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Origins of the French Revolution
By William Doyle.
Oxford University Press, 1999 (3rd edition)
Origins of the French Welfare State: The Struggle for Social Reform in France, 1914-1947
By Paul V. Dutton.
Cambridge University Press, 2002
The Origins of the Great Leap Forward: The Case of One Chinese Province
By Jean-Luc Domenach, AM Berrett.
Westview Press, 1995
The Origins of the Iranian-American Alliance, 1941-1953
By Mark Hamilton Lytle.
Holmes & Meier, 1987
Origins of the Israeli Polity: Palestine under the Mandate
By Dan Horowitz, Moshe Lissak.
Chicago University Press, 1978
The Origins of the Jump Shot: Eight Men Who Shook the World of Basketball
By John Christgau.
University of Nebraska Press, 1999
Origins of the Kabbalah
By Gershom Scholem, R. J. Zwi Werblowsky, Allan Arkush.
Princeton University Press, 1987
The Origins of the Labour Party, 1880-1900
By Henry Pelling.
Clarendon Press, 1954
The Origins of the Maori Wars
By Keith Sinclair.
New Zealand University Press, 1957 (2nd edition)
The Origins of the National Recovery Administration: Business, Government, and the Trade Association Issue, 1921-1933
By Robert F. Himmelberg.
Fordham University Press, 1993 (2nd edition)
Origins of the Popular Style: The Antecedents of Twentieth-Century Popular Music
By Peter Van der Merwe.
Clarendon Press, 1992
The Origins of the Russian Civil War
By Geoffrey Swain .
Longman, 1996
The Origins of the Russian Revolution, 1861-1917
By Alan Wood.
Routledge, 2003 (3rd edition)
The Origins of the Second World War Reconsidered: A.J.P. Taylor and the Historians
By Gordon Martel.
Routledge, 1999 (2nd edition)
The Origins of the Southern Middle Class, 1800-1861
By Jonathan Daniel Wells.
University of North Carolina Press, 2004
The Origins of the Tiandihui: The Chinese Triads in Legend and History
By Dian H. Murray, Qin Baoqi.
Stanford University, 1994
FREE! Origins of the Triple Alliance: Three Lectures
By Archibald Cary Coolidge.
C. Scribner's Sons, 1917
The Origins of the Twelfth Amendment: The Electoral College in the Early Republic, 1787-1804
By Tadahisa Kuroda.
Greenwood Press, 1994
The Origins of the University: The Schools of Paris and Their Critics, 1100-1215
By Stephen C. Ferruolo.
Stanford University, 1985
Origins of the Urban School: Public Education in Massachusetts, 1870-1915
By Marvin Lazerson.
Harvard University Press, 1971
The Origins of the War of 1870: New Documents from the German Archives
By Robert Howard Lord.
Harvard University Press, 1924
Origins of the Whig Party
By E. Malcolm Carroll.
Duke University Press, 1925
The Origins of Totalitarian Democracy
By J. L. Talmon.
Frederick A. Praeger, 1960
The Origins of Violence in Mexican Society
By Christina Jacqueline Johns.
Praeger Publishers, 1995
The Origins of Walter Rauschenbusch's Social Ethics
By Donovan E. Smucker.
McGill-Queens University Press, 1994
The Origins of War in South Asia: The Indo-Pakistani Conflicts since 1947
By Šumit Ganguly.
Westview Press, 1994 (2nd edition)
The Origins of War Prevention: The British Peace Movement and International Relations, 1730-1854
By Martin Ceadel.
Oxford University, 1996
The Origins of War: From the Stone Age to Alexander the Great
By Arther Ferrill.
Westview Press, 1997 (Revised edition)
The Origins of Western Warfare: Militarism and Morality in the Ancient World
By Doyne Dawson.
Westview Press, 1996
The Origins of Women's Activism: New York and Boston, 1797-1840
By Anne M. Boylan.
University of North Carolina Press, 2002
The Origins of World War II
By Keith Eubank.
Harlan Davidson, 2004 (3rd edition)
Origins: The Ancient near Eastern Background of Some Modern Western Institutions
By William W. Hallo.
