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Servius' Commentary on Book Four of Virgil's Aeneid: An Annotated Translation
By Servius, Christopher M. McDonough, Richard E. Prior, Mark Stansbury.
Bolchazy-Carducci, 2002
FREE! Sesame and Lilies
By John Ruskin.
H. M. Caldwell, 1871
FREE! The Sesquicentennial of Brown University, 1764-1914: A Commemoration
By Brown University, William V. Kellen.
Brown University, 1915
Sestina for a Far-Off Summer: Poems 1957-1962
By Richmond Lattimore.
University of Michigan Press, 1962
FREE! A Set of Six
By Joseph Conrad.
Doubleday, Page & Company, 1908
Setting Domestic Priorities: What Can Government Do?
By Gordon Berlin, Barry Bosworth, Linda R. Cohen, John J. Diiulio Jr., Frank Levy, William McAllister, Richard J. Murnane, Roger G. Noll, Isabel V. Sawhill, Clifford Winston, Henry J. Aaron, Charles L. Schultze.
Brookings Institutuion, 1992
Setting National Priorities: Budget Choices for the Next Century
By Henry J. Aaron, Barry P. Bosworth, Gary Burtless, David M. Cutler, William G. Gale, William W. Kaufmann, Charles L. Schultze, John D. Steinbruner, R. Kent Weaver, Joshua M. Wiener, Robert D. Reischauer.
The Brookings Institution, 1997
Setting National Priorities: Agenda for the 1980s
By Joseph A. Pechman.
Brookings Institution, 1980
Setting National Priorities: Policy for the Nineties
By Eric A. Hanushek, Lawrence J. Korb, Robert Z. Lawrence, Thomas E. Mann, William D. Nordhaus, Charles L. Schultze, John D. Steinbruner, Henry J. Aaron, John E. Chubb.
The Brookings Institution, 1990
Setting National Priorities: The 2000 Election and Beyond
By Henry J. Aaron, Robert D. Reischauer.
Brookings Institution, 1999
Setting Requirements for Maintenance Manpower in the U.S. Air Force
By Carl J. Dahlman, Robert Kerchner, David E. Thaler.
Rand, 2002
FREE! The Settlement Horizon: A National Estimate
By Robert A. Woods, Albert J. Kennedy.
Russell Sage Foundation, 1922
The Settlement of Industrial Disputes
By Kurt Braun.
The Blakiston Company, 1944
Settlement of Litchfield County
By Dorothy Deming.
Yale University Press, 1933
The Settlement of the West
By Howard Palmer.
University of Calgary Press, 1977
Seven African Writers
By Gerald Moore.
Oxford University Press, 1962
FREE! The 'Seven against Thebes' of Aeschylus
By A. W. Verrall, Aeschylus.
MacMillan, 1887
Seven against Thebes
By Aeschylus, G. O. Hutchinson.
Oxford University Press, 1985
FREE! The Seven Ages of Washington: A Biography
By Owen Wister.
The Macmillan Company, 1907
The Seven Books of History against the Pagans
By Paulus Orosius, Roy J. Deferrari.
Catholic University of America Press, 1964
The Seven Champions of Christendome
By John Kirke.
Western Reserve University, 1929
FREE! Seven English Cities
By W. D. Howells.
Harper, 1909
The Seven Liberal Arts in the Middle Ages
By David L. Wagner.
Indiana University Press, 1983
The Seven Lively Arts
By Gilbert Seldes.
Harper & Brothers, 1924
Seven Masters of Supernatural Fiction
By Edward Wagenknecht .
Greenwood Press, 1991
FREE! Seven Men
By Max Beerbohm.
Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1920
The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China
By Ralph D. Sawyer, Mei-Chün Sawyer.
Westview Press, 1993
Seven Mysteries of Europe
By Jules Romains, Germaine Brée.
A.A. Knopf, 1940
Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest
By Matthew Restall.
Oxford University Press, 2003
Seven One-Act Plays by Holberg
By Ludvig Holberg, Henry Alexander.
Princeton University Press, 1950
Seven Pillars of Popular Culture
By Marshall W. Fishwick.
Greenwood Press, 1985
Seven Plays
By Elmer Rice.
Viking Press, 1950
FREE! The Seven Seas
By Rudyard Kipling.
D. Appleton & Company, 1896
Seven Steps to an Award-Winning School Library Program
By Ann M. Martin.
Libraries Unlimited, 2012 (2nd edition)
The Seven Visions of Bull Lodge
By Bull Lodge, Garter Snake, Fred P. Gone, George Horse Capture.
University of Nebraska Press, 1992
Seven Years in Soviet Russia: With a Retrospect
By Paul Scheffer, Arthur Livingston.
Macmillan, 1932
FREE! Seventeen
By Booth Tarkington.
Grosset & Dunlap, 1915
FREE! Seventeen
By Booth Tarkington, Arthur William Brown.
Grosset & Dunlap Publishers, 1916
Seventeenth Century Lyrics from the Original Texts
By Norman Ault.
Longmans, Green and Co., 1950 (2nd edition)
Seventeenth Century Prose: Five Lectures
By F. P. Wilson.
University of California Press, 1960
Seventeenth Century Songs and Lyrics
By John P. Cutts.
Books for Libraries Press, 1959
Seventeenth-Century American Poetry: A Reference Guide
By William J. Scheick, Joella Doggett.
G.K. Hall, 1977
The Seventeenth-Century English Essay
By Elbert N. S. Thompson, Franklin H. Potter.
Iowa University, 1926
The Seventh Continent: Antarctica in a Resource Age
By Deborah Shapley.
Resources for the Future, 1985
FREE! The Seventh Man
By Max Brand.
G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1921
The Seventh Star of the Confederacy: Texas during the Civil War
By Kenneth W. Howell.
University of North Texas Press, 2009
Seventy Years of Life and Labor: An Autobiography
By Samuel Gompers .
E. P. Dutton & Company, 1925
The Several Lives of Chester Himes
By Edward Margolies, Michel Fabre.
University Press of Mississippi, 1997
Severed Trust: Why American Medicine Hasn't Been Fixed
By George D. Lundberg, James Stacey.
Basic Books, 2001
Severus of Antioch
By Pauline Allen, C. T.R. Hayward.
Routledge, 2004
Sex & Money: Feminism and Political Economy in the Media
By Eileen R. Meehan, Ellen Riordan.
University of Minnesota Press, 2002
Sex & Social Justice
By Martha C. Nussbaum.
Oxford University Press, 2000
Sex Allocation
By Stuart A. West.
Princeton University Press, 2009
Sex and Gender in Medieval and Renaissance Texts: The Latin Tradition
By Barbara K. Gold, Paul Allen Miller, Charles Platter.
State University of New York Press, 1997
Sex and Gender
By John Archer, Barbara Lloyd.
Cambridge University Press, 2002 (2nd edition)
Sex and Love in the Bible
By William Graham Cole.
Association Press, 1959
Sex and Reason
By Richard A. Posner.
Harvard University Press, 1992
Sex and Repression in Savage Society
By Bronislaw Malinowski.
Harcourt, Brace, 1927
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