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Iran's Persian Gulf Policy: From Khomeini to Khatami
By Christin Marschall.
Routledge Curzon, 2003
Iran's Political, Demographic, and Economic Vulnerabilities
By Keith Crane, Rollie Lal, Jeffrey Martini.
Rand, 2008
Iran's Security Policy in the Post-Revolutionary Era
By Daniel Byman, Shahram Chubin, Anoushiravan Ehteshami, Jerrold Green.
Rand, 2001
Iraq and the International Oil System: Why America Went to War in the Gulf
By Stephen Pelletière.
Praeger, 2001
Iraq and the War of Sanctions: Conventional Threats and Weapons of Mass Destruction
By Anthony H. Cordesman.
Praeger, 1999
Iraq and the War of Sanctions: Conventional Threats and Weapons of Mass Destruction
By Anthony H. Cordesman.
Praeger, 1999
Iraq and Vietnam: Differences, Similarities and Insights
By Jeffrey Record, W. Andrew Terrill.
Strategic Studies Institute, 2004
Iraq between the Two World Wars: The Militarist Origins of Tyranny
By Reeva Spector Simon.
Columbia University Press, 2004 (Updated edition)
Iraq between the Two World Wars: The Creation and Implementation of a Nationalist Ideology
By Reeva S. Simon.
Columbia University Press, 1986
The Iraq Effect: The Middle East after the Iraq War
By Frederic Wehrey, Dalia Dassa Kaye, Jessica Watkins, Jeffrey Martini, Robert A. Guffey.
Rand, 2010
Iraq under Siege: The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War
By Anthony Arnove.
South End Press, 2000
The Iraq War: A Military History
By Williamson Murray, Robert H. Scales Jr..
Belknap Press, 2003
The Iraq War: Strategy, Tactics, and Military Lessons
By Anthony H. Gordesman.
Praeger, 2003
Iraq, 1900 to 1950: A Political, Social, and Economic History
By Stephen Hemsley Longrigg.
Oxford University Press, 1953
Iraq: The Search for National Identity
By Liora Lukitz.
F. Cass, 1995
Iraq: A Political History from Independence to Occupation
By Adeed Dawisha.
Princeton University Press, 2009
Iraq: A Political History from Independence to Occupation
By Adeed Dawisha.
Princeton University Press, 2009
Iraq: Sanctions and Beyond
By Anthony H. Cordesman, Ahmed S. Hashim.
Westview Press, 1997
Iraq: Eastern Flank of the Arab World
By Christine Moss Helms.
Brookings Institution, 1984
Iraq: From Sumer to Saddam
By Geoff Simons.
Macmillan, 1996 (Second edition)
The Iraqi Aggression against Kuwait: Strategic Lessons and Implications for Europe
By Wolfgang F. Danspeckgruber, Charles R. H. Tripp.
Westview Press, 1996
Iraqi Kurdistan: Emergent Democracy
By Gareth R. V. Stansfield.
RoutledgeCurzon, 2003
Iraq's Burdens: Oil, Sanctions, and Underdevelopment
By Abbas Alnasrawi.
Greenwood Press, 2002
Iraq's Dysfunctional Democracy
By David Ghanim.
Praeger, 2011
FREE! Ireland and England: In the Past and at Present
By Edward Raymond Turner.
Century, 1919
Ireland and Scotland: Literature and Culture, State and Nation, 1966-2000
By Ray Ryan.
Oxford University Press, 2002
Ireland and the British Empire
By Kevin Kenny.
Oxford University Press, 2004
Ireland and the Classical World
By Philip Freeman.
University of Texas Press, 2001
Ireland and the Fiction of Improvement
By Helen O'connell.
Oxford University Press, 2006
Ireland and the Land Question 1800-1922
By Michael J. Winstanley.
Methuen, 1984
Ireland Her Own: An Outline History of the Irish Struggle for National Freedom and Independence
By T. A. Jackson, C. Desmond Greaves.
Lawrence & Wishart, 1991
Ireland in Transition, 1867-1921
By D. George Boyce, Alan O'Day.