Brill, 2001
Origins: Brain and Self Organization
By Karl Pribram.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1994
Orlan: Millennial Female
By Kate Ince.
Berg, 2000
Orlando Gibbons: A Short Account of His Life and Work
By Edmund H. Fellowes.
The Clarendon Press, 1925
By Charles Brockden Brown, Ernest Marchand.
American Book Company, 1937
The Ornamental Hermit: People and Places of the New West
By Robert Murray Davis.
Texas Tech University Press, 2004
Oroonoko and Other Writings
By Aphra Behn, Paul Salzman.
Oxford University Press, 1994
The Orozco Frescoes at Dartmouth
By J. C. Orosco, Albert Dickerson.
Dartmouth College Publications, 1934
By Alma Reed.
Oxford University Press, 1956
The Orphan Angel
By Elinor Wylie.
A. A. Knopf, 1926
The Orphan Scandal: Christian Missionaries and the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood
By Beth Baron.
Stanford University Press, 2014
The Orphan Stone: The Minnesinger Dream of Reich
By Richard J. Berleth.
Greenwood Press, 1990
The Orphan Trains: Placing out in America
By Marilyn Irvin Holt.
University of Nebraska Press, 1992
The Orphaned Adult: Understanding and Coping with Grief and Change after the Death of Our Parents
By Alexander Levy.
Perseus Publishing, 2000
Orphans of the Cold War: America and the Tibetan Struggle for Survival
By John Kenneth Knaus.
Public Affairs, 2000
Orpheus and Power: The Movimento Negro of Rio de Janeiro and Saao Paulo, Brazil, 1945-1988
By Michael George Hanchard.
Princeton University Press, 1994
Orphic Songs
By Dino Campana, Charles Wright.
Oberlin College Press, 1984
Orson Welles, Shakespeare, and Popular Culture
By Michael Anderegg.
Columbia University Press, 1999
Ortega y Gasset, an Outline of His Philosophy
By José Ferrater Mora.
Yale University Press, 1963 (Revised edition)
Ortega's "The Revolt of the Masses" and the Triumph of the New Man
By Pedro Blas Gonzalez.
Algora, 2007
Orthodox and Catholic Sister Churches: East Is West and West Is East
By Michael A. Fahey.
Marquette University Press, 1996
Orthodox Christianity and Nationalism in Nineteenth-Century Southeastern Europe
By Lucian N. Leustean.
Fordham University Press, 2014
Orthodox Christians in America
By Jon Butler, Harry S. Stout, John H. Erickson.
Oxford University Press, 1999
The Orthodox Church and Civil Society in Russia
By Wallace L. Daniel.
Texas A&M University Press, 2006
The Orthodox Church in the Byzantine Empire
By J. M. Hussey.
Clarendon Press, 1990
The Orthodox Church: An Introduction to Its History, Doctrine, and Spiritual Culture
By John Anthony McGuckin.
Wiley-Blackwell, 2011
The Orthodox Church
By Thomas E. Fitzgerald.
Praeger Publisher, 1998
The Orthodox Church
By Sergius Bulgakov, Elizabeth S. Cram, Donald A. Lowrie.
Centenary Press, 1935
Orthodox Constructions of the West
By George E. Demacopouios, Aristotie Papanicolaou.
Fordham University Press, 2013
Orthodox Judaism in America: A Biographical Dictionary and Sourcebook
By Moshe D. Sherman.
Greenwood, 1996
The Orwell Mystique: A Study in Male Ideology
By Daphne Patai.
University of Massachusetts Press, 1984
The Oryx Resource Guide to El Niño and La Niña
By Joseph S. D'Aleo, Pamela G. Grube.
Oryx Press, 2002
Osaka, the Merchant's Capital of Early Modern Japan
By James L. McClain, Wakita Osamu.
Cornell University Press, 1999
Osama Bin Laden: A Biography
By Thomas R. Mockaitis.
Greenwood, 2010
Osama Bin Laden
By Michael Scheuer.
