality
By Mariam Fraser.
Cambridge University Press, 1999
Identity, Consciousness, and Value
By Peter Unger.
Oxford University Press, 1990
Identity, Difference: Democratic Negotiations of Political Paradox
By William E. Connolly.
University of Minnesota Press, 2002 (Expanded edition)
Identity, Gender, and Poverty: New Perspectives on Caste and Tribe in Rajasthan
By Maya Unnithan-Kumar.
Berghahn Books, 1997
The Ideological Origins of the British Empire
By David Armitage.
Cambridge University Press, 2000
Ideologically Motivated Murder: The Threat Posed by White Supremacist Groups
By David J. Caspi.
LFB Scholarly, 2013
Ideologies and National Identities: The Case of Twentieth-Century Southeastern Europe
By John R. Lampe, Mark Mazower.
Central European University Press, 2004
Ideologies and Political Theory: A Conceptual Approach
By Michael Freeden.
Clarendon Press, 1996
Ideologies and Utopias: The Impact of the New Deal on American Thought
By Arthur A. Ekirch Jr..
Quadrangle Books, 1971
Ideologies of Identity in Adolescent Fiction: The Dialogic Construction of Subjectivity
By Robyn McCallum.
Garland, 1999
Ideologies, Goals, and Values
By Feliks Gross.
Greenwood Press, 1985
Ideologues and Ideologies in Latin America
By Will Fowler.
Greenwood Press, 1997
Ideology & Popular Protest
By George Rudé.
University of North Carolina Press, 1995
Ideology and Art: Theories of Mass Culture from Walter Benjamin to Umberto Eco
By Robin Ridless.
Peter Lang, 1984
Ideology and Classic American Literature
By Sacvan Bercovitch, Myra Jehlen.
Cambridge University Press, 1987
Ideology and Curriculum
By Michael W. Apple.
Routledge, 1990 (2nd edition)
Ideology and Curriculum
By Michael W. Apple.
RoutledgeFalmer, 2004 (3rd edition)
Ideology and Educational Reform: Themes and Theories in Public Education
By David C. Paris.
Westview Press, 1995
Ideology and International Relations in the Modern World
By Alan Cassels.
Routledge, 1996
Ideology and National Identity in Post-Communist Foreign Policies
By Rick Fawn.
Frank Cass, 2003
Ideology and Political Choice: The Search for Freedom, Justice, and Virtue
By Vernon Van Dyke.
Chatham House Publishers, 1995
Ideology and Practice in Modern Japan
By Roger Goodman, Kirsten Refsing.
Routledge, 1992
Ideology and Practice: The Evolution of Chinese Communism
By James Chieh Hsiung.
Praeger, 1970
Ideology and Soviet Industrialization
By Timothy W. Luke.
Greenwood Press, 1985
Ideology and the Irish Question: Ulster Unionism and Irish Nationalism, 1912-1916
By Paul Bew.
Clarendon Press, 1998
Ideology and the Social Sciences
By Graham C. Kinloch, Raj P. Mohan.
Greenwood Press, 2000
Ideology and Utopia: An Introduction to the Sociology of Knowledge
By Karl Mannheim.
Routlage & Kegan Paul, 1936
Ideology in Cold Blood: A Reading of Lucan's Civil War
By Shadi Bartsch.
Harvard University Press, 1997
Ideology in the Language of Judges: How Judges Practice Law, Politics, and Courtroom Control
By Susan U. Philips.
Oxford US, 1998
Ideology in U.S. Foreign Policy: Case Studies in U.S. China Policy
By Jie Chen.
Praeger Publishers, 1992
The Ideology of Hatred: The Psychic Power of Discourse
By Niza Yanay.
Fordham University Press, 2013
The Ideology of Imagination: Subject and Society in the Discourse of Romanticism
By Forest Pyle.
Stanford University, 1995
The Ideology of Religious Studies
By Timothy Fitzgerald.
