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FREE! The Pentecost of Calamity
By Owen Wister.
Macmillan Company, 1915
Pentecost - Vol. 1
By Morris Niedenthal, Andre Lacocque.
Fortress Press, 1975
Pentonville: A Sociological Study of an English Prison
By Pauline Morris, Barbara Barer, Terance Morris.
Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1963
People and Buildings
By Robert Gutmam.
Basic Books, 1972
People and Politics Observed by a Massachusetts Editor
By Solomon Bulkley Griffin.
Little, Brown, and Co., 1923
People and Process in Social Security
By Karl De Schweinitz, American Council on Education Committee on Education and Social Security.
American Council on Education, 1948
A People Apart: The Jews in Europe, 1789-1939
By David Vital.
Oxford University Press, 1999
A People at War: Civilians and Soldiers in America's Civil War, 1854-1877
By Scott Reynolds Nelson, Carol Sheriff.
Oxford University Press, 2007
People in Nature: Wildlife Conservation in South and Central America
By Kirsten M. Silvius, Richard E. Bodmer, José M. V. Fragoso.
Columbia University Press, 2004
The People of Aritama: The Cultural Personality of a Colombian Mestizo Village
By Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff, Alicia Reichel-Dolmatoff.
University of Chicago Press, 1961
People of Coal Town
By Herman R. Lantz.
Columbia University Press, 1958
The People of India
By Kumar Goshal.
Sheridan House, 1944
The People of Panama
By Mavis Biesanz, John Biesanz.
Columbia University Press, 1955
People of Paradox: A History of Mormon Culture
By Terryl L. Givens.
Oxford University Press, 2007
The People of Ship Street
By Madeline Kerr.
Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1958
The People of South Africa
By Sarah Gertrude Millin.
Knopf, 1954
People of the City: Jews and the Urban Challenge
By Ezra Mendelsohn.
Oxford University Press, 1999
People of the City
By Cyprian Ekwensi.
Heinemann Educational Books, 1963 (Revised edition)
The People of the Sierra
By J. A. Pitt-Rivers.
Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1954
The People of the Sierra
By J. A. Pitt-Rivers.
University of Chicago Press, 1961
People on the Move: Forced Population Movements in Europe in the Second World War and Its Aftermath
By Pertti Ahonen, Gustavo Corni, Jerzy Kochanowski, Rainer Schulze, Tamás Stark, Barbara Stelzl-Marx.
Berg, 2008
People Policy: Australia's Population Choices
By Doug Cocks.
University of New South Wales Press, 1996
People Studying People: The Human Element in Fieldwork
By Robert A. Georges, Michael O. Jones.
University of California Press, 1980
People Styles at Work -- And Beyond: Making Bad Relationships Good and Good Relationships Better
By Robert Bolton, Dorothy Grover Bolton.
American Management Association, 2009 (2nd edition)
People under Hitler
By Wallace R. Deuel.
Harcourt Brace, 1942
People under Three: Young People in Day Care
By Elinor Goldschmied, Sonia Jackson.
Routledge, 2003 (2nd edition)
The People Want: A Radical Exploration of the Arab Uprising
By Gilbert Achcar, G. M. Goshgarian.
University of California Press, 2013
People Who Run Europe
By Edward C. Page.
Oxford University, 1997
People, Church, and State in Modern Russia
By Paul B. Anderson.
The Macmillan Company, 1944
People, Places, Things: Essays by Elizabeth Bowen
By Elizabeth Bowen, Allan Hepburn.
Edinburgh University Press, 2008
People, Plants, and Landscapes: Studies in Paleoethnobotany
By Kristen J. Gremillion.
University of Alabama Press, 1997
The People, Press, and Politics of Croatia
By Stjepan Malović, Gary W. Selnow.
Praeger, 2001
A Peopled Landscape: Poems
By Charles Tomlinson.
Oxford University Press, 1963
The Peoples and Policies of South Africa
By Leo Marquard.
Oxford University Press, 1952
FREE! Peoples and Problems of India
By Sir T. W. Holderness.
H. Holt and Company, 1912
The People's Artist: Prokofiev's Soviet Years
By Simon Morrison.
Oxford University Press, 2009
A People's History of England
By A. L. Morton.
Lawrence & Wishart, 1989
A People's History of the European Court of Human Rights
By Michael D. Goldhaber.
Rutgers University Press, 2007
The People's Liberation Army in the Information Age
By James C. Mulvenon, Richard H. Yang.
Rand, 1999
Peoples of the Gran Chaco
By Elmer S. Miller, Laurie Weinstein.
Bergin & Garvey, 1999
The People's Republic of China after Thirty Years: An Overview
By Joyce K. Kallgren.
Institute of East Asian Studies, 1979
The People's Right to Know: Media, Democracy, and the Information Highway
By Frederick Williams, John V. Pavlik.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1994
The Peopling of Britain: The Shaping of a Human Landscape
By Paul Slack, Ryk Ward.
Oxford University Press, 2002
Peopling the Argentine Pampa
By Mark Jefferson, W. L. G. Joerg.
American Geographical Society, 1926
The Pequot War
By Alfred A. Cave.
University of Massachusetts Press, 1996
Peranakan Indians of Singapore and Melaka: Indian Babas and Nonyas--Chitty Melaka
By Samuel S. Dhoraisingam.
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2006
Perceiving Events and Objects
By Gunnar Johansson, Gunnar Jansson, Sten Sture Bergström, William Epstein.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1994
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