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Personal Construct Methodology
By Peter Caputi, Linda L. Viney, Beverly M. Walker, Nadia Crittenden.
Wiley, 2012
The Personal Correspondence of Sam Houston - Vol. 2
By Sam Houston, Madge Thornall Roberts.
University of North Texas Press, 1996
The Personal Correspondence of Sam Houston - Vol. 3
By Sam Houston, Madge Thornall Roberts.
University of North Texas Press, 1996
The Personal Correspondence of Sam Houston - Vol. 1
By Sam Houston, Madge Thornall Roberts.
University of North Texas Press, 1996
The Personal Correspondence of Sam Houston - Vol. 4
By Madge Thornall Roberts.
University North Texas Press, 1996
Personal Development in the Information and Library Profession
By Sylvia P. Webb, Diana Greemwood-Jones.
Europa, 2003 (3rd edition)
Personal Effects: The Social Character of Scholarly Writing
By Deborah H. Holdstein, David Bleich.
Utah State University Press, 2001
Personal Epistemology: The Psychology of Beliefs about Knowledge and Knowing
By Barbara K. Hofer, Paul R. Pintrich.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2002
The Personal Finances of Abraham Lincoln
By Harry E. Pratt.
Abraham Lincoln Association, 1943
FREE! Personal History of Lord Bacon: From Unpublished Papers
By William Hepworth Dixon.
Ticknor and Fields, 1861
Personal Identity
By Harold W. Noonan.
Routledge, 2003
Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant
By Ulysses S. Grant.
University of Nebraska Press, 1996
FREE! Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant - Vol. 2
By Ulysses S. Grant.
Charles L. Webster, 1886
FREE! Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant - Vol. 1
By Ulysses S. Grant.
Charles L. Webster, 1885
Personal Memoirs
By Ulysses S. Grant, E. B. Long.
World Pub. Co., 1952
FREE! Personal Recollections of Thomas De Quincey
By John Ritchie Findlay.
Adam and Charles Black, 1886
Personal Relationships: Their Structures and Processes
By Harold H. Kelley.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1979
Personal Religion and the Life of Devotion
By W. R. Inge.
Longmans, Green and Co., 1924
Personal Reminiscences of Auguste Rodin
By Anthony M. Ludovici.
J.B. Lippincott Company, 1926
Personal Sociology
By Paul C. Higgins, John M. Johnson.
Praeger, 1988
Personal Voices: Chinese Women in the 1980's
By Emily Honig, Gail Hershatter.
Stanford University Press, 1988
FREE! Personalism
By Borden Parker Bowne.
Houghton Mifflin, 1908
Personalities and Reminiscences of the War
By Robert Lee Bullard.
Doubleday, Page & Company, 1925
Personalities in Social Reform
By G. Bromley Oxnam.
Abingdon-Cokesbury Press, 1950
Personality Adjustments of School Children
By Caroline B. Zachry.
C. Scribner's Sons, 1929
Personality and Adjustment
By Richard S. Lazarus.
Prentice Hall, 1963
Personality and Assessment
By Walter Mischel.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1996
Personality and Family Development: An Intergenerational Longitudinal Comparison
By Klaus A. Schneewind, Stefan Ruppert, Jonathan Harrow.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1998
Personality and Intellectual Competence
By Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Adrian Furnham.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005
Personality and Organizations
By Benjamin Schneider, D. Brent Smith.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004
Personality and Person Perception across Cultures
By Yueh-Ting Lee , Clark R. McCauley, Juris G. Draguns .
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1999
Personality and Social Behaviour
By Adrian Furnham, Patrick Heaven.
Arnold, 1999
Personality and the Cultural Pattern
By James S. Plant.
The Commonwealth Fund ; H. Milford, Oxford University Press, 1937
Personality and the Family
By Ella B. Hart, Hornell Hart.
D.C. Heath, 1935
Personality at the Crossroads: Current Issues in Interactional Psychology
By David S. Magnusson, Norman S. Endler.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1977
Personality Development in Adolescence: A Cross National and Life Span Perspective
By Eva Elisabeth Aspaas Skoe, Anna Louise Von Der Lippe.
Routledge, 1998
Personality Development in Children
By Ira Iscoe, Harold W. Stevenson.
University of Texas Press, 1960
Personality Development: A Psychoanalytic Perspective
By Debbie Hindle, Marta Vaciago Smith.
Routledge, 1999
Personality Development
By Valerie Simanowitz, Peter Pearce.
Open University Press, 2003
Personality Disorders in Children and Adolescents
By Paulina F. Kernberg, Alan S. Weiner, Karen K. Bardenstein.
Basic Books, 2000
Personality Disorders in Older Adults: Emerging Issues in Diagnosis and Treatment
By Erlene Rosowsky, Robert C. Abrams, Richard A. Zweig.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1999
Personality Dynamics and Development
By Irving Sarnoff.
John Wiley & Sons, 1962
Personality Factors on the College Campus: Review of a Symposium
By T. R. McConnell, C. Robert Pace, Ernest R. Hilgard, Theodore M. Newcomb, Dana L. Farnsworth, Fillmore Sanford, Robert F. Peck, Martin Trow, Robert L. Sutherland, Wayne H. Holtzman, Earl A. Koile, Bert Kruger Smith.
University of Texas, 1962
FREE! Personality in German Literature before Luther
By Kuno Francke.
Harvard University Press, 1916
Personality in Nature, Society, and Culture
By Clyde Kluckhohn, Henry A. Murray.
Alfred A. Knopf, 1953 (2nd Rev. edition)
Personality in Politics: Reformers, Bosses
By William Bennett Munro.
The Macmillan Company, 1924
Personality in the Social Process
By Joel Aronoff, John P. Wilson.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1985
Personality Measurement
By Leonard W. Ferguson.
McGraw-Hill, 1952
FREE! The Personality of Napoleon
By J. Holland Rose.
G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1912
Personality Research, Methods, and Theory: A Festschrift Honoring Donald W. Fiske
By Patrick E. Shrout, Susan T. Fiske.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1995
Personality Traits
By Gerald Matthews, Ian J. Deary, Martha C. Whiteman.
Cambridge University Press, 2003 (2nd edition)
Personality Types: A Modern Synthesis
By Alan Miller.
University of Calgary Press, 1991
Personality, Cognition, and Social Interaction
By Nancy Cantor, John F. Kihlstrom.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1981
Personality, Styles and Brief Psychotherapy
By Mardi Horowitz, Charles Marmar, Janice Krupnick, Nancy Wilner, Nancy Kaltreider., Robert Wallerstein.
Basic Books, 1984
Personality: What Makes You the Way You Are
By Daniel Nettle.
Oxford University Press, 2007
Personality: Development and Assessment
By Charles M. Harsh, H. G. Schrickel.
Ronald Press, 1959 (2nd edition)
Personality: A Behavioral Science
By E. Earl Baughman, George Schlager Welsh.
Prentice-Hall, 1962
By R. G. Gordon.
Routledge, 1999
By David C. McClelland.
William Sloane, 1951
FREE! Personality
By Rabindranath Tagore.
Macmillan, 1917
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