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Kepler's Philosophy and the New Astronomy
By Rhonda Martens.
Princeton University Press, 2000
Kerouac, the Word and the Way: Prose Artist as Spiritual Quester
By Ben Giamo.
Southern Illinois University Press, 2000
Key Command: Ulysses S. Grant's District of Cairo
By T. K. Kionka.
University of Missouri Press, 2006
Key Competencies in Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy: Clinical Practice beyond the Manual
By Jeffrey L. Binder.
Guilford Press, 2004
Key Concepts for Understanding Curriculum
By Colin J. Marsh.
RoutledgeFalmer, 2004 (3rd edition)
Key Concepts in Adult Education and Training
By Malcolm Tight.
RoutledgeFalmer, 2003
Key Concepts in Eastern Philosophy
By Oliver Leaman.
Routledge, 1999
Key Concepts in Language and Linguistics
By R. L. Trask.
Routledge, 1999
Key Concepts in Literary Theory
By Julian Wolfreys, Ruth Robbins, Kenneth Womack.
Edinburgh University Press, 2006
Key Concepts in Politics
By Andrew Heywood.
Macmillan, 2000
Key Concepts of Lacanian Psychoanalysis
By Dany Nobus.
Other Press, 1998
Key Concepts of Romanian History: Alternative Approaches to Socio-Political Languages
By Victor Neumann, Armin Heinen.
Central European University Press, 2013
Key Debates in Anthropology
By Tim Ingold.
Routledge, 1996
The Key Elements of Classroom Management: Managing Time and Space, Student Behavior, and Instructional Strategies
By Joyce McLeod, Jan Fisher, Ginny Hoover.
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2003
Key Events in African History: A Reference Guide
By Toyin Falola.
Greenwood Press, 2002
Key Ideas for a Contemporary Psychoanalysis: Misrecognition and Recognition of the Unconscious
By André Green, Andrew Weller.
Routledge, 2005
Key Ideas in Linguistics and the Philosophy of Language
By Siobhan Chapman, Christopher Routledge.
Edinburgh University Press, 2009
Key Issues for Mountain Areas
By Martin F. Price, Libor F. Jansky, Andrei A. Iatsenia.
United Nations University Press, 2004
Key Issues in Bioethics: A Guide for Teachers
By Ralph Levinson, Michael J. Reiss.
RoutledgeFalmer, 2003
Key Issues in Critical and Cultural Theory
By Kate McGowan.
Open University Press, 2007
Key Issues in Organizational Communication
By Dennis Tourish, Owen Hargie.
Routledge, 2004
Key Largo: A Play in a Prologue and Two Acts
By Maxwell Anderson.
Anderson House, 1939
Key Monuments of the History of Art: A Visual Survey
By H. W. Janson, Dora Jane Janson.
Prentice-Hall, 1959
Key Papers from the Journal of Child Psychotherapy
By Paul Barrows.
Brunner-Routledge, 2004
Key Philosophers in Conversation: The Cogito Interviews
By Andrew Pyle.
Routledge, 1999
Key Problems of Sociological Theory
By John Rex.
Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1961
Key Questions in Career Counseling: Techniques to Deliver Effective Career Counseling Services
By Janice M. Guerriero, Robert Glenn Allen.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1998
Key Quotations in Sociology
By Kenneth Thompson.
Routledge, 1996
Key Thinkers for the Information Society
By Christopher May.
Routledge, 2002
Key Times for Play: The First Three Years
By Julia Manning-Morton, Maggie Thorp.
Open University Press, 2003
A Key to Husserl's Ideas I
By Paul Ricoeur, Bond Harris, Jacqueline Bouchard Spurlock, Pol Vandevelde.
Marquette University Press, 1996
FREE! A Key to Lord Tennyson's In Memoriam
By Alfred Gatty.
George Bell and Sons, 1891 (4th edition)
The Key to Peace: A Formula for the Perpetuation of Real Americanism
By Clarence Manion.
Heritage Foundation, 1950
A Key to Soviet Politics: The Crisis of the Anti-Party Group
By Roger Pethybridge.
Praeger, 1962
The Key to the Asian Miracle: Making Shared Growth Credible
By Jose Edgardo Campos, Hilton L. Root.
