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FREE! The Poems of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
By Ernest Hartley Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
Henry Frowde, 1912
FREE! Poems of Sidney Lanier
By Mary D. Lanier, Sidney Lanier.
Charles Scribner's Sons, 1915
The Poems of Sir John Davies
By Clare Howard, John Davies.
Columbia University Press, 1941
The Poems of Sir Walter Ralegh: A Historical Edition
By Michael Rudick, Walter Ralegh.
Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 1999
Poems of the Elder Edda
By Patricia Terry.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 1990
Poems of the Elder Edda
By Patricia Terry.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 1990 (Revised edition)
FREE! Poems of the Great War
By J. W. Cunliffe.
Macmillan, 1919
The Poems of Theocritus
By Anna Rist, Theocritus.
University of North Carolina Press, 1978
FREE! Poems of William Blake
By William Butler Yeats, William Blake.
Boni and Liveright, 1920
The Poems of William Habington
By Kenneth Allott, William Habington.
University Press of Liverpool, 1948
Poems on Several Occasions
By Mather Byles.
Pub. for the Facsimile Text Society., 1940
Poems under Saturn/Poèmes Saturniens
By Paul Verlaine, Karl Kirchwey.
Princeton University Press, 2011
FREE! Poems, 1908-1919
By John Drinkwater.
Houghton Mifflin Company, 1919
Poems, 1925-1940
By Louis MacNeice.
Random House, 1940
Poems, 1930-1940
By Horace Gregory.
Harcourt Brace and Company, 1941
Poems, 1930-1960
By Josephine Miles.
Indiana University Press, 1960
Poems, 1947-1961
By Elizabeth Sewell.
University of North Carolina Press, 1962
Poems, 1960-1967
By Denise Levertov.
New Directions, 1983
Poems, New and Selected
By James Laughlin.
New Directions, 1998
FREE! Poems: Patriotic, Religious, Miscellaneous
By Abram J. Ryan.
Baltimore Publishing, 1886 (11th edition)
Poems: 1920-1945
By David Morton.
A.A. Knopf, 1945
Poems: 1911-1936
By John Hall Wheelock.
C. Scribner's Sons, 1936
Poems: Collected and New
By Rolfe Humphries.
Scribner, 1954
Poems: 1943-1947
By C. Day Lewis.
Oxford Univ. Press, 1948
FREE! Poems
By Emily Dickinson, T. W. Higginson, Mabel Loomis Todd.
Little, Brown, 1910
By Padraic Colum.
Macmillan, 1932
FREE! Poems
By Alan Seeger.
Scribner, 1919
FREE! Poems
By Ralph Hodgson.
Macmillan, 1917
The Poems
By Guy Lee, Propertius.
Clarendon Press, 1994
FREE! Poems
By Alan Seeger.
C. Scribner's Sons, 1916
By Gene Derwood.
Clarke & Way, 1955
By Robert Conquest.
Macmillan & Co Ltd, 1955
FREE! Poems
By Alan Seeger.
C. Scribner's Sons, 1916
By Louis MacNeice.
Random House, 1937
FREE! Poems
By Mary Newmarch Prescott.
R. G. Badger, 1912
FREE! Poems
By William Ernest Henley.
Charles Scribner's Sons, 1913 (5th edition)
By Algernon Charles Swinburne, Kirk H. Beetz.
David McKay
By Richmond Lattimore.
University of Michigan Press, 1957
The Poet and the Machine
By Paul Ginestier, Martin B. Friedman.
University of North Carolina Press, 1961
The Poet as Citizen, and Other Papers
By Sir Quiller-Couch Arthur .
Macmillan, 1935
The Poet Chaucer
By Nevill Coghill.
Oxford University Press, 1949
The Poet in the Poem: The Personae of Eliot, Yeats, and Pound
By George T. Wright.
University of California Press, 1960
The Poet of the Iliad
By H. T. Wade-Gery.
Cambridge University Press, 1952
The Poet without a Name: Gray's Elegy and the Problem of History
By Henry Weinfield.
Southern Illinois University Press, 1991
The Poet Wordsworth
By Helen Darbishire.
Clarendon Press, 1950
The Poetess Counts to 100 and Bows Out: Selected Poems
By Ana Enriqueta Terán, Marcel Smith.
Princeton University Press, 2003
The Poethical Wager
By Joan Retallack.
University of California Press, 2003
The Poetic Image
By C. Day Lewis.
Oxford University Press, 1947
Poetic Interplay: Catullus and Horace
By Michael C. J. Putnam.
Princeton University Press, 2006
FREE! The Poetic Mind
By Frederick Clarke Prescott.
The Macmillan Company, 1922
FREE! Poetic Origins and the Ballad
By Louise Pound.
The Macmillan Company, 1921
Poetic Unreason: And Other Studies
By Robert Graves.
Biblo and Tannen, 1968
Poetic Values: Their Reality and Our Need of Them
By John G. Neihardt.
The Macmillan Company, 1925
The Poetic World of William Carlos Williams
By Alan Ostrom.
Southern Illinois University Press, 1966
The Poetical Works of Christopher Smart - Vol. 6
By Karina Williamson , Christopher Smart, Phaedrus.
Clarendon Press, 1996
The Poetical Works of Edward Taylor
By Thomas H. Johnson, Edward Taylor.
Rockland, 1939
The Poetical Works of Joaquin Miller
By Stuart P. Sherman, Joaquin Miller.
G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1923
The Poetical Works of John Milton - Vol. 1
By Helen Darbishire, John Milton.
Clarendon Press, 2000
The Poetical Works of Robert Browning - Vol. 5
By Ian Jack, Robert Inglesfield, Robert Browning.
Clarendon Press, 1995
The Poetical Works of Robert Browning - Vol. 7
By Stefan Hawlin, T. A. J. Burnett, Robert Browning.
Oxford University Press, 1998
The Poetical Works of Rupert Brooke
By Geoffrey Keynes, Rupert Brooke.
Faber and Faber, 1946 (2nd edition)
The Poetical Works of Walter Savage Landor - Vol. 1
By Stephen Wheeler, Walter Savage Landor.
Clarendon Press, 1937
FREE! Poetical Works of William Cullen Bryant
By William Cullen Bryant.
D. Appleton, 1878
FREE! The Poetical Works of William Henry Drummond
By William Henry Drummond.
G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1912
The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth - Vol. 1
By E. De Selincourt, William Wordsworth.
Clarendon Press, 1940
Poetical Works
By L. C. Martin, Robert Herrick.
Clarendon Press, 1956
The Poetics of Aristotle in England
By Marvin Theodore Herrick.
Yale University Press, 1930
The Poetics of Golf
By Andy Brumer.
University of Nebraska Press, 2007
Poetics of Imagining: Modern to Post-Modern
By Richard Kearney.
Fordham University Press, 1998
Poetics of Music in the Form of Six Lessons
By Igor Stravinsky, Arthur Knodel, Ingolf Dahl.
Vintage Books, 1947
The Poetics of Perspective
By James Elkins.
Cornell University Press, 1994
The Poetics of Piracy: Emulating Spain in English Literature
By Barbara Fuchs.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013
The Poetics of Rock: Cutting Tracks, Making Records
By Albin J. Zak III.
University of California Press, 2001
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