Oxford University Press, 2011
Osborne Russell's Journal of a Trapper
By Aubrey L. Haines, Osborne Russell.
University of Nebraska Press, 1965
Oscar "Zeta" Acosta: The Uncollected Works
By Ilan Stavans, Oscar Zeta Acosta.
Arte Publico Press, 1996
Oscar Niemeyer
By Stamo Papadaki.
G. Braziller, 1960
Oscar Wilde and the Poetics of Ambiguity
By Michael Patrick Gillespie.
University Press of Florida, 1996
Oscar Wilde: The Critical Heritage
By Karl Beckson.
Routledge, 1974
Oscar Wilde: The Critic as Humanist
By Bruce Bashford.
Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1999
Oscar Wilde: in Memoriam (Reminiscences): De Profundis
By André Gide, Bernard Frechtman.
Philosophical Library, 1949
Oscar Wilde: The Major Works
By Isobel Murray, Oscar Wilde.
Oxford University Press, 2000
Oscillations in Neural Systems
By Daniel S. Levine.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2000
Osip Mandelstam and the Modernist Creation of Tradition
By Clare Cavanagh.
Princeton University Press, 1995
OSS against the Reich: The World War II Diaries of Colonel David K.E. Bruce
By Nelson Douglas Lankford, David K. E. Bruce.
Kent State University Press, 1991
Osthandel and Ostpolitik: German Foreign Trade Policies in Eastern Europe from Bismarck to Adenauer
By Robert Mark Spaulding.
Berghahn Books, 1997
Ostia: Aspects of Roman City Life
By Gustav Hermansen.
University of Alberta Press, 1981
By Louis-René Des Forêts, Mary Ann Caws.
University of Nebraska Press, 2002
Ostkrieg: Hitler's War of Extermination in the East
By Stephen G. Fritz.
University Press of Kentucky, 2011
The Ostrich Factor: Our Population Myopia
By Garrett Hardin.
Oxford University Press, 1999
Oswego: Fountainhead of Teacher Education; a Century in the Sheldon Tradition
By Dorothy Rogers.
Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1961
Othello in French
By Margaret Gilman.
E. Champion, 1925
Othello: A Guide to the Play
By Joan Lord Hall.
Greenwood Press, 1999
The Other Alliance: Student Protest in West Germany and the United States in the Global Sixties
By Martin Klimke.
Princeton University Press, 2011
The Other American: The Life of Michael Harrington
By Maurice Isserman.
PublicAffairs, 2000
The Other Americans: Sexual Variance in the National Past
By Charles O. Jackson.
Praeger Publishers, 1996
The Other Anzacs: The Extraordinary Story of Our World War I Nurses
By Peter Rees.
Allen & Unwin, 2009
The Other Argentina: The Interior and National Development
By Larry I. Sawers.
Westview Press, 1996
The Other Book: Bewilderments of Fiction
By Jordan Stump.
University of Nebraska Press, 2011
Other Children, Other Languages: Issues in the Theory of Language Acquisition
By Yonata Levy.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1994
Other Cultures: Aims, Methods and Achievements in Social Anthropology
By John Beattie.
Routledge, 1999
FREE! Other Days: Being Chronicles and Memories of the Stage
By William Winter.
Moffat, Yard and Company, 1908
The Other Desert War: British Special Forces in North Africa, 1940-1943
By John W. Gordon.
Greenwood Press, 1987
Other Dreams of Freedom: Religion, Sex, and Human Trafficking
By Yvonne C. Zimmerman.
Oxford University Press, 2013
The Other Elites: Women, Politics, and Power in the Executive Branch
By MaryAnne Borrelli, Janet M. Martin.
Lynne Rienner, 1997
The Other Empire: British Romantic Writings about the Ottoman Empire
By Filiz Turhan.
Routledge, 2003
The Other Empire: Metropolis, India, and Progress in the Colonial Imagination
By John Marriott.
Manchester University Press, 2003
The Other Europe: Eastern Europe to 1945
By E. Garrison Walters.
Syracuse University Press, 1988


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