The Brookings Institution, 1996
Key to the Door
By Alan Sillitoe.
Knopf, 1962
The Key to the Future: The Study of Earth History
By John Cater.
Taylor & Francis, 2002
Key Words in Multicultural Interventions: A Dictionary
By Jeffery Scott Mio, Joseph E. Trimble, Patricia Arredondo, Harold E. Cheatham, David Sue.
Greenwood Press, 1999
Key Writers on Art: The Twentieth Century
By Chris Murray.
Routledge, 2003
Key Writers on Art: From Antiquity to the Nineteenth Century
By Chris Murray.
Routledge, 2003
Keyboard Duets: From the 16th to the 20th Century : for One and Two Pianos
By Howard Ferguson.
Oxford University Press, 1995
Keyboard Instruments in Eighteenth-Century Vienna
By Richard Maunder.
Oxford University, 1998
Keyboard Instruments in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
By Emanuel Winternitz.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1961
Keyboard Music before 1700
By Alexander Silbiger.
Routledge, 2004
The Keyboard Sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti and Eighteenth-Century Music Style
By W. Dean Sutcliffe.
Cambridge University Press, 2003
The Keyed Flute
By Johann George Tromlitz, Ardal Powell.
Oxford University, 1996
Keyframes: Popular Cinema and Cultural Studies
By Matthew Tinkcom, Amy Villarejo.
Routledge, 2001
Keynes and Hayek: The Money Economy
By G. R. Steele.
Routledge, 2001
Keynes and the "Classics": A Study in Language, Epistemology, and Mistaken Identities
By Michel Verdon.
Routledge, 1996
Keynes and the Neoclassical Synthesis: Einsteinian versus Newtonian Macroeconomics
By Teodoro Dario Togati.
Routledge, 1998
Keynes' General Theory of Interest: A Reconsideration
By Fiona C. Maclachlan.
Routledge, 1993
Keynes, Post-Keynesianism and Political Economy
By Claudio Sardoni, Peter Kriesler.
Routledge, 1999
Keynes: A Critical Life
By David Felix.
Greenwood Press, 1999
The Keynesian Theory of Economic Development
By Kenneth K. Kurihara.
George Allen & Unwin, 1959
Keynesianism, Social Conflict and Political Economy
By Massimo De Angelis.
Macmillan, 2000
Keynesianism--Retrospect and Prospect: A Critical Restatement of Basic Economic Principles
By W. H. Hutt.
Henry Regnery, 1963
Keynes's General Theory: A Retrospective View
By A. C. Pigou.
MacMillan, 1950
Keynes's Vision: A New Political Economy
By Athol Fitzgibbons.
Clarendon, 1988
The Keys to Happiness: Sex and the Search for Modernity in Fin-de-Siècle Russia
By Laura Engelstein.
Cornell University Press, 1992
The Keys to Prosperity
By Willford I. King.
Committee for Constitutional Government, 1948
Keys to the Marketplace: Problems and Issues in Cultural and Heritage Tourism
By Patricia Atkinson Wells.
Hisarlik, 1996
The Keystone in the Democratic Arch: Pennsylvania Politics, 1800-1816
By Sanford W. Higginbotham.
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, 1952
Keywords for American Cultural Studies
By Bruce Burgett, Glenn Hendler.
New York University Press, 2007
Keywords for Children's Literature
By Philip Nel, Lissa Paul.
New York University Press, 2011
Keywords in Creative Writing
By Wendy Bishop, David Starkey.
Utah State University Press, 2006
FREE! Keziah Coffin
By Joseph C. Lincoln.
A.L. Burt, 1909
KGB: Death and Rebirth
By Martin Ebon.
Praeger Publishers, 1994
The Khat Controversy: Stimulating the Debate on Drugs
By David Anderson, Susan Beckerleg, Degol Hailu, Axel Klein.
Berg, 2007
The Khmer Rouge: Ideology, Militarism, and the Revolution That Consumed a Generation
By Boraden Nhem.
Praeger, 2013
Khrushchev and Khrushchevism
By Martin McCauley.
Indiana University Press, 1987
Khrushchev and Stalin's Ghost: Text, Background, and Meaning of Khrushchev's Secret Report to the Twentieth Congress on the Night of February 24-25, 1956
By Bertram D. Wolfe.