Routledge, 2004
FREE! Ireland under English Rule: Or, a Plea for the Plaintiff - Vol. 1
By Thomas Addis Emmet.
G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1903
Ireland, the Great War, and the Geography of Remembrance
By Nuala C. Johnson.
Cambridge University Press, 2003
Ireland: Contested Ideas of Nationalism and History
By Hugh F. Kearney.
New York University Press, 2007
Ireland: The Politics of Enmity, 1789-2006
By Paul Bew.
Oxford University Press, 2007
Ireland: Harbinger of the Middle Ages
By Ludwig Bieler.
Oxford University Press, 1963
FREE! Ireland: A Study in Nationalism
By Francis Hackett.
B.W. Huebsch, 1918 (Revised edition)
Ireland: Historical Echoes, Contemporary Politics
By Richard B. Finnegan, Edward T. McCarron.
Westview Press, 2000
Ireland's Independence, 1880-1923
By Oonagh Walsh.
Routledge, 2002
Irenaeus of Lyons
By Eric Osborn.
Cambridge University Press, 2001
Irish American Voluntary Organizations
By Michael F. Funchion.
Greenwood Press, 1983
The Irish Americans: The Rise to Money and Power
By Andrew M. Greeley.
Harper & Row, 1981
The Irish and British Wars: Triumph, Tragedy, and Failure
By James Scott Wheeler.
Routledge, 2002
The Irish at the Front
By Michael MacDonagh.
Hodder and Stoughton, 1916
The Irish Book in English, 1550-1800
By Raymond Gillespie, Andrew Hadfield.
Oxford University Press, 2005
The Irish Brigade and Its Campaigns
By D. P. Conyngham, Lawrence Frederick Kohl.
Fordham University Press, 1994
The Irish Brigade in the Civil War: The 69th New York and Other Irish Regiments of the Army of the Potomac
By Joseph G. Bilby.
Da Capo Press, 1997
The Irish Countryman: An Anthropological Study
By Conrad M. Arensberg, Peter Smith.
P. Smith, 1959
The Irish Dramatic Movement
By Una Ellis-Fermor .
Methuen, 1954 (2nd edition)
FREE! The Irish Element in Medieval Culture
By H. Zimmer, Jane Loring Edmands.
Putnam, 1891
Irish English
By Karen P. Corrigan.
Edinburgh University Press, 2010
The Irish Experience: A Concise History
By Thomas E. Hachey, Joseph M. Hernon Jr., Lawrence J. McCaffrey.
M. E. Sharpe, 1996 (Revised edition)
Irish Fairy and Folk Tales
By W. B. Yeats.
Modern Library
Irish Federalism in the 1870's: A Study in Conservative Nationalism
By Lawrence J. McCaffrey.
American Philosophical Society, 1962
Irish Folk History: Tales from the North
By Henry Glassie.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 1982
FREE! Irish Folk-History Plays
By Lady Gregory.
G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1912
Irish Girl: Stories
By Tim Johnston.
University of North Texas Press, 2009
Irish Illegals: Transients between Two Societies
By Mary P. Corcoran.
Greenwood Press, 1993
Irish Immigrants in the Land of Canaan: Letters and Memoirs from Colonial and Revolutionary America, 1675-1815
By Kerby A. Miller, Arnold Schrier, Bruce D. Boling, David N. Doyle.
Oxford University Press, 2003
The Irish in Philadelphia: Ten Generations of Urban Experience
By Dennis Clark.
Temple University Press, 1973
The Irish in the South, 1815-1877
By David T. Gleeson.
University of North Carolina Press, 2001
The Irish Language in the United States: A Historical, Sociolinguistic, and Applied Linguistic Survey
By Thomas W. Ihde.
Bergin & Garvey, 1994
Irish London: Middle-Class Migration in the Global Eighteenth Century
By Craig Bailey.
Liverpool University Press, 2014
Irish Migrants in Modern Wales
By Paul O'leary.
Liverpool University Press, 2004
Irish National Cinema
By Ruth Barton.
Routledge, 2004
Irish Nationalists and the Making of the Irish Race
By Bruce Nelson.
Princeton University Press, 2012
FREE! Irish Nationality
By Alice Stopford Green.