Oxford University Press, 2000
The Ideology of the Extreme Right
By Cas Mudde.
Manchester University Press, 2000
Ideology, Faith, and Family Planning in Latin America: Studies in Public and Private Opinion on Fertility Control
By J. Mayone Stycos.
McGraw-Hill, 1971
Ideology, Power, Text: Self-Representation and the Peasant "Other" in Modern Chinese Literature
By Yi-Tsi Mei Feuerwerker.
Stanford University Press, 1998
Ideology, Rhetoric, Aesthetics: For De Man
By Andrzej Warminski.
Edinburgh University Press, 2013
By David Hawkes.
Routledge, 2003 (2nd edition)
By David McLellan.
Open University Press, 1995
Idioms: Processing, Structure, and Interpretation
By Cristina Cacciari, Patrizia Tabossi.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1993
Idioms: Structural and Psychological Perspectives
By Martin Everaert, Erik-Jan Van Der Linden, André Schenk, Rob Schreuder.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1995
The Idiot
By Fyodor Dostoevsky, Alan Myers .
Oxford University Press, 1992
Idiot's Delight
By Robert Emmet Sherwood.
Scribner, 1936
Idle Hands: The Experience of Unemployment, 1790-1990
By John Burnett.
Routledge, 1994
FREE! Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow
By Jerome K. Jerome.
Henry Holt and Company, 1890
The Idler and His Works: And Other Essays
By George Santayana, Daniel Cory.
G. Braziller, 1957
Idol Anxiety
By Josh Ellenbogen, Aaron Tugendhaft.
Stanford University Press, 2011
Idolatry and Representation: The Philosophy of Franz Rosenzweig Reconsidered
By Leora Batnitzky.
Princeton University Press, 2000
Idols behind Altars
By Anita Brenner.
Biblo and Tannen, 1967
FREE! Idylls of the King
By Charles W. French, Alfred Tennyson.
Macmillan, 1917
If Hamilton Were Here Today: American Fundamentals Applied to Modern Problems
By Arthur Hendrick Vandenberg.
G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1923
If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem: American Jews and the State of Israel
By Robert Silverberg.
William Morrow, 1970
If I Had Been ...: Ten Historical Fantasies
By Daniel Snowman.
Robson Books, 1979
If I Were Boss: The Early Business Stories of Sinclair Lewis
By Anthony Di Renzo, Sinclair Lewis.
Southern Illinois University Press, 1997
If It Bleeds, It Leads: An Anatomy of Television News
By Matthew R. Kerbel.
Westview Press, 2000
If It Takes All Summer: Martin Luther King, the KKK, and States' Rights in St. Augustine, 1964
By Dan R. Warren.
University of Alabama Press, 2008
If It Takes All Summer: The Battle of Spotsylvania
By William D. Matter.
University of North Carolina Press, 1988
If Memory Serves: Memoirs of Sacha Guitry
By Lewis Galantière, Sacha Guitry.
Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc., 1935
If Only We Knew: Increasing the Public Value of Social Science Research
By John Willinsky.
Routledge, 2000
If That Ever Happens to Me: Making Life and Death Decisions after Terri Schiavo
By Lois Shepherd.
University of North Carolina Press, 2009
If You Don't Go, Don't Hinder Me: The African American Sacred Song Tradition
By Bernice Johnson Reagon.
University of Nebraska Press, 2001
If You Tame Me: Understanding Our Connection with Animals
By Leslie Irvine.
Temple University Press, 2004
If You Were Born in Russia
By Arthur Goodfriend.
Farrar, Straus and Company, 1950
If You Were Only White: The Life of Leroy "Satchel" Paige
By Donald Spivey.
University of Missouri Press, 2013
FREE! If: A Play in Four Acts
By Lord Dunsany.
G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1922
Ifa Divination: Communication between Gods and Men in West Africa
By William Bascom.
Indiana University Press, 1969


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