Frederick A. Praeger, 1957
Khrushchev and the Arms Race: Soviet Interests in Arms Control and Disarmament, 1954-1964
By Lincoln P. Bloomfield, Walter C. Clemens Jr., Franklyn Griffiths.
M.I.T. Press, 1966
Khrushchev and the Central Committee Speak on Education
By George S. Counts.
University of Pittsburgh Press, 1959
Khrushchev in New York: A Documentary Record of Nikita S. Khrushchev's Trip to New York, September 19th to October 13th, 1960
By Nikita S. Khrushchev.
Crosscurrents Press, 1960
Khrushchev: The Making of a Dictator
By George Paloczi-Horvath.
Little, Brown, 1960
Khrushchev: The Years in Power - Vol. 11
By Zhores A. Medvedev, Andrew R. Durkin.
Columbia University Press, 1976
Khrushchev: A Political Portrait
By Konrad Kellen.
Frederick A. Praeger, 1961
Khrushchev's Russia
By Edward Crankshaw.
Penguin Books, 1959
Khrushchev's Shoe: And Other Ways to Captivate Audiences from One to One Thousand
By Roy Underhill.
Perseus Publishing, 2000
Khul-Khaal, Five Egyptian Women Tell Their Stories
By Nayra Atiya.
Syracuse University Press, 1982
Kibbutz Makom: Report from an Israeli Kibbutz
By Amia Lieblich.
Pantheon books, 1981
Kibbutz Members Study Kibbutz Children
By Zvi Lavi, A. I. Rabin.
Greenwood Press, 1990
Kibbutz: Venture in Utopia
By Melford E. Spiro.
Harvard University Press, 1956
The Kickapoo Indians, Their History and Culture: An Annotated Bibliography
By Phillip M. White.
Greenwood Press, 1999
The Kid of Coney Island: Fred Thompson and the Rise of American Amusements
By Woody Register.
Oxford University Press, 2003
Kidding Ourselves: Breadwinning, Babies, and Bargaining Power
By Rhona Mahony.
Basic Books, 1995
Kidnap City: Cold War Berlin
By Arthur L. Smith.
Greenwood Press, 2002
The Kidnapped and the Ransomed: The Narrative of Peter and Vina Still after Forty Years of Slavery
By Kate E. R. Pickard.
University of Nebraska Press, 1995
Kidnapped from That Land: The Government Raids on the Short Creek Polygamists
By Martha Sonntag Bradley.
University of Utah Press, 1993
FREE! Kidnapped
By Robert L. Stevenson.
E. P. Dutton, 1908
Kids and Media in America: Patterns of Use at the Millennium
By Donald F. Roberts, Ulla G. Foehr, Victoria J. Rideout, Mollyanne Brodie.
Cambridge University Press, 2003
Kids at Work: The Value of Employer-Sponsored On-Site Child Care Centers
By Rachel Connelly, Deborah S. Degraff, Rachel A. Willis.
W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, 2004
The Kid's Book Club: Lively Reading and Activities for Grades 1-3
By Desiree Webber, Sandy Shropshire.
Libraries Unlimited, 2001
Kids Caught in the Psychiatric Maelstrom: How Pathological Labels and "Therapeutic" Drugs Hurt Children and Families
By Elizabeth E. Root.
Praeger, 2009
Kids in the Syndrome Mix of ADHD, LD, Asperger's, Tourette's, Bipolar, and More! The One Stop Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Other Professionals
By Martin L. Kutscher.
Jessica Kingsley, 2006
Kids Raised by the Government
By Ira M. Schwartz, Gideon Fishman.
Praeger, 1999
Kid's Slips: What Young Children's Slips of the Tongue Reveal about Language Development
By Jeri J. Jaeger.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005
Kids Talk: Strategic Language Use in Later Childhood
By Susan M. Hoyle, Carolyn Temple Adger.
Oxford University Press, 1998
Kids Working It Out: Strategies and Stories for Making Peace in Our Schools
By Tricia S. Jones, Randy Compton.
Jossey-Bass, 2003
Kids, Brains & Learning: What Goes Wrong--Prevention and Treatment
By Ray C. Wunderlich.
Johnny Reads, 1970


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