Henry Holt, 1911
Irish Opinion and the American Revolution, 1760-1783
By Vincent Morley.
Cambridge University Press, 2002
The Irish Parliamentary Party, 1890-1910
By F. S. L. Lyons.
Faber and Faber, 1951
FREE! Irish Plays and Playwrights
By Cornelius Weygandt.
Houghton Mifflin, 1913
Irish Playwrights, 1880-1995: A Research and Production Sourcebook
By Bernice Schrank, William W. Demastes.
Greenwood Press, 1997
Irish Poetry of the 1930's
By Alan Gillis.
Oxford University Press, 2005
Irish Political Offenders, 1848-1922: Theatres of War
By Seán McConville.
Routledge, 2002
The Irish Stories of Sarah Orne Jewett
By Jack Morgan, Louis A. Renza, Sarah Orne Jewett.
Southern Illinois University Press, 1996
The Irish Story: Telling Tales and Making It Up in Ireland
By R. F. Foster.
Oxford University Press, 2003
Irish Voice and Organized Labor in America: A Biographical Study
By L. A. O'Donnell.
Greenwood Press, 1997
Irish, Catholic and Scouse: The History of the Liverpool-Irish, 1800-1939
By John Belchem.
University of Liverpool Press, 2007
Iron Admirals: Naval Leadership in the Twentieth Century
By Ronald Andidora.
Greenwood Press, 2000
Iron Age Communities in Britain: An Account of England, Scotland and Wales from the Seventh Century BC until the Roman Conquest
By Barry Cunliffe.
Routledge, 2004 (4th edition)
The Iron Age in Northern Britain: Celts and Romans, Natives and Invaders
By D. W. Harding.
Routledge, 2004
The Iron Century: Social Change in Europe, 1550-1660
By Henry Kamen.
Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1971
FREE! The Iron Heel
By Jack London.
Regent Press, 1907
The Iron Horse and the Constitution: The Railroads and the Transformation of the Fourteenth Amendment
By Richard C. Cortner.
Greenwood Press, 1993
Iron John: A Book about Men
By Robert Bly.
Addison-Wesley, 1990
FREE! The Iron Man in Industry: An Outline of the Social Significances of Automatic Machinery
By Arthur Pound.
Atlantic Monthly Press, 1922
The Iron Pastoral
By John Frederick Nims.
William Sloane Associates, 1947
FREE! The Iron Puddler: My Life in the Rolling Mills and What Came of It
By James J. Davis.
Grosset & Dunlap, 1922
Iron Triangles and Revolving Doors: Cases in U.S. Foreign Economic Policymaking
By Raymond Vernon, Debora L. Spar, Glenn Tobin.
Praeger Publishers, 1991
Ironclad Captain: Seth Ledyard Phelps & the U.S. Navy, 1841-1864
By Jay Slagle.
Kent State University Press, 1996
Ironclads at War: The Origin and Development of the Armored Warship, 1854-1891
By Jack Greene, Alessandro Massignani.
Combined Publishing, 1998
The Ironic German, a Study of Thomas Mann
By Erich Heller.
Little Brown, 1958
Ironic out of Love: The Novels of Thomas Mann
By Irvin Stock.
McFarland, 1994
The Ironies of Progress: Henry Adams and the American Dream
By William Wasserstrom.
Southern Illinois University Press, 1984
Iron-Making Societies: Early Industrial Development in Sweden and Russia, 1600-1900
By Maria Ågren.
Berghahn Books, 1998
Irony and Misreading in the Annals of Tacitus
By Ellen O'Gorman.
Cambridge University Press, 2000
Irony in the Drama: An Essay on Impersonation, Shock, and Catharsis
By Robert Boies Sharpe.
Greenwood Press, 1975
Irony in the Work of Philosophy
By Claire Colebrook.
University of Nebraska Press, 2002
The Irony of Galatians: Paul's Letter in First-Century Context
By Mark D. Nanos.
Fortress Press, 2002
The Irony of Identity: Self and Imagination in the Drama of Christopher Marlowe
By Ian McAdam.
University of Delaware Press, 1999


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