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Reification: A New Look at an Old Idea
By Axel Honneth, Martin Jay.
Oxford University Press, 2008
The Reign of Elizabeth, 1558-1603
By J. B. Black.
Clarendon Press, 1936
The Reign of George III, 1760-1815
By J. Steven Watson.
Clarendon Press, 1960
Reign of Queen Victoria
By Hector Bolitho .
Macmillan, 1948
The Reign of Tiberius
By Frank Burr Marsh.
Oxford university Press, H. Milford, 1931
The Reign of Tiberius
By Frank Burr Marsh.
Barnes & Noble, 1931
The Reigne of King Henry the Second: Written in Seauen Bookes
By Thomas May, Götz Schmitz.
Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 1999
Reinaldo Arenas: The Pentagonia
By Francisco Soto.
University Press of Florida, 1994
Reining in the Competition for Capital
By Ann Markusen.
W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, 2007
The Reinterpretation of Victorian Literature
By Joseph E. Baker.
Princeton University Press, 1950
Reinterpreting Russian History: Readings, 860-1860's
By Daniel H. Kaiser, Gary Marker.
Oxford University Press, 1994
Reinterpreting the Legacy of William James
By Margaret E. Donnelly.
American Psychological Association, 1992
Reinventing African Chieftaincy in the Age of AIDS, Gender, Governance, and Development
By Donald I. Ray, Tim Quinlan, Keshav Sharma, Tacita A.O Clarke.
University of Calgary Press, 2011
Reinventing Childhood after World War II
By Paula S. Fass, Michael Grossberg.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012
Reinventing Depression: A History of the Treatment of Depression in Primary Care, 1940-2004
By Christopher M. Callahan, German E. Berrios.
Oxford University Press, 2004
Reinventing Discovery: The New Era of Networked Science
By Michael Nielsen.
Princeton University Press, 2012
Re-Inventing Japan: Time, Space, Nation
By Tessa Morris-Suzuki.
M. E. Sharpe, 1998
Reinventing Justice: The American Drug Court Movement
By James L. Nolan Jr.
Princeton University Press, 2003
Reinventing Legitimacy: Democracy and Political Change in Venezuela
By Damarys Canache, Michael R. Kulisheck.
Greenwood Press, 1998
Reinventing Ourselves as Teachers: Beyond Nostalgia
By Claudia Mitchell, Sandra Weber.
Falmer Press, 1999
Reinventing Paul
By John G. Gager.
Oxford University Press, 2002
Reinventing Public Education: How Contracting Can Transform America's Schools
By Paul T. Hill, Lawrence C. Pierce, James W. Guthrie.
University of Chicago Press, 1997
Reinventing the South: Versions of a Literary Region
By Mark Royden Winchell.
University of Missouri Press, 2006
Re--Joyce'n Beckett
By Phyllis Carey, Ed Jewinski.
Fordham University Press, 1992
Relatedness, Self-Definition, and Mental Representation: Essays in Honor of Sidney J. Blatt
By John S. Auerbach, Kenneth N. Levy, Carrie E. Schaffer.
Brunner-Routledge, 2004
Relating Events in Narrative: A Crosslinguistic Developmental Study
By Ruth A. Berman, Dan Isaac Slobin.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1994
Relating Events in Narrative - Vol. 2
By Sven Strömqvist, Ludo Verhoeven.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004
Relating Theory and Data: Essays on Human Memory in Honor of Bennet B. Murdock
By William E. Hockley, Stephan Lewandowsky.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1991
The Relation of Government to Industry
By Mark L. Requa.
The Macmillan Company, 1925
Relational Grammar
By Barry J. Blake.
Routledge, 1990
Relational Models Theory: A Contemporary Overview
By Nick Haslam.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2004
Relations between the Federal and State Courts
By Mitchell Wendell.
Columbia University Press, 1949
The Relationship between Social and Cognitive Development
By Willis F. Overton.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1983
Relationship Morality
By J. Kellenberger.
Pennsylvania State University Press, 1995
Relationships and Development
By Willard W. Hartup, Zick Rubin.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1986
Relationships and Well-Being over the Life Stages
By Pat M. Keith, Robert B. Schafer.
Praeger Publishers, 1991
Relationships as Developmental Contexts
By W. Andrew Collins, Brett Laursen.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